Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Picture This"

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Is this the end of Haleb? Where do things stand with Ezria? And, seriously, Emily, can't you do a better job covering yourself?

All these questions and topics are raised below, as Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal is joined by staff writers Teresa Lopez and Carissa Pavlica for a new edition of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table. Feedback on all Picture This-related questions is always welcome...


What was your favorite scene?
Matt: Getting a look inside Jason's shed. It was great to finally get an answer about what the guy has been hiding, especially when it didn't disappoint. Photos of Aria sleeping? Totally freaky.

Teresa: Aria's steamy Jason dreams were definitely a great way to start the episode, even if he might be a little a creepy. It definitely helped build up to their kissing scene.

Carissa: Haleb saying goodbye, of course. Both actors did a great job with the teary eyes, while still looking as beautiful as ever.

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Should Emily tell Samara about A?
Matt: It doesn't matter. Samara is headed to Mystic Falls anyway, so this relationship can't be saved. Focus on your swimming, Em, forget any kind of love life right now.

Teresa: Well, after what happened with the therapist, it's probably not safe to tell anyone except the police. But now they've waited too long and A has some serious dirt on Emily. She really could have thought of a much better excuse for giving her number to Zoey though. Emily does need more lesbian friends, right?

Carissa: No. More importantly, when are these girls going to learn how to play A's game under their own rules? Why didn't she give her number to EVERYONE under the guise of friendship? Because she would have needed a brain for that? 

Is this the last we've seen of Caleb?
Matt: I hope so. I hope Tyler Blackburn has a serious illness or something. I kid, but that would be the only excuse for the show to write him out so quickly. It was like writers panicked and sped up a storyline that should have been drawn out for weeks.

Teresa: I hope not, but I also hope that things work out with his mother and new family. Caleb's a great guy and he deserves to be happy in California.

Carissa: No way in the world. Unless he's getting his own ABC Family program.

Jason: One talented photographer, or one creepy dude?
Matt: He really is creepy, but I think he's gonna end up being a perfectly harmless guy. Yes, even with pictures of Aria in his shed. When has PLL ever presented an evil character as straight-up evil, or vice versa? It always introduces someone in a different context than the true one.

Teresa: As Twilight as shown us, stalking is only creepy if you're not an incredibly hot guy. In these cases, the attention is always flattering, even though there's an obviously obsessed guy watching sleep... yeah, it's kind of creepy.

Carissa: One creepy, talented photographer. You know it's all going to come down to a crush on Aria. He admitted it ages ago, but A is making it look sinister. Poor guy is going to be shocked when he finds out he was robbed TWICE and his beloved Aria photos are gone, too. Not that he'll tell anyone, because then he'd look innocent.

Rate Aria and Ezra's survival odds on a scale of 1-10.
Matt: 1.5. It was like he didn't want to hook up with her, wasn't it?!? You have class in 15 minutes, E? You could hit that twice!

Teresa: I'm going to have to go with a 6. Aria's trying to accelerate the physical side of their relationship to distract herself from their problems, which doesn't seem to be working. But finding out about Jason's photo collection might push her back into Ezra's safe arms.

Carissa: I give it a 3. They have so long until she is of age, and the whole teacher/student thing is so crushingly wrong that their survival odds have to be on the low end. She's already dreaming of others. Ezra is a phase.


Uh, just pointing out that the "Jason dreams" were actually mostly about EZRA, not Jason. Anything steamy that happened was with Ez. Jason just randomly appeared as an afterthought.
So it's not just dreams about Jason. That's been bugging me.


1. Favorite scene was anything Haleb.
2. No. I agree with Carissa - the PLL need to turn the tables on A.
3. I hope it's not the last of Caleb. I liked him.
4. (Jason = Creepy) + (Spencer = Paranoid) = When are they going to realize it was Jason and not Ian who made all the peeping tom videos? Didn't Spence & Em find his "surveillance" equipment?
5. Totally siding with Carissa again here!


Fave Scene: Aria's Dreams and Helab goodbye (made me cry)
Emily: She didn't handle it right, it would be so easy to say "I just wanted to connect with your friends, I wasn't coming on to her"
Caleb: Honestly, I don't think so cuz he's not even in the books at all. There's other plans for Hanna.
Jason: He appears creepy but I don't think that we have been told everything so I think he's still a good guy. And supper HOT!!!!!
Ezria: 2 because I can see the end coming, this is how my last relationship looked when it way about to end... This is how it should go. Ezra is seen with his Ex, stuff gets said, they split. Aria, heart broken goes to Jason and they hey hook up :D
Is it obvious I'm a Jason fan? heehee


The episode was ok, nothing more


What was your favorite scene?
I am torn between Caleb and Hanna saying goodbye and the final scene between Jason and Aria. Should Emily tell Samara about A?
I don't think she or anyone should tell another teen about A. If A is able to dig out serious dirt on Emily, no doubt s/he will dig out serious dirt on anyone they tell too! I'm not sure the relief from telling someone will outweight the potential extra worry imposed on this person. Is this the last we've seen of Caleb?
I hope not, Hanna is the happiest we've ever seen on the show with him! Jason: One talented photographer, or one creepy dude?
One creepy photographer! I can't help but think what if all of the stuff is not his and he's being blackmailed into hiding it in his shed? Rate Aria and Ezra's survival odds on a scale of 1-10.
2. This is not getting anywhere despite the fact that he's not Aria's teacher anymore. Plus Jason is waaaaay hotter than Ezra, who could not be tempted to hit that? Read more:


What was your favorite scene?
Emily and friends playing poker. It's been long since I see Emily laughing and having fun. Remind me of how pretty Shay Mitchell is.
But then, Ezria scene is pretty hot too. Should Emily tell Samara about A?
That question should go with "Should Aria tell Ezra about A?", "Should Hanna tell Caleb about A?" and "Should Spencer tell Toby about A?"
Answer to them all will be "YES!" It's about time someone outside "The Liars" knows about "A". Is this the last we've seen of Caleb?
I hope so. I really really hope so. Something about Caleb bothers me. Now can we see Lukas next week? Or he has been shipped to Cali as well? Jason: One talented photographer, or one creepy dude?
One creepy dude. The way the camera shot his face when he found out his shed has been broken in. CREEPY! I'm almost positive he's the bad guy. Rate Aria and Ezra's survival odds on a scale of 1-10.
10. Sorry, but I'm an Ezria shipper. Is ths a trick question?


My favorite scenes were the Ezria hooking up scenes. I think he was really into it, however he was cautious because her assertiveness towards a physical relationship came out of the blue and he was already a little jealous of Jason.
Emily was an idiot. She definitely could've played her hand, (no pun intended) better. While I was watching that scene, I was like just give your number to everyone. I was surprised that she didn't.
I hope Caleb will be back. They are my second favorite couple. First of course being Aria and Ezra.
I think Jason is harmless. I think he's a bit obsessed with her and personally I'd like to find out that there is a more sinister side to him. I think that would be out of character for the show to do and a bit of a twist but I think he'll wind up pretty harmless. I don't mind him stirring up some jealousy in Ezra but I hope in the end they will get back together at least.


Fave scene: Haleb goodbye, even I was crying.
Emily: No, but I agree with Carissa. Just give your number to everyone, seeming like friends. Seriously, I get annoyed with how stupid they make these girls out to be.
Caleb: Oh, he'll be back. That's for sure.
Jason: I honestly don;t think Jason is the creepy, bad guy the show wants us to think. Yes, he likes Aria and has a crush on her. But did he kill Ali? No. Is he a stalker? No. I really think that there's something we aren't being told. Did you see how worried Jenna was about him and Aria hooking up? Obviously, when he blacked out, he saw Jenna do something. He didn't do anything. Jenna did.
Aria/Ezra Scale: 1. These two will last until Ezra finds out that Aria was kissed by Jason and that she kissed him back. This doesn't mean Aria will lose her feelings completely for Ezra but it will be the beginning. Then, it's Jason time ;D.


Oh come on guys. This isnt fair, how could they break them up like that, ezria have been in a relationship too long to pull out now. If they are gonna break them apart, no matter how much im gonna dislike it, they should at least respect the characters and break them up with some dignity. Either way i still love Ezria, and if they really love each other, they would fight for one another.


Favorite Scene: Haleb goodbye
Emily: Heck no, A doesn't want nobody finding out about him/her.
Caleb: No, he will be back.
Jason: Creepy, you seen that smile when he found the flashlight.
Aria scale: 7

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