Awkward Review: "Jenna Lives"

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"Jenna Lives" was a little more subdued in terms of character progression.

That doesn’t mean the comedy wasn’t there. Jenna’s guide to just how much of a loser someone can be by how they’re dropped off at school was gut-busting. As was watching Kevin and Lacey’s “unified front” punishment scheme turn into an argument between the two of them.

Hallway Confrontation

I would love a flashback episode with Kevin and Lacey. Actually, I would take an episode with the two of them just being themselves for thirty minutes. I can’t get enough of them.

The kiss between Jake and Jenna happened quickly. The signs were there of course, the typical “I have this friend” conversation that Jake mistakenly thought was about him. It’s exciting thinking about the opportunities this potential love triangle will bring. After all, Jenna still has feelings for Matty, Jake has a girlfriend, and Matty and Jake are best friends.

The rest of “Jenna Lives” was dedicated to Jenna pining over Matty and what he had going on with Jenna Plus, Olivia. While it was fun watching Jenna and Matty work towards something, I wish Jenna wouldn’t put so much stock in it. I’m sure she has other interests and goals and I would love to learn more about them.

Overall, the progression with Jake and Jenna and the hilarity between Lacey and Kevin produced another solid episode of Awkward and I can’t wait for next week. Other thoughts:

  • I actually really liked Valerie in this episode and I didn’t miss Sadie one bit.
  • I need more of Tamara. I didn’t get a big enough fix this episode.
  • I hope Kyle becomes “The Observer” for Awkward. Standing creepily in the background every week.


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Loved the episode and the reveiw Amy was my favorite companion, l'm voting for River Song as the next one "Say No to Spoilers and Yes to River! Song 2012" There was another companion that was re-casted Amy: she played a soothsayer in S04EP02 "The Fires of Pompeii". The dummies in the dining hall were so creepy; they could be a great Doctor Who monster. Did you notice that the house the Doctor chose for Amy and Rory is a blue box? That was very nice. I have no clue what was the Doctor's fear, what he's afraid of? Why they didn't show us that? Will they ever tell us what was in that room??David Walliams (Little Britain, Come Fly With Me) playing Gibbis was such a wonderful surprise, another brilliant guest star. Although Gibbis had some of the funniest lines in the episode, in a way, he was meaner than the space Minotaur because feeding on the faith of the victims was an instinct for the Minotaur, it's his nature, while Gibbis was willing to sacrifice all his friends in the hotel and he had a sinister smile when telling Amy that her fear is still out there, waiting for her.One more thing, in the end Amy hugs the Doctor and kisses him on the forehead and the roles switch: she understands that the Doctor is in turmoil and so she becomes the adult, sacrificing her adventures in the TARDIS and showing him that he's doing the right thing.

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