You’re not dumb. Yeah, Shane got other things, but you’re sweet and so good-looking and not a murderer, which puts you squarely in the lead. So yeah, I kept you in the dark for much of your life but you gave me stretch marks, so we’re even.


I don't believe in you. You have no business plan. This is a terrible location for foot traffic and you don't even know if the wheel is street legal in the United States.


Andy: You have no idea how much it means to me that you believe in me.
Shane: I don't believe in you.

Nancy: Does he mean any less to you?
Silas: No. You do.

Walking away is as simple as sugar cookies, baby. Watch.


Gotta revel in your youth, Silas. Get crabs every once and awhile. Stop being a pussy.


24? So jealous. Can I drink your blood? Just a shot?


Nancy: Don't you wanna know why I was in prison?
Helia: Involuntary dumbassery? First degree stepping in shit you can't handle?

Nancy: Be the man.
Silas: Be the mom.

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