Royal Pains Review: Hello, Freedom

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Jill began recovering from her accident and Boris became suspicious this week, all while Eddie R. struggled to save his friend Shaw and Hank and Evan became acquainted with "A Man Called Grandpa."

Yes, it was a busy week on Royal Pains.

Ed Asner on Royal Pains

The episode was filled with dramatic moments that will make an impact going forward.

Now that Eddie R. is officially out of prison, he's free to return to the Hamptons and his girlfriend, Mrs. Newburgh. It does make me wonder, though, what he will be up to now that he's gone straight. How do you keep a con man from wanting to con again? Will he get a real job in the Hamptons, or will he live off his dear old dad?

One thing's for sure: his relationship Shaw demonstrates how much growth Eddie R. really has undergone. It all seemed a direct response to the mistake he made all those years ago when he walked out on his boys and ailing wife. As he admitted to Hank, it was a true regret. The effort put into Shaw's recovery was a direct response to that experience.

I think Eddie R. is well on his way to redemption, and his return to the Hamptons will be a welcome one.

As for Hank and Evan building a relationship with their grandfather, the Lawson family album was an insightful, though not fully unexpected, look into the family tree. I couldn't have been less surprised to find a doctor and a businessman in their lineage, but the boys seemed rather pleased by the discovery. Who couldn't appreciate their happiness?

Evan's trip to the races was a fun addition to the episode, and I loved the story Evan told about his mother and Star Wars. We don't hear much about Hank and Evan's childhood, so those little tidbits are precious.

The biggest development, though, was Jill's accident and the flashlights and smell of cigarette smoke she remembered. Boris became immediately suspicious when hearing this, didn't he?

For a minute, I thought it was because he might have been involved, but now I am wondering if it doesn't have something to do with the fact Boris warned there would be people in the family unwilling to accept a new heir to his empire. Could someone have really been so heartless as to go after the baby's cord blood?

All I know is that this story is far from over, and every week will uncover more and more little tidbits until the truth finally comes out.


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We tune to see the ridiculously gorgeous Jill Flint (the female Matt Bomer?) and what do the writers do? stick her in a hospital gown suffering a car accident. (WTF!). The Shaw part of the show was too long, and someone needs to edit Evan. This guy gets far too much airtime, and he's not even funnny. Boris was Boris, and I dont' get the huge fan girling this character gets from some people. Boris has become quite Boring in Season 3. Ok, so, Jill least she finally had a chance show some "acting" chops for a change and not stand around or pass dishes to Divya. Hey, didn't Jill actually have real lines, and a storyline in season 1? She is so under the radar on Royal Pains for someone that is 3rd on the opening credits. At least have some new photos done on the website or something.


I'm thinking that the cord blood become the plot device for a cure to Boris' disease. The same people who would not welcome a new heir, might have an equal interest in ensuring that Boris doesn't enjoy a normal life expectancy.


i am really interested in the storyline with paige. she will have to come clean to evan about whatever it is she has been keeping.


I really hope that we find out already what is the problem with Paige. If it is a medical problem, let's hope it is nothing serious


I completely forgot about Boris warning there would be people in the family unwilling to accept a new heir to his empire, so that story line is going to be interesting to follow! I can't believe the new season is almost over already. At the rate things are going now it's going to be a pins and needle kind of season finale I'm sure! Love Ed Asner and I'm so glad to see him again. This role is perfect for him! He and Evan are going to be terrific friends, and the interaction between him and Henry Winkler is fun to watch!


Nice to see Ed Asner getting a role that portrays him as an intellectual rather than a bumbling idiot. I think he and Fonzie will add some extra fun to the show.

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