Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "The Devil You Know"

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The confirmed death of Ian shocked viewers on Pretty Little Liars this week. But our staff has overcome the trauma enough to gather together below and analyze "Blind Dates" in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table.

As always, reader feedback is encouraged on the topics that editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal discusses here with writers Carissa Pavlica and Steve Marsi.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: I'm an unabashed fan of Jennifer Lovw Hewitt and I Know What You Did Last Summer. So I'd like to think the show had that film in mind when Jason pulled out that piece of paper with the warning about his previous actions. The scene made me smile.

Steve: When Spencer answered the phone and told off that would-be reporter... only it was her grandmother instead! Hilarious.

Carissa: When Hanna finally realized Caleb had a good heart and wrapped her arms around him with a kiss. I'm a sucker for a hot romance.

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More fascinating: A wrote the suicide note, Alison was left alive on the video or Jason can't recall his actions the night his sister died?
Matt: Gotta go back to Jason again. Not only does it keep him alive as a suspect, but it creates a moral dilemma for Aria. What would you do, readers? Tell him that Ian is actually innocent, or give his conscious a break and keep that information a secret?

Steve: A writing the suicide note. Totally unexpected. I mean, it's not like she's responsible for any other mysteries on the show.

Carissa: I always knew Alison would be alive at the end of that video. A wrote the suicide note, and, because Jason can't remember the night, we know he's not A. So that has to be the most fascinating because this omnipresent A still isn't known. Unbelievable. And, fascinating.

Choose a man for Aria: Jason or Ezra?
Matt: Option C: neither. She's definitely too immature for Ezra and I don't care how much fans want to believe this is some normal love story or that it's okay because they haven't had sex. THEY MET AS TEACHER AND STUDENT. IT'S NOT OKAY! Jason, meanwhile, is clearly not in a place where he ought to be dating anyone.

Steve: Ezra. You can't fight true love, Matt. Who are you to judge where or how people meet? Will it matter in five years?

Carissa: Jason. Ezra is old and boring. Aria is far too vivacious for him. And have you seen Jason's abs?!?

More far-fetched: the projector playing the video on a gravestone, Mike as the garage item burglar or Hanna's mother referencing Nicki Minaj?
Matt: The projector playing on the grave is the obvious answer, so I'll go with Mike. We have enough going on and plenty of mysterious characters floating around (hello again, Garrett...). Do we really need to randomly worry about Mike now, too?

Steve: The Nicki Minaj reference. I would have pegged Ashley as more of a Michael Bolton fan.

Carissa: The first and the third options. Before yesterday, I had never heard of Nicki Minaj until I read about her on The Hollywood Gossip; and the image on the tomb was impossible. Wasn't that a hand held video camera? I actually groaned when I saw it. Let's leave SOME semblance of reality for us to play with, shall we?

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Ali is still alive right now! I know it is hard to believe but trust me. In the book she has a twin sister named courtney. But of course the show is WAY different from the book. Ali and courtney have differences too. Courtney is a lunitic and ali is just perfect. Plus jason and aria are in a relationship in the book. But ezra has to move away because he got caught with aria before when he was still working at rosewood day. Hanna has to go to a crazy people school because she had a lot harder time gettng over ali than the other girls did. Spencers parents get divorced because Mr. hastings had an affair with Mrs. Dilerentis before ali or spencer were born. So ali and spencer are half sisters. Emily she is still gay in all, but i think it was killer she had an affair in a car with a boy and of course got pregnant. But she gave the baby up for adoption.


PLL reminds me of Veronica Mars with the dead bad blond girl, all the mysteries, high school students investigating and especially tonight when Jason confess that he doesn't recall the night his sister died like Duncan in VM. A long time ago we used to be friends but I haven't thought of you lately at all... Come on now sugar, bring it on bring it on yeah, just love me well... I miss VM!


i'd like to remind u guys of something.. The reason that A is hell-bent on framing spencer is becuz in season 1 in the end of one of the episodes .. there are four cages...Each cage is labelled Aria,spencer,emily and hannah.... now ill get back to this.. in the same episode when they find the trophy of ian with blood on it they go report it and the police become suspicious and angry thinking sepncer framed ian because the trophy had *MOUSE* blood on it .. now going back to the end of the episode.. each cage has a mouse in it.. Aria's, hanna's and emily's BUT Spencer's doesnt.. A used that mouse to frame her.. SO basically he/she has named those mice..spencer's is mising. so he/she is gonna keep framing spencer until the next girl's trun comes.


Uuuhm, Matt...?
They didn't meet as a teacher and a student.
They met at a bar. Even though she's 16...


Wait, didn't Aria and Ezra met first in a bar wherein later on they were making out in the bathroom only to find out the next day that he was her teacher and she was his student? So they were attracted to each other before knowing that. I don't think it is that creepy. And Ezra just graduated from college then, I think.


I'm obsessed with whomever is doing the liars eye make-up and styling their clothes. And bring back Aria's feather earrings. That said, more of the guys need to dig ditches and take their shirts off. There's so much going on under their mopey exteriors and it's called twelve-pack abs! Agree with Matt on all things Ezra. He was her teacher!! Enough said. Agree with Carissa. Ezra's such a lightweight. Aria could knock him over with her feather earring if she was still wearing it. Found Ashley's Nicki Minaj comment totally believable. All hip moms know what the kids are listening to these days, especially one who used to live in Melrose Place. Lastly, all the contrivances to keep Melissa pissy at Spencer are wearing thin. But did like their Mom admitting to Spencer she screwed up. We needed that scene for Spencer to not feel so isolated from her family.


I am kind of starting to like Jason with Aria. I think they would be much more interesting than Ezra and Aria.


I agree with fernando on my favorite scene. Melissa totally going off at Spencer when Ian's phone was found in the purse was awesome


For the scene I would also go with Spencer telling off her grandma thinking it is the tabloids. Out of those three I would have to say Allison left alive. Ezra because Jason is too weird and he is hiding somebody in that house that might be a threat to them and Ezria is perfect no matter the age. Hanna mom referencing Nicki Minaj because I do not think parents will know about that kind of stuff. The question they left out this episode is why didn't Melissa ask Spencer how she got Ian's phone because they doubt the church thing.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
When Ian's phone started to ring in Spencer's purse and pulled it out and Melissa started yelling at her,both of them deserve an emmy. More fascinating: A wrote the suicide note, Alison was left alive on the video or Jason can't recall his actions the night his sister died?
None,they all are expected things, What is more fascinating, is why is A still going after only spencer,why is A trying do hard to blame everything on Spencer, why isn't she going after the other girls as hard as she going after spencer. Choose a man for Aria: Jason or Ezra?
To be honest I don't care,every snice this show started it always been about Aria and a guy,can she please go a whole season without a guy and focus more on just her. More far-fetched: the projector playing the video on a gravestone, Mike as the garage item burglar or Hanna's mother referencing Nicki Minaj?
Mike, I mean theres got to be more to that story.

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