Pretty Little Liars Review: Good News for Dina Lohan...

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Quick question: Can the Pretty Little Liars hang out with each other these days? I'm not sure if that's been established yet.

Repetitive driving home of a ridiculous, useless point/plot aside, "Blind Dates" actually got me. I was preparing for the concluding scene to be yet another red herring, another example of the show building up a supposed mystery, only to scarcely answer any questions while tossing out a few more.

Then Melissa screamed, we saw Ian's body, gun in hand, alleged suicide note on the ground and it all changed. I was legitimately shocked.

Smitten Liar

Hehe, you make A look sane. But, hey, you're a lesbian like me. Let's hang out and lie to my mom!

Did anyone see that coming?!? Think of all the questions the development opens up: How did he survive the bell tower night? Did someone help him? Did that same someone kill him? Could it have been an actual suicide?

For those wondering what the full note said, allow me (and my DVRing skills):

I killed Alison. I lost my temper because she knew too much, but there's only so much you can bury. It won't be that easy, but I know to get rid of the pain. I can't run run from the law. Come and find me. - Ian

It was a surprising, suspenseful ending to what was mostly a gripping hour. Among other storylines I enjoyed:

  • Hanna, Dead Girl Whisperer: There's real potential here of Hanna struggling with who she is. I actually hope she's wrong and she hasn't moved on from her friendship with Alison because I was always intrigued by the fat, insecure girl she used to be. Let's explore this teenager's internal battle more.
  • Mike, Myserious Non-Basketball Player. It's hard to care about someone we've barely met or heard from in months, but I've grown a bit sick of the Ezra/Aria back and forth. Let's shine a light on Aria's family and see what jumps out.
  • Lucas, Unexpected Stud: Granted, this made little sense. A week ago, Danielle didn't know who Lucas was. Then, after days of him admittedly NOT acting like himself, she likes him to the point that she's concerned over Hanna's feelings? But whatever. The more Lucas the better, I always say.
  • Pam Fields, World's Worst Mother: Seriously, Dina Lohan has nothing on this woman. Let's think about the Danby arc for a moment: Emily's mom insists they'll only stay in Rosewood if Danby can guarantee her daughter a scholarship. The school does so (in Pam's eyes). A girl Pam has just met (Samara, who could give A a run for her stalking money) then convinces her that the family should actually NOT rely on this college and explore other options. Pam immediately agrees, uttering an immortal line: Well... that seems to make a reasonable amount of sense.

Unlike last week, I tried to sit back and just enjoy Pretty Little Liars for what it is. Were there plot holes and a lack of continuity between characters and storylines? Absolutely. But did I also turn off the TV stunned by the ending and hopeful for next week? Yup.

What else should one ask for out of this show, right?


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i'm sure ian's already been dead for a while. and that it was ian's phone A put into spencer's handbag. A texted melissa from that phone pretending to be ian. but what's the point? why did A want to lure them all to that farm house? why not leave ian dead in the bell tower? just for the suspense? just to scare and shock everyone a little bit more? hm... yeah, sounds like something A would do. i don't like samara. she looks really old. and boring. i wish maya would come back... what's going on with ezra and aria? one moment they have this epic kiss, the next she goes all flirty on jason and probably doesn't even remember ezra's name. can't they just be happily together for a few episodes? so that one actually starts to care about their relationship?! i want hannah and caleb back together and to their witty selves. they were awesome together, their shower scene was on of the best moments on that show!

@ Lawrie

I so agree with you!!


Nice to have some plot development. Mike should be written out or given more screen time. The shop guy would have remembered Spencer. I believe he did. I agree about Lucas and Danielle. Allison is played by the best actress on the show.


The sneak peek for next weeks episode,Garret says Ian has been dead for about a week.


The Ian thing does not make sense..
Why would A keep him just to kill him later admitting he's the one who killed Alison? Why not just let him die in the church? I don't see the point!


Here's my theory with the whole Ian's supposed suicide thing: When Spencer and the rest of the girls had left the bell tower, "A" took him out. He has been dead the whole time. Those txts that Melissa keeps recieving were from "A" posing as Ian. Ian never shot himself. "A" just put a gun in his hand, propped him up, wrote a suicide note by forging his handwriting, and smeared blood on his head and body. I have a feeling that when the autoposy returns, if they have one, it will reveal there was no sign of gun shot to the head (unless "A" just shot him in the head to make it look real even though he was already dead).


dont know if anyone saw this but before the credits came and -A made his/her move there was a horse shoe symbol where ian was found dead

Matt richenthal

@Anon: I wrote how much I enjoyed this episode, didn't I? We all admit it's a guilty pleasure and very little actually makes sense. I just had fun pointing out the utter ridiculous position of Emily's mom - we'll only stay if this college guarantees you a scholarship; eh, nevermind that! - but read my conclusion to the review. Very positive, no?


sometimes i feel like you don't even like the show :P your reviews are always so harsh you should just try and enjoy the show more.


a nice ep nothing more! hoped for a more intense final scene some battleing etc etc!
but A covers her trails! the ring plot was nice interested to see how it develops on! this mike story is stupid but will probably lead into some new mysteries! and the jason "half-naked" scene? C'mon Aria isn't so much superficial! or is she? hihiih XD


its the cellphone that was texting melissa about Ians wearabouts Im just not sure who purse it was A put it in and Ian looks like he has been there for a while

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