Memphis Beat Season Finale Review: Full of Surprises

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Dwight and Whitehead uncovered a modern-day Romeo and Juliet story on the season finale of Memphis Beat, while Greenback, Whitehead and Sutton learned of Dwight's new leading lady and attempted to invite her to his surprise birthday shindig.

It all went down on "The Feud."

Dwight and His Girl

It's been a long time, and maybe the first time during the run of this series, that we've seen Dwight actually maintaining a serious relationship. Interestingly enough, we still don't know much about Caley, only that she was a critical part of last week's episode as a caregiver to the neighbor's pet.

Unfortunately, and perhaps insignificantly, I'm not sold on these two. Caley is quiet and mouse-like. That's not the kind of person I see Dwight being with, if only for the fact I expected someone more outgoing and willing to engage his friends in witty banter to gain their respect.

Clearly, Dwight wants to keep some things separate from the purview of the MPD, but this relationship must be an experimental move on the writers' part.

They waited a long time to drop someone into his life - and only two episodes for Caley's character? Including the finale? It feels like a test-run to me. My advice: Get rid of her.

It's not like I don't enjoy seeing main characters find love interests. But to be honest, I'd like to see Davey with someone before I'd like to see Dwight taken off the market. There's so much plot and character development there. 

I feel like Dwight is predictable and confident with women, and this could get boring quickly. I don't see Caley's presence fulfills any character development needs right now.

Maybe it's just that so much about Caley is yet to be known. Maybe they're both shy at the beginning of a relationship and we'll see them open up? She did seem to fit in pretty well at his birthday shindig.

Speaking of which, loved seeing Dwight, Sutton, Greenback and White on stage together.

Sutton, Greenback and White could have used some backup dancer lessons, but, as always, Dwight was ready to belt out a tune. This week, he sang "Midnight Train to Georgia." It was a welcome sight to have all four men on stage. And they worked about as well together on stage as they do off stage.

No matter what, the four stick together.

As far as the case goes, it wasn't without some surprises, either. The Romeo + Juliet/star-crossed lovers thing was unexpected, as was the fact that Mrs. Murphy and Mr. Harrison had their own similar history. Lucky for them, no one was shot the first time around.

Overall, a pretty solid way to end season two, Memphis Beat. Here's hoping for season three!


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Please keep this show going...DO NOT CANCEl this show!!!'how about some reruns,,,I missed a couple!! I am so sick of seeing Law and Order and The Closer and now Rissolli and Isles are on over and over, but never Memphis BEAT....PLEASE do not cancel this show. There is so little to watch on TV now and I hate reality stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love this show and I'm hoping there is a season three my husband even will sit down and watch it if he's not home it better be on tivo


I thought she was way too young for him. And dull. I don't like them together. I wish they'd let Dwight be a little more interesting & have more of a sense of humor. And I'd like to see him with a woman who is interesting, grown up, and not your typical pretty young girl whose character hasn't been developed. Put Dwight with Rice, Lee & Woodard were cute together in Mumford, and Woodard's character is far more interesting.


I like the new woman in Dwight's life, but she seems a bit too young for him.


From What I saw on my captions, yes I use then, I'm hard of hearing. Her name is spelled Kalee unlike how you spelled it in your article. I didn't like the season ending. Had no real cliffhanger as other Summer shows did. Did like seeing Lance Hendrickson - haven't seen him in years.


When do we find out if this wonderful show is going to be renewed for a 3rd. season?


No worries. That's Lauren German and she's got a sweet recurring role opposite Alex O'Loughlin on Hawaii 5-0 so it looks like Dwight is going to have to start looking for another girl.

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Lt. Rice: Sounds like a feud in full force to me.
Whitehead: Or the worst party I've ever been to.

As much as I hate public celebrations of my birthday, I appreciate that you cared enough to ignore me.