Wilfred Review: A Collar Made In Taiwan

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Like each and every episode that has come before it in the first season, Wilfred relied heavily on its titular man-in-dog-suit throughout the majority of "Anger."

Unlike our beloved Editor-in-Chief here at TV Fanatic, I have actually been enjoying Wilfred, so I will be taking over reviewing responsibilities for the FX comedy from here on out.

Wilfred and Ryan

Comedy is extremely subjective, which is why I completely understand why Matt Richenthal might not have enjoyed the show. His main complaint in past reviews is that the show has been one-note. It's hard to argue with that, but the difference between the two of us is that I absolutely LOVE that one-note.

Wilfred the character is head and shoulders above Wilfred the show at this point. Sure, it's tough to peg down what he actually is, and when he switches from dog to man, but it is THAT grey area that makes this man-like dog so hilarious.

The inability of the audience to figure this character out is most of the genius that Jason Gann and the Wilfred writing team have come up with.  My favorite moments of "Anger" were when Wilfred was simultaneously acting like a human and like a dog.

For example: Wilfred was chasing a fly around the house like a crazy dog, but also explaining to Ryan that the fly was talking shit about him like a human being.

Also: Wilfred giving Kristen a rat as a gift, because that's the way a dog would think, but presenting it in a nicely patterned box as any sane human would do.

This week, we witnessed a very jealous Wilfred, who was angry about the fancy "made in Taiwan" collar Ryan's previous dog had worn. The jealousy in and of itself was quite humorous, but it also gave way to Wilfred's entire Sneakers act, which was also fantastic.

Some other non-quotable highlights: Wilfred putting his ears up like a fancy hairdo, Wilfred snuggling and licking Ryan's ear, Wilfred accusing Bear of pushing the Ouija Board, and of course Ryan finally going off on his sister.

And finally, after checking out some of our favorite Wilfred quotes from "Anger," let us know what you thought of the most recent episode.

Wilfred: I'll kill you! This fly's been acting like a total d**k all morning. | permalink
Wilfred: Ryan, remember when I told you a few weeks ago that you are a total p***y? Well I just wanted to apologize for not emphasizing that enough. | permalink
Wilfred: I once cracked a Nazi skin head in the face with a beer bong, and you know what he did to me? Belly rub. | permalink
Wilfred: After I went to sleep, you somehow managed to get some sort of homo chip planted in my brain. | permalink


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I agree on almost all counts! Great quote selection too. Just wanted to note that I appreciate how self-aware you guys as bloggers can be. While I 100% see and even agree with the points and concerns the previous editor has been making, I also appreciate reading a review by someone who's a little more aligned with what the show might be going for and therefore might see things in a more positive light (the boat I'm in right now with Wilfred). Plus, I bet it sucks reviewing a show you're not really enjoying anymore. Either way, it's just great to see bloggers who are willing to move on for the best of everyone involved - thanks for being so on top of it guys!


Well I don't watch the American version. It is Australian and I have watched the Australian version. Wilfred is the dog and it's from the dog's point of view that's why he swears, smokes weed, in the Australian version his owner is female and Wilfred hates his owners new boyfriend and Wilfred goes out of his way to break them up, there are other episodes of Wilfred where they use other men in dog suits. So imagine Wilfred is an actual dog not a man in a dog suit, then you might understand. The picture is of a man in bed with his dog, my dog sleeps with me, in my case it's a real dog not a fictional character.


One of the funnier ones. Clever story. Did not rely on the scatalogical, which was a welcome relief. This has to be the most anticipated comedy in FX history. They promoed the hell out of it. But I think it has a limited shelf life. The reason? An utter lack of joy. Every character acts hateful to eachother. And not in the "sunny" way, where they treat the subject lightly. Wilfred is just horrible to Ryan. He was a little like that in the first show, but it was ok. But week after week, come on! Dogs are not like that! I love Jason Gann, but Wilfred? Not so much.


I hated last episode... Wilfred as the anthropomorphized dog is all about Ryan's head. It's supposed to be a surreal experience, so there need be no rules. Wilfred actually hews pretty closely to some kind of framework and rule system for something that is basically someone's psychosis. That said...I'm losing interest, fast. There's no point to any of it, really. No growth, no path. It all comes to naught. The little tags on the basement couch with the bong are about the funniest part of the show thus far.

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Wilfred Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Ryan, remember when I told you a few weeks ago that you are a total pussy? Well I just wanted to apologize for not emphasizing that enough.


I'll kill you! This fly's been acting like a total dick all morning.