Curb Your Enthusiasm Review: The Long Laces

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"The Hero" was another classic episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm with a fantastic ending that I definitely did not see coming. It was so rewarding to see LD have such a heroic moment on that subway that the thought of him getting his long laces stuck in the door never cross my mind for a second.

I didn't see the long laces coming back into play at the very end, because they had already made a return earlier in the episode. Stupid Hank, who was so tremendously played by SNL veteran Chris Parnell, tripped on his own laces, which caused the wine spill on Ricky Gervais and Donna to break up with Larry, creating a domino effect for the rest of the events of the episode, as Curb does so well.

Ricky and Larry

Before even hearing the news that Curb was making its way to New York for season eight, it broke that Gervais would be appearing, and I got all excited. If this is the only episode he appears in, it will be disappointing, but at the same time I'm not sure I could take much more of him in this context. As interesting a dynamic that Larry and Ricky created, I don't think they meshed together all that well.

Speaking of the Extras star, why do celebs agree to come on to Curb as themselves and be absolute fools? I know they're only versions of themselves, but how does Ricky not come off as a complete jerk here. At least Larry is a lovable jerk, whereas Ricky was a snob who buys expensive wine as a gift, brings his own DVD to a party, makes Larry pay for the gifted tickets, can't admit he's seeing Donna, and cries at the burglar. Sure I'll do this, but rename my character Dicky Pervais.

On the very bright side of "The Hero" we witnessed Larry commenting on his own flirting abilities, the entire Broadway whispering incident, what I think may have been the first stare down of the season, and LD singing "I've Been Working on the Railroad" while flossing in an airplane bathroom.

Now decide whether you'd rather act "coachy" or "first classy," and then tell us how you would have dealt with Larry's predicaments this week:

The Gift
LD's stance: This is a two-parter. First Larry felt that if you give someone a gift at a restaurant, it was impolite of Ricky to order such an expensive bottle of wine. Then it was of his opinion that if someone offers you a gift of tickets, they are not expecting you to then pay for those tickets when you go to pick them up at the box office.
My Perspective: Oh Larry is absolutely correct on both accounts! This reaffirms how moronic Ricky Gervais was in this episode. If you are offered a gift of a bottle of wine, you look over the prices, and make a choice that is someone near the middle, but closer to the cheaper end. Ricky's explanation that looking at the price ruins the gift is ludicrous.  Then if you are giving someone a gift of tickets, you have to tell them ahead of time that they will have to pay for them. If that would have been the case, I know that both LD and myself would have just said "No thanks pal." 

The Restaurant Revolution
LD's Stance: If the waiter is taking too long to bring you your food that you can see is waiting for pickup, it is okay to go grab it yourself.
My Perspective: While I would always be too afraid to pull off this move, I'm not hating on Larry for it. If the waiter's job isn't a priority, then taking the initiative yourself is okay in my book. As a passive aggressive, I would just leave a really poor tip, but different strokes for different folks. Regardless, the waiter's argument is moot these days, because the waiters don't even bring you your food anymore. It is always someone else bringing out the food.  All the waiters do it seems like is take your order and bring it back to the kitchen. Are the plates too hot for their delicate hands?  Are they too busy taking the other three orders in their section?  I'm not sure why this is happening, but it needs to stop.

As always, here are some of our favorite quotes from "The Hero." Don’t forget to check out all the best one-liners at our Curb Your Enthusiasm quotes page.

Waiter: I am the waiter.
Larry: Yet we were the ones waiting, so we became the waiters.
Jeff: This man's a hero. He just revolutionized the way restaurants work my friend. No one's gonna go hungry again. | permalink
Susie: Don't impose your desires on my whole cuisine. | permalink
Hank (to Larry): When I first saw you, I guessed you for a Spaniard. I'm glad you're not Spanish. I'm not a fan of the Spanish. | permalink
Hank: I don't even know how to write cursive anymore. | permalink
Susie: Ya know Larry, I think you're taking the wrong tactic with these women. I really do. I think you have to present who you reall are.
Larry: I did present who I really was; a phony, a fraud, a prevaricator. I presented who I was. | permalink


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Shoelaces do seem to feature heavily in Larry David's comedy, not just Curb but also Seinfeld. I think I know why! Larry appears to be someone who ties his shoes with an un-balanced "Granny Knot", which both sits crooked and comes undone. Of course, if Larry ever learns the simple solution, we may miss out on future shoelace-inspired comedy...


On Rickys show Extras he always had celebrities play themselves and act like complete unlikeable idiots so im sure he had no problem playing the role here.


I too have been waiting for Rickys apperance since I found out he would be on curb this year and was abit dissapointed. Not because it wasnt funny, moreso because I love Gervais and he did come off like a complete and utter knob this episode. Yes he was a caricature of himself but many people dont listen to his podcasts, or see the ricky gervais show, etc. and know how funny, smart, and likeable he truly is. That said, I know Ricky doesnt give a damn about how he comes off and could care less what people think about him, so it doesnt surprise me he would agree (and probably want to play) a complete asshole on the show. No other complaints from me, so glad LD has landed in NYC!


A couple of great points Geoff. It does seem like it would be a lot of fun for said celebs, and yes many people fail to use "jump the shark" correctly these days. Like in Happy Days, there needs to be a specific event that makes you think the show has become completely ridiculous.


Austin jumped the shark is an overused phrase that has lost its meaning...if you dont like a show anymore, doesnt mean it has jumped the shark


actors choose to play themselves as jerks on this show for the same reason they do it on entourage and wheaton chose to do it on big bang....cuz its fun and gervais dropped a lot of weight..he looks great


Funny, funny episode. Several belly laughs. Austin, commenting above, must have had a bad day. One of the funniest seasons, period. Unlike the Season 5 hogwash. I wish this show would go on forever. Who was the woman playing Larry's date? For some reason, Ricki makes my skin crawl lately. Don't know why.


@Austin Hardy: so why watch it? To me almost every episode is brilliant and I could easily watch it for another 10 seasons as it's just getting better and better. Absolutely no jumping the shark yet.


Show has really jumped the shark. Each week gets worse. I found this episode painful to watch.There is something off with the timing and Larry is no longer funny -- he's just a nonsensical jerk.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Waiter: I am the waiter.
Larry: Yet we were the ones waiting, so we became the waiters.
Jeff: This man's a hero. He just revolutionized the way restaurants work my friend. No one's gonna go hungry again.

Poor little coachy girl. She's so jealous 'cause everybody else is more comfortable than the coachy girl.