Pretty Little Liars Review: They're All Aria!!!

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Let's consider the lessons learned on "Picture This," shall we?

Ezria is in serious trouble. Note to all women: it's never a good sign when you jump your man and he stops to wonder if you should be doing this. Or later, following another hot session, he asks if anything is wrong.

Aria may have done the right thing and pulled away from Jason's lip lock, but she and Ezra are in a bad place regardless.

Jason with Aria

Emily is an idiot. First, can she - and all Liars, really - please stop asking why this happens or who is responsible for that? It's A. It's A. The answer is ALWAYS: It's A. That's my biggest beef with the show. Anything and everything can happen, with no explanation needed because A simply did it. Somehow.

But back to Emily in particular: she really couldn't have come up with a better way to get her number to Zoe? Say you need help with homework. Offer up more poker lessons. Whatever. Or, yes, tell Samara the truth about A. Why not? You're already being stalked and threatened. Bullies only respond to action, girls. Stop sitting around and letting A control your lives. Fight back.

Aria photographs well. It's definitely creepy that Jason has been snapping all those pictures, actually far creepier than anything A has done recently. But, darn, Lucy Hale is beautiful!

Does anyone actually think Jason is a bad guy, though? The show has drawn out that possibility for so long that it seems impossible to believe it will actually be the outcome. These are feel like Toby-esque red herrings and we'll eventually discover he means well and the information he blacked out will actually hurt Jenna - as she hinted at the end - and not himself or any of the girls.

Byron had a troubled brother named Scott. Well... okay then. Sorry, dude. Everything with Mike still feels random.

Hanna and Caleb are totes in love! Granted, this was sweet. I don't wanna come across as a major cynic. But the entire storyline with Caleb's mother was incredibly rushed. One moment he's lamenting her new family and her absence, the next moment he's on a plane - that night?!? - to be with her? It came across like a forced way to have these two drop the L bomb and to create tension in a relationship that suddenly was going too well for the show's sake.

All that said, props to Hanna for calling her dad. A major sign of maturity right there.

What did everyone else think? Are you on Team Good or Team Evil for Jason? Should Emily just open up to Samara? And will we ever see Melissa again?!?


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haha at GossipGfan, yes she did look like Jenny!
Also where was the scene where Hanna, Spencer and Emily see Jenna in the hospital :S


Team Evil for Jason! I thought he was evil from the start but my friend was like , "Nah, he seems fine! He's hot!" He's just creepy! And if Aria and Ezra break up coz of him, I'll be very pissed!!


ok so yes emily could have responded better but come on! she was terrified with the whole hospital incident and the tick tock message.
also i think samara waaaay overreacted. she gave a number, what are we in the 70's? people exchange numbers ALL the time wtf jason- have you been reading twilight? chanelling edward cullen while sneaking up on a girl in her sleep is never romantic, but the stuff of rape scenes. and taking photos is creepy. time to look at your pretty face in the mirror and assess your sanity k thanks. caleb- i think the "mom" thing is a trap. like someone (A) might be trying to put him in danger. or his mom is a senile bitch who is fine living the rich life with 2 new kids whilst her first son is living like a homeless dude. Jenna and Garett- LOL. they gave their story away. clearly, jason isnt the murderer, but was there on the night and possibly could have seen the murderer but was drugged by the dynamic duo and cant remember. So jenna and garrett may so be acomplices. so i guess thats all i have to say. and spencer needs to get with toby/
question. has aria and ezra slept togeths? if not... uhh...


I loved the Jason twist! Him having secret pictures of Aria shows that he is a psycho but a Hot one! I really wanna know what excuse he will have know! But the shocking thing is that A made a photo of Em and Spencer! But why the girls didn't notice a flashlight! A coudn't make a picture without flashlight in that dark! What a mistake the writters make-a! Caleb and Hanna, o how sweet are they! The last scene was really touching but I expected they would do it but noup they didn't! In the Review it's said that the story was rushed! But I don't think so cause everyone ould runaway from the psycho fostermom and go to rich mommy! I'm only really said because of the Em Samara relationship! They handled it poorly! She gave her her number, big deal come one! Em is smarter than that! XD
A good episode!


Emily could have come up with a better way to gave that girl her number. But I think she was so scared of A that she didn't know how to do it, so she just gave her number. And I think if Emily wants Samara back, she really has to open up to her and tell her everything about A. That Scott thing is really random.. Will he be a part of the show in the next episodes? It was sooo sweet when Hanna and Caleb told each other that they love each other. I was really happy when I saw that scene. I actually hope that we're not going to see Melissa again. She's a weird person and has a weird character. I hope she stays where she is and won't come back.


well is is just me, or does Zoey look like a bit too much like Jenny Humphrey ?!


Caleb is also a star on an upcoming show, so he might not be coming back to pll at all /:


I wish they would realize they need to stop jumping to crazy conclusions! Everyone the assume is Allie's killer is actually not at all. And the Ezria is seriously creepy. I don't care what anyone says, it will always be creepy.


I am kind of sick of Ezria too. Anyone else freak out when they saw the two of them in bed together before you found out it was a dream? I straight up was thinking "oh boy they are getting a ton of crap for this" haha. I personally thought every scene with Jason and Aria was awesome. After this episode, I definitely am a full Jaria supporter. The chemistry between them is amazing. I think Ezria lost the whole forbidden love aspect as it doesn't necessarily feel as if they are sneaking around anymore thus loosing their novelty. Jason is mysterious, good looking, and is perceived as a bad guy. Thats hot. haha. I seriously hope the writers bring them together.


First off, I do not think for one second that Jason is guilty of anything. I feel like he witnessed Jenna or Garrett doing something bad (ex: killing Ali, helping Ali's killer, etc.) but that he blacked it out of his mind. So, that's why Jenna's concerned that he'll remember. Second of all, holy shitake mushrooms, I'm in love with Hanna and Caleb. When he started crying, so did I. These to are freaking adorable and if the show doesn't bring Caleb back from his mother's soon, I'll be very upset :(

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