Weeds Review: Walk Away, Nancy

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I would totally buy the Copenhagen Wheel. Or at least the video that Andy used to pitch the Copenhagen Wheel, unsuccessfully, to Doug's venture capitalist friends. That thing was hilarious.

Overall, "Object Impermanence" had many funny moments and lines - Shane telling Andy he didn't believe in him, Dean wanting to drink Silas' blood, Helia thinking Nancy was in jail for "involuntary dumbassery" - but nothing is coming together on Weeds this season.

Helia Returns

It feels like a bunch of random scenes, doesn't it? We spent a great deal of time this week talking about Conrad, for instance, a character who hasn't been heard from in years and who... Facebooked Silas there whereabouts of his aunt?

And Dean is always hilarious, but his random appearance just seems like a desperate attempt to revisit the past. Seriously, does it make any sense he'd end up living with Helia?

Weeds has taken so many twists and turns through the years and I've always admired it as a show that takes risks. It's anything but complacent. Unfortunately, it's also lost me along the way. It seems to have lost the writing staff, as well.

There's nothing that connects one season or one storyline to another at this point. Dean and Helia are back? Doug falls ass backward into a high-paying job? Shane easily finds a corrupt professor and a class that teaches him how to front a drug business? The random nature of these events takes away from the occasionally profound moments, such as Silas and Nancy's confrontation, in a pot field, of course.

Hunter Parrish has been terrific this season as the biter, wounded Silas - but thank goodness the show reminded me, prior to the episode, that he had another father. Did anyone else forget about that storyline? It took place so many locations ago.

As a result, I simply wasn't attached to Nancy's struggles or her monologue at the end. I laugh at Weeds sometimes, I find the characters to be a hoot and Andy is especially the man. I just don't actively care anymore.


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Saad khan

Love Hunter Parrish and want Selia to come back!!!!!!!!!!!

Saad khan

I just don't understand how Shane gets all the money and so much money to open a bar without havn much of records.. it takes years to get scholarship and loans and he gets it in a sec.. I hate SHANE
p.s HE even doesn't look grown at all, at least as an actor he sud have worked on his weizal looking appearance.


This episode was better. I just wish the show would end. Yeah, I could not watch but then I would wonder what I missed I have seen every episode.


best ep of the season by faaarrr. just goes to show how much helia brings to the show. and shane the brains botwin looks like he needs another series to take over the family business. love the goodfellas reference and andy being sucked into his plan. i really dont understand what the polygamy story had to do with anything but give andy something to do for 3 episodes. good to see the story finally getting really good. milf is back and so is dumb ass dean now being helias bitch. cant wait to see the botwins take over ny. and martin short at the end was hilarious "wtf. thats not even a story."

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Weeds Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Nancy: Don't you wanna know why I was in prison?
Helia: Involuntary dumbassery? First degree stepping in shit you can't handle?

Nancy: Be the man.
Silas: Be the mom.