Royal Pains Review: Ready for Some Football

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Royal Pains delivered another solid episode this week, tackling charity football and jilted offspring in "But There's a Catch."

Faced with the opportunity to face his high school rival again, Hank agreed to compete with some pros the former, as Greg Jennings guest-starred and gave Hank the push he needed to get in tackling shape.

Lucky for Hank, his McGyver medical skills were in better shape than his gridiron game, which proved lifesaving for Ken Keller. Though, to be fair, Hank did possess some actual game of his own.

Hank, Ready for Some Football

As if using Evan as a splint last week wasn't crazy enough, Hank's quick thinking had him creating a makeshift traction with a heavy-duty stapler, glove and rope here. Late in the episode, he used greenhouse supplies to measure the pressure building in Keller's arm. Impressive.

If there's one thing you can learn from this show, it's how to act under pressure.

On another front, Evan launched
Operation: Keep Divya Busy with mixed results. Though he mounted a strong effort, his actions only aided in reminding her of what happened, from the declined credit card to the repossession of her prized Mercedes.

I appreciated the honesty from Divya. She's usually very composed and proper, but for once she lashed out at Evan in a personal way. In the end, what was important for Divya was realizing that family could be found as much in Evan and Hank as in her parents.

Speaking of growth, what is with Evan's new obsession with growing the company and bringing in Paige as a publicist? I know the Jitney rescue is big news in the Hamptons, but does Hank see the value in seizing the moment? Or is Evan off base in his progressive marketing tactics? I wonder who will win what is sure to be an underlying battle.

Elsewhere, what's happening with Paige? Her unexplained absence in the season premiere was red flag on its own. Now, to have her shying away from telling Hank an important medical issue, it makes me wonder: is she pregnant?!?

I know, I know, everyone is doing the pregnancy thing, but would the writers really whip out something more serious on such a sunny and optimistic show?

And another thing: I'm still basking in the confusion of Jill Casey's role this season. One minute, she's leaving the next day, the next minute she's part of Operation: Keep Divya Busy and insulting Greg Jennings. I like that we learned she plays with the big boys in fantasy football, but how do we deal with her unsettled role? The only real answer: Just keep watching to see if she changes her mind. You got me, Pains.


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Yeah, the writers are rather lazy when it comes presenting Jill, but it was great to see her rib Jennings about about being a benchwarmer. lol I like her - she has a nice presence on screen IMHO. They sort of really try to down play her good looks on RP, though.


My husband is a physician and he had a BIG problem withHank letting his friend plya football with that injury. Wonder how much that had to with the compartment syndrome that developed. I know they take poetic license bt gptta keep some reality in the show.


I had a MAJOR problem with Hank "okaying" Ken to play football the day after suffering an arm fracture which blocked blood supply to his hand. No self respecting doctor would "ok" his patient to participate in such an activity one day after suffering a major fracture! Calling Bull-Crap on this one.


I don't think Paige is pregnant. I think her dad is sick. She never said it had anything to do with her.


Paige being pregnant was my first thought, but they are already doing the pregnant girlfriend thing with Marissa. Yes, the dynamics of Pevan are very different from Borissa, and I think it would play out differently, but really? I'll be disappointed if that's all the writers can think of.


I'm thinking Paige might be pregnant as well. That was my first thought as soon as she started talking to Hank. I think I kind of like that idea. We've really seen him grow since he's been with Paige, and I think a baby might offer even more room for character growth. Also, I love Paige and Evan together and I think they'd make adorable parents. As for Jill, I agree. What exactly is her purpose on the show? To be Hank's sidekick in medical emergencies? To be his maybe-girlfriend? I, too, love that we learned of her passion for fantasy football this week, but I don't like how her role is generally undefined. She deserves her own storyline!


Divya always lashes out at Evan. Always. I cannot deny that they have chemistry. But she has no respect for him and she never hesitates to display her contempt. I don't see how anyone can view them as a potential couple.

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