Pretty Little Liars Review: "Save the Date"

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Well, Pretty Little Liars fans, another week has passed we are no closer to finding A.

HOWEVER, in "Save the Date" we were given even more reason to suspect that Jenna and Garrett are involved in Ian's supposed suicide, and that Jason might also have some pressing secrets to reveal.

The girls finally know about Garrett and Jenna, but Spencer's horrible lying skills (seriously, shouldn't she be better at it since she is one of the titular Pretty Little Liars??) tips the couple off that they know Ian was not Ali's killer. Jenna's chilling, "We need to take care of this," makes me excited for next week's episode.

Candy Striping

Emily was the main target of A's dangerous games when she ended up in the hospital with dangerous levels of HGH in her bloodstream. A was clever to put the stuff in her pain cream because these blood tests will effectively ruin her chances of swimming in school or getting a scholarship.

Emily began to think that telling her parents the truth might be the best option, but her father's supportive speech kept her from saying a word. Poor Emily! She's suffering so badly from both the stress of the lie and obviously (although not obvious to the girls!) the stress of being under constant surveillance and attack by the mysterious A. She should really just go to Texas.

Emily's trip to the hospital afforded Spencer the opportunity to rifle through the morgue's files. The girls found out that a curved, blunt object caused the trauma to Ali's head, but the dirt in her lungs suggests she was buried alive. But the files were incomplete, and the resurrected corpse in the morgue had to be A running off with page 5 of the report.

This week's episode title related to the tragic end of the possible reconciliation of Hanna's parents. His "Save the Date" arrived at Hanna's home the morning after he spent the night with his ex-wife. AWKWARD! Hanna's mother pressed him to return to his "new" family, leaving Hanna to deal with her daddy issues all over again.

Hanna focused her attention on Caleb, who is being followed by what Hanna assumes is an undercover police officer. However, the stranger's phone call at the end of the hour suggested otherwise. Hmmm....

Some burning questions this week: Is Jason a bad guy? I hope not, for Aria's sake, because he seems like kind of interesting/dangerous boy who could really shake up her ho-hum relationship with Ezra. Also, what was on page 5? A seems to always take away an important piece of the puzzle, so it has to be something really important.

What did you think about tonight's episode?


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I think that the person who hit Alison with the hockeystick and the one who burried her alive are two different people, because I'm getting the feeling that everyone has a secret concerning her death. Jenna, Jason, Ian, Spencers father, Alisons mother, Garret... Of course I figure that the actual murderer will be neither of them, since writers of murder mysteries usually unmask the killer at the end and it turns out to be someone completely unexpected.
And then there's the question of who A is. And honestly? No clue. With all the freaky stuff that A has been able to do, my only guess is the CIA. But I don't think that's it. I hope the writers find a logical explanation (unlike mine).


One of the girls is going to tell someone about A soon I think. Hannah's funny. Spencer should lie better. The murder weapon might be a golf club


I love Aria and Ezra and they are such a cute couple!!I hope she will NOT cheat him with Jason,who I find creepyy.Jason has to do something with her death,maybe he's the one that burried her alive! I am looking forward for next episode (:


Does anyone know the song played in the end of this episode? Shazam won't recognize it and I love it! Thanks!


I don't think Ian, Jason and Jenna ambushed Allison and killed her. That's a stretch.
Maybe Jenna did it, but was an accident? Then she had to cover it up.
Or Jason saw what happenend was drugged so he wouldn't remember? can loose memory of a night because of drinking...but the memory usually comes back.


Call me Crazy but at last night episode at the end, when ho ever was there on the morgue was a girl she had Brest


I am all for Ezra and Aria because they are a cute couple. I doubt they will make Jason like Toby who was a creep in the beginning but is also a victim because it would be deja vu. They say Allison was ambush so Jason was probably there with Ian and Jenna that night to kill Ali.


I just Find out something as watching last night episode... The show is not even on the present time, it happend's at 2008, they have never say a year on the show so i supposed it was normal, present time line but id does not it haves not even pas one year scene they found Ali's body. You could think that Ali was missing a hole year but the autopsy is from the time they found her that's episode 1x01. So the question is why does the show remains on the past?


Oh and about the 'Much Music' promo for next week that shows Aria and Jason in bed together....I'm pretty sure that will turn out to be a dream sequence of some sort. Aria just doesn't seem like she would jump into bed with him. That would be just too off the wall as her storyline.


Ezra and Aria fans need to chill out just a little bit. They aren't going to write him off the show. I think that if the writers are following the book in the slightest, that they will be apart at some point. Maybe the 'end game' for Aria will be Ezra at the end of the season.....but the girl is 16, she is allowed to date other guys...she's gotta live a little.
I like the Jason/Aria pairing. I think that as with Toby, the writers are trying to throw people off by making viewers think that he is creepy.....but I think that it will turn out that he is also a victim of 'A' setting him up. I really want to know what 'the Jason thing' is that Jenna keeps talking about. Seems like Jason knows something and they don't want him telling. Remember how the girls thought Toby was a big creep, but Emily got to know him and thought he was a good guy. I think the same thing is happening with Jason. Let's just hope that Spencer doesn't try and date him! hehe.
Can't wait for the Jaria kiss!!!!

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