Futurama Review: "Mobius Dick"

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"Mobius Dick" was another reference-filled episode and, as a math nerd, the Bermuda Tetrahedron tickled my funny bone.

From Amy’s mother who complained about losing her joy and luck and wondering if she had to leave the club, to the Sob ‘n’ Stroll Widow’s Walk, I loved it all.

Mobius Dick Scene

The episode peaked during the flight home. I loved the “Tickle Me Elmo” attacks the tetrahedron was giving Bender, as well as the space whale eating all of the things necessary to get home... which forced the crew to become pirates, and who doesn’t love pirates? It’s a shame there weren’t any ninjas. But there was beer and Leela was skillful at using a compass, so I shouldn't complain.

What was the point of the space whale exactly? I was trying to figure out if it was a reference to Lost or purely just so Leela could call it Mobius Dick and let Fry confuse Pinocchio as a Bible verse and Moby Dick all at the same time.

Even though I’ll still be contemplating the true meaning of the space whale for days to come, “Mobius Dick” was one of the funniest episodes Futurama has done all season. Check out the best quotes from it below:
Leela: Where's the professor?
Bender: Eh, probably dead. Already dissolving in a bathtub if we're lucky. | permalink
Hermes: Zoidberg was popular?
Amy: Zoidberg had hair? | permalink
Leela: Or we could fly around it.
Professor: Of course you could! You'd be stupid not to.
Bender: Supposing we're not stupid what kind of stupid mission is this? | permalink
Leela: Raise the solar sails! I'm going after that Mobius Dick! | permalink


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Uncle jackass

@kornolio, I was actually referring to in the episode as the other half was in the space scraps. But now that I think about it, the other half was also in an alternate heaven dimension on the bottom sea floor as well.


it fell down on the other side of the Island. Both groops team up in season 2

Uncle jackass

Personally, I didn't get all the references except the Lost and Moby Dick allusions. P.S I always wondered what happened to the other half of Oceanic Flight 815?

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Futurama Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

Raise the solar sails! I'm going after that Mobius Dick!


Maybe if I move the compass like this, it will somehow kill the whale.