Wilfred Review: "Conscience"

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If I were listening to my "Conscience," I suppose I should have disliked Drew. The guy was your stereotypically hot-headed jerk.

But Chris Klein brought an energy to this episode of Wilfred that made it feel more alive than most installments. For a comedy, after all, the show is typically a bit dour. Ryan moping about and Wilfred smoking gets old after awhile.

In Ryan's Face!

I may have also determined what makes Ryan so sad: dude has terrible taste in women! Why, exactly, does he like Jenna? She definitely led him on at the beginning; she's attracted to overly competitive jackasses; and she apparently is really easy to get off.

Okay, that last trait isn't so terrible.

Overall, Klein's performance was a nice change from the sitcom's status quo, while the following Wilfred quotes did make me laugh and wonder: Are all dogs as horny as Wilfred?
Wilfred: I've seen more aggressive ball playing in an airport men's room. | permalink
Wilfred: Chemistry, baking and ping pong... how were you not blow jobbed to death by the entire cheerleading squad? | permalink
Ryan: What's the one thing Jenna hates about Drew?
Wilfred: Vaginal tearing from his huge cock? | permalink
Ryan: Did you eat my sandwich?
Wilfred: Because I'm a dog, right? I can only imagine what you'd say if I was black. | permalink
Ryan: I feel bad.
Wilfred: That's just your conscience being a total gaylord. | permalink


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