Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Save the Date"

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Someone is on Caleb's trail, Aria might have interest in Jason and... what was up with that scene in the morgue?!?

All of these questions are on the minds of TV Fanatic staff writers Matt, Carissa and Teresa this week, as we delve into another edition of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table. Come along and share your feedback on the following, "Save the Date" related topics now...


Is Aria seriously considering Jason as a potential boyfriend?
Matt: Of course she is. Chalk it up to the hair, the muscles or Aria's attraction to a men that dig ditches, black out and rarely smile, but there's something between these two.

Carissa: I don't know why the powers that be think Ezra and Aria should be together, but I think that's the way it will go, even though I want Aria to find someone more suitable. At least she seems torn at the moment. If writers weren't pulling her strings, I think she would choose Jason.

Teresa: I don't think she's really in that mindset yet. She's definitely attracted (who wouldn't be?) and he's been able to comfort her about her brother in a way that Ezra can't. I don't think she's really given much thought to how serious it could get and how much trouble it would cause for her relationship and for the girls if he turns out to be dangerous.

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If it's not the police following Caleb, who is it, and why?
Matt: It's gotta be my wife. She's way too smitten with that guy. Darn your dimpled chin, Caleb!

Carissa: Because Caleb's real family is such a mystery, my guess now is that this person is somehow connected to Rosewood and we have a big secret in store. When Hanna confronted the follower, it made whoever was in the car think Caleb didn't want to hear from him/her. But he doesn't even know who it is. I'm up for a new mystery, and less focus on A.

Teresa: The stranger in the car has to be someone in Caleb's family. It's likely that one of his parents wants to reconnect.

Will the parents ever understand the severity of the situation their girls are in?
Matt: No. It's pretty much a teen soap opera rule that parents aren't permitted to actually parent in any useful way. Gotta love how 90210 embraced this idea and has not ditched the adults entirely.

Carissa: It's all getting a bit scary, isn't it? Emily's father took the situation very well, but as a whole, I keep wishing the adults would see a pattern. Yes, I know that would put a crimp in the whole mystery - but they are so in the dark that I am finding it harder to respect them each week.

Teresa: They seem to be getting wise to the real danger that follows their girls around, especially Hanna's mom. But being worried about their safety doesn't mean they know how involved their daughters really are in this mess.

Which is worse: Eating a cookie while doing an autopsy or while emptying trash bins?
Matt: Gonna go out on a limb here: anything one does while in the middle of an autopsy is grosser than when one commits the same act while doing anything else.

Carissa: I was right there with Aria when she disgusted at the plate of cookies in the morgue. But seeing the man using one hand to tie up a bag of trash and another to eat a cookie literally made me gag. No dessert is so good that it can't wait until your hand is out of the trash!

Teresa: Hmmm... I just thought it was weird to eat cookies with latex gloves on. Oreos and rubber just doesn't seem like a good combination.

Consider the morgue scene. Is A a man or a woman?
Matt: Neither. A is clearly a robot of some kind. This stalker lies calmly with corpses, manipulates all kinds of technology and is somewhere everywhere, at all times. If A isn't revealed to be of another species, I'll be very disappointed.

Carissa: Whoever was under the sheet was definitely a female. There is no doubt in my mind.

Teresa: Either way, A is definitely strong-willed. It takes a lot of guts to lay perfectly still around a bunch of dead bodies. But, for some reason, I've always thought of A as a woman, mostly because of the over-the-top theatrics.


I disagree about the whole Ezra thing getting icky. As an adult myself, it is fairly common for a college professor to date a student. Granted she's still in high school but I imagine that the age difference between them is no more than 7 years. I think that's acceptable. My closest friend and her husband are 6 years apart. They have been married for over years now. One of my aunt's is 9 years older than her husband and they have been married for over 20 years. I think Aria's father would have a problem with it at first but I think her mother will be fairly easily swayed to accept the relationship.
I have always kind of seen A as a woman. I also find it impossible that A can be everywhere at once and know what's going on at every given moment. Especially if it is 1 person. That's the part of the show that seems unrealistic to me.


I wonder how old Ezra really is in the show. I think people are overreacting to their relationship. It may be hard to accept, but different relationships work for different people. He is probably 6 or 7 years older than her and I am in a similiar relationship, although my boyfriend is not my teacher. My parents and peers are very accepting of our relationship on the basis of how he TREATS me. That's the most important thing. Also, this is a FICTIONAL show, so just let it be.


Okay. So did anyone else notice that the dresses Spencer and Aria wore as disguises in the morgue were exactly like the one that Alison wore when she "visited" Hanna in the hospital. Hanna thought this was a dream, but why would she dream of Alison in that outfit... hmmm...


i think it was wren under the sheet. he knows the girls want details on allison and as a doctor he would be able to lie there among dead bodies.


Is Aria seriously considering Jason as a potential boyfriend?
She just got bored of Ezra at the moment. Poor Ezra. I was dying to see the look of Ezra's face when he questioned whether he should be aware of this Jason guy. And nope, I don't ship Jaria and I hope neither does Aria. If it's not the police following Caleb, who is it, and why?
It's so obvious it's hilarious. Of course, it's his real parents. But I'll be a bit random and said that it's his psycho-jealous-bitch-ex. Will the parents ever understand the severity of the situation their girls are in?
Nope, they'll just float around and get suspicious at times, but will they ever deal with A? Doubt it. After all, this is a teen show so let's leave the drama to the teenagers. Which is worse: Eating a cookie while doing an autopsy or while emptying trash bins?
Eating while emptying trash bins is seriously disturbing no matter how delicious the cookies are. Consider the morgue scene. Is A a man or a woman?
A man. Slim one but seriously anyone thinking that's the real A? I doubt it.


Aww parents on teen shows... it rarely works. Usually they just get in the way and/or are uninteresting. 90210 was a complete bust. One Tree Hill did okay in the beginning but not always. Gossip Girl sometimes gets it right but usually not. Season 4 was an overkill of Lily and not enough Rufus. In my opinion, the only teen show to constantly succeed with adults interacting with teens or having their own storyline is The O.C. Maybe one of the dads on PLL can turn into a Sandy Cohen 2.0! But I doubt it so just give me more yummy Jason!!


its a bit funny how the girls can walk straight into the morgue and find autopsy reports and how the person can lie under the sheet for a long time sure a member of the hospital staff would of caught them. i wonder how long they are going to drag the A storyline out maybe the 5h season we will find out


Which is worse: Eating a cookie while doing an autopsy or while emptying trash bins? Having done autopsies myself, I can safely say it's worse to eat while emptying the trash bins. Do you realise the strength of the decontaminants used in a mortuary is? It's probably the cleanest place in the whole hospital. Hence, it should be fine as long as they eat between autopsies and first remember to de-glove and de-gown as per protocol. Consider the morgue scene. Is A a man or a woman? Crackpot theory alert! Given A's omniscience, I think I've figured it out; A is the entire town of Rosewood! Or rather, Rosewood is a social experiment a la The Truman Show (with the girls in place of Jim Carrey's character) and A is actually the director messing with them. A's flip-flopping behaviour and the show's misdirecting revelations are a result of audience voting (a la American Idol) over what they want to have happen next.


Couldn't agree with you more Tati. The writers are a bit delusional if they think that 1. her parents would be ok with this and 2. His employer and co-workers would be ok with it.
I just imagine the headlines we read about teachers having relationships with students. No matter how much they say it's 'love', it's still wrong and icky.
I think the writers of this show are a little too swayed by the teen audience....which is pretty sad for a group of adults.


Really....a woman under the sheet? Hmmm....I was kind of thinking it was Wren. He's the only one who had an idea that Spencer was interessted in the morgue. If it wasn't him and it was 'A'...damn...they must have the girls bugged. How could he/she foresee them going there at that exact moment? Or was 'A' waiting there all day? Yuck.

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