True Blood Round Table: "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the True Blood Round Table.

Below, Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal is joined by senior writers Eric Hochberger, Carissa Pavlica and Jim Garner as they pick apart topics from "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?" As always, reader feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene?
Matt: Gonna go with a surprise entry here: Andy flipping out on Sam, on V. I always love it when the show can combine with zany with the realistic. Somewhere, all heroin-addicted readers are nodding in agreement.

Eric: As much as I hated on Eric's memory loss last week, it led to some pretty great lines/moments here. Because Carissa stole my favorite one, I'll give it to second place when he asked Sookie nicely if she could be his. "Thanks for asking."

Carissa: The very last. The goofy little smile that Eric had after he said "sorry" to Sookie? Priceless.

Jim: It has to be Eric being punched in the nose by "Snookie." However, I'm not sure why she ran if she was just going to give him a punch in the beak any way!

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Jessica glamouring Hoyt: Fair or foul?
Matt: Fair game, people. We all need to use our best God-given talents in any fight/argument. For some folks, it's a nice smile. For others, it's the power of logic. For Jessica, it's the ability to make her partner forget at any time.

Eric: Oh, absolutely foul. But mostly because I'm jealous. Do you know how many fights I could avoid with girlfriends this way?!?

Carissa: Foul. But, admittedly, I would do it if I could.

Jim: Foul! I am disappointed in you, Jessica. After standing up for your right to eat out, you went and soiled it by treating it like something dirty! But I agree with Carissa and Eric, it would certainly increase the harmony in my marriage.

Do you agree with Bill's sentencing of that vampire?
Matt: No. A monarch must be just and fair at all times. I think it was the King of Rock n Roll who once said: "Hot dog, jumping frog, albuquerque." Think about it, Bill.

Eric: Definitely. Did you see how terrible that video came out? If you're gonna get filmed attacking a human, it should at least be done with better actors. I'm sure Bill knows it's much easier to find someone with talent than to train someone. Kill 'em.

Carissa: Yes. Actually, Bill's surprising me with his role as king. It really suits him.

Jim: I have wished for years that being stupid was painful. I appreciate Bill taking it a step further and making it deadly. You're not being punished for what you are. You're being punished for being stupid. Could you imagine how much safer the roads would be if we could get the more people on this path?

Pen a eulogy for Sookie's fairy godmother.
Matt: May the light of your soul glow for all eternity, and in a much less shadier way than the light of that fruit you wanted Sookie to ingest. That stuff was weird.

Eric: Oh, fairy godmother, whose name I cannot remember and am too lazy to look up: "May we always remember you by your beautiful fairy world appearance and keep this casket closed."

Carissa: You may have tasted like sweet nectar going down, but your were one ugly bitch once the life was sucked out of you. Amen.

Jim: Oh, Claudine, who was penned by Charlaine as beautiful and fair/Who was changed by Alan to be ugly and barely there. Being drained by Eric as a meal must really suck/But mostly it left us all saying "What The F-ck?!?"

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Forgot that one coz it made me laugh : Pam !!! crazy !! the way Eric flew her across the room and Sookie and him bending to look was hilarious ! Pam trying to recompose herself, priceless !!!


I loved it !!!! okay it wasn't as awesome aS the previous episode. But that Marnie... knew she was "evil" lol ! LaFayette was sooo funny ! But the thing I enjoyed the most : Eric ! he looked soooooooooooooo cute , adorable ! when he ate that fairy, and he's face when Sookie talked to him , I had to play it again, and again !! it was like :" oops, sorry" loool ! Bill and Portia... book 2 but season 4, weird... That Arlene's keeps bugging me... Hoyt and Jessica it was so...sad... But I liked the moment Jessica/Vamp-Daddy lool. Cannot wait for the next episode !!!! That witch... brrrr bad news !


1. End
2. Foul
3. Uncertain. 100-200 years in cement would work almost as well.

Doe rae me

Pam wants Tara. Now that Tara has switched/adapted her orientation I can see it happening. They'd suit each other well actually.

Uncle jackass

What was your favorite scene? As stated in the previous entry the best scene was with Pam when she said:
"Pam: You have 24 hours to bring her to me, or I'll eat, f**k and kill each and every single one of you." Its a fact, Pam gets the best one liners and credit to her performance. Jessica glamouring Hoyt: Fair or foul? "No, everthing is wrong, very very wrong" Then again, you'd be surprised how many times a marriage would be better if the Guy was glammered (and yes, I'm a guy). Do you agree with Bill's sentencing of that vampire? Getting caught on YouTube for being JackAssed... Yes, punishment is justified (especially for the young and just for being stupid). Pen a eulogy for Sookie's fairy godmother. "Here Lies the Countess Fairy Cereal, Tasting of Wheat & Honey nectar, full of Vitamin-D for sun light deficiency, and delicious for the paled skins individuals. Enjoy it while it lasts; as it's not pretty after it's due by-date." Of course, I can't really do the Eulogy justice after Matt, Eric, Carissa, and Jim did a superb job. @Evan, I suppose the justification on why Sookie allowed Eric to go so far as to bite and drain the life of Claudine was because she (A)She is only capable of Fairy blasting individuals when she is under extreme danger or anger (B)she adamantly wanted nothing to do with Claudine; hence she allowed (to a certain degree) for Eric to scare her away) (C)given prior memory wiped Eric actions, she assumed that he acts on her orders or (D) it was a deliberate scheme for the one liner ('You killed my fairy god mother!' Lol!


Bill is annoying,he will be punished for not noticing the AVL. Love Eric/Sookie scenes. Amnesia Eric is adorable.


I can't believe nobody mentioned how stupid that last scene was. Sookie just stood there and watched as her fairy godmother was killed. She had ample time to stop Eric but didn't even try. It's like the writer/director had the scene in their head where Sookie sais "you killed my fairy godmother", followed by Eric's boyish looking and sounding "sorry." It was extremely pathetic. Sookie is such a bad character. Also, Bill is now even more badass than last season.


I love the path of Bill so far this season! It's showing in little glimpses how he truly loves Sookie...telling hot, powerful yada, yada that he's too old to love! And I completely agree with Matt; addict Andy was a surprise!


What was your favorite scene?
There's two this week, the first one is Jessica and Bill having a father to daugther talk,even if he is just her maker, that scene just made it perfect and the second one is Tara holding a gun to Pam which shows how much Tara has changed from being the victem to a strong and brave women. Jessica glamouring Hoyt: Fair or foul?
Fair, I don't want them to break up, they are they best couple of the show they are a haley and nathen of true blood. Do you agree with Bill's sentencing of that vampire?
No, he could have done a less painful thing,plus i used to be a bill and sookie fan but this showed me how evil bill always been and how soft eric can be, so now im on ship eric and sookie unless alcide can get sookie.


I loved that goofy smile! Innocent Eric is too funny.

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True Blood Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

You have 24 hours to bring her to me, or I'll eat, fuck and kill each and every single one of you.


Sookie: You killed my fairy godmother.
Eric: Sorry.