Pretty Little Liars Review: They're All Aria!!!

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Let's consider the lessons learned on "Picture This," shall we?

Ezria is in serious trouble. Note to all women: it's never a good sign when you jump your man and he stops to wonder if you should be doing this. Or later, following another hot session, he asks if anything is wrong.

Aria may have done the right thing and pulled away from Jason's lip lock, but she and Ezra are in a bad place regardless.

Jason with Aria

Emily is an idiot. First, can she - and all Liars, really - please stop asking why this happens or who is responsible for that? It's A. It's A. The answer is ALWAYS: It's A. That's my biggest beef with the show. Anything and everything can happen, with no explanation needed because A simply did it. Somehow.

But back to Emily in particular: she really couldn't have come up with a better way to get her number to Zoe? Say you need help with homework. Offer up more poker lessons. Whatever. Or, yes, tell Samara the truth about A. Why not? You're already being stalked and threatened. Bullies only respond to action, girls. Stop sitting around and letting A control your lives. Fight back.

Aria photographs well. It's definitely creepy that Jason has been snapping all those pictures, actually far creepier than anything A has done recently. But, darn, Lucy Hale is beautiful!

Does anyone actually think Jason is a bad guy, though? The show has drawn out that possibility for so long that it seems impossible to believe it will actually be the outcome. These are feel like Toby-esque red herrings and we'll eventually discover he means well and the information he blacked out will actually hurt Jenna - as she hinted at the end - and not himself or any of the girls.

Byron had a troubled brother named Scott. Well... okay then. Sorry, dude. Everything with Mike still feels random.

Hanna and Caleb are totes in love! Granted, this was sweet. I don't wanna come across as a major cynic. But the entire storyline with Caleb's mother was incredibly rushed. One moment he's lamenting her new family and her absence, the next moment he's on a plane - that night?!? - to be with her? It came across like a forced way to have these two drop the L bomb and to create tension in a relationship that suddenly was going too well for the show's sake.

All that said, props to Hanna for calling her dad. A major sign of maturity right there.

What did everyone else think? Are you on Team Good or Team Evil for Jason? Should Emily just open up to Samara? And will we ever see Melissa again?!?


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i think aria is better with ezra. my opinion is that jason is really creepy. go on ezria


Heyyyyyyyyyyy this show is sooo interesting:)


My theory with the pictures of Aria that Jason has is that he did not take them. I think that somehow he got his hands on all the equipment that Ian used to spy on the girls (which he admitted by the way). I think Jason found it and started to go through it. Just because the pictures up were Aria...doesn't mean there aren't more pictures of the other girls. Nothing is so cut and dry on this show.
I think people are too quick too believe this. Do they watch the same show I do?! Sheesh. They always want you to think it's this person and then they totally change it and want you to think it's something else.
I think Jenna and Garett drugged Jason that night. That is what they are afraid of...that he will remember what they don't want him to. They said they were afraid that Aria would help him remember (and prob the other girls as well). So wouldn't it benefit them to make Jason look bad?


I'm done with Ezria. I like Jason and Aria together. I think he genuinely cares about her. I hope the pictures can be explained, other than he's been creeping on her. I don't think Emily can fully open up to Samara, though. The girls have never told anyone the entire truth about A to anyone, even people they're really close to, like Toby. Samara is a relatively new character. I feel like neither we nor Emily know a ton of information about her, and Emily shouldn't/can't share all of the A information with her.


My immediate thought with Emily while it was happening was why didn't she just give her number to all the girls saying she wants to be friends with all of them.
I still think Jason is just creepy. I don't think he'll be guilty of anything except maybe a little obsession with Aria. I am definitely for Ezra though. I'd hate to see them break up. Their hook up scenes were hot. I don't know why they don't do it and get it over with already. She's old enough. And they are basically there anyway.


Erm did anyone else notice Toby has been missing for 2 episodes straight. If he's not in next weeks episode I may go mad! He's amazing.
All in all great episode apart from Toby not being there. Jason is a creep.

Rhianna speranzo

okay coulda emily not have just given her numbers to ALL of the girls saying that they should keep in touch. Geeze that was pretty stupid but oh well this show has to have some form of drama other than A


Team good for Jason
Team totally evil for Ezra


Sorry but I love ezria they are so freakin cute together. And Jason is creepy regardless of his intentions! Why the hell is photographing aria why she's sleeping? Bad or not that's still really creepy and weird. Would you wanna date someone you found out is spying on you?! Yuck!! As for the emily situation, I agree she is really really stupid if she could come up with any kind or reason. It's really not that hard! The episodes for this show used to be so surprising and fresh! Now it feels like everything has gotten a bit stale. Which sucks because I absolutely loved season 1. Now it just feels like nothing big has happened in awhile. Too many little things that are taking forever to build up. Also the Caleb stuff, I definitely agree that came out of nowhere and happened extremely fast!!!!! I need more back story than that!!


@Kristina, it was in the beginning when they found out that she is going to get eye surgery.

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