Awkward Review: "My Super Bittersweet Sixteen"

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Jenna didn't get the party or the car of her dreams on"My Super Bittersweet Sixteen." But at least she had her lucky socks.

Still, this Awkward episode was about Jenna finding her way just a little bit more instead of relying on others to tell her how she has to behave. It was nice to watch Jenna begin to realize that a lot of her self worth has to come from herself, it wasn’t something that could be determined by a letter, or Sadie, or anyone else.

Happy Birthday, Jenna!

It was too bad she didn’t own it sooner because her birthday might have been a little better, but then Valerie probably wouldn’t have had her birthday rap for Jenna. And who would have wanted to miss that train wreck?

One of the reasons Awkward works so well is because it’s far more mature and poignant than it initially seems. Because of that, it sometimes feels weird that some teenage themes come along for the ride in an episode. I wasn’t expecting Tamara to give Jenna the cold shoulder for the entire episode. replacing her with a new best friend from band so quickly. Of course, there was some jealousy and hurt at play, but part of that didn’t feel like something Tamara would do to Jenna.

Matty was finally able to make a commitment this week. I can’t help but wonder if part of that phobia he was (or is) dealing with is partly due to his brother. His sibling had an enviable life back in high school and now all he has to look forward to is stumbling home drunk.

Finally, I loved symmetry of Matty visiting Jenna by her backdoor just like when she needed a hero, but this time the two of them had the added bonus of knowing what they wanted: something more.

Other thoughts:

  • I, too, would probably fail my driver’s license test if the proctor had metal claws for hands.
  • I like that Lacey’s reason for putting a mirror on the roof above a bed is to apply makeup.
  • I really missed my Tamara one-liners; the two of them need to make up soon.


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Is there anybody who knows how many episodes there are left of the season??
This show is really great, whenever an episode ends I'm always so much looking forward to the next episode, the week can only go to slow! :)


I LOVED this episode! Valerie's rap was funny. I love Jenna's parents, really great hehehe. Tamara not making up with Jenna was a bit sad but I think she's not a good friend either because she didn't hesitate to kiss that other stupid guy... Anyway, I loved Jenna & Matty's moments in the car and at the end of the episode :D It was THE perfect ending :) I hope they will stay together at least 'til the end of the season but as every show there has to be drama so I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up with Jake. Everyone can make mistakes, Matty recognized them so we all should give him a chance :) Team Matty!

Anna maria

I loved this ep! And I like Matty but I still prefer Jake..he's so nice! I ope they keep being friends if she and Matty go public!


I want Jenna with Jake he has no problem with talking to her when other people around. I don't think Matty is the right one for her and won't be able to commite to Jenna.


Sara, I'm with you, I'm not entirely convinced he's ready to be seen with her publicly, but he did acknowledge that he puts too much into what other people think of him. Hopefully Matty is committed to changing that.


That birthday rap was hilarious! Then poor Jenna couldn't leave the cafeteria. At least she has a cool dad and hilarious mom! Still don't think Matty actually made a commitment to be seen publicly with her... Team Jake!

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