Castle Season Premiere Review: Captain, Oh New Captain

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Welcome back TV Fanatics! Castle kicked off its fourth season with "Rise" and wasted no time making us feel the angst and anxiety we were left with from the May finale. There were confessions, arguments and new characters. Time to discuss!

Beckett is alive! Ok, this comes as a shock to nobody, but it was great seeing our favorite female detective back on her feet. Girl is doing more thank alright, too, admitting that she remembers everything from the shooting, and even more importantly, Castle’s confession!

Cop vs. Doctor

Captain “Iron” Gates is no Montgomery. Penny Johnson has joined the cast to replace Captain Montgomery.

We were warned she was going to be tough and, boy, was that the truth. I have reservations about this character, though. I don’t think she can stay on opposite ends of the team for too long, so let’s hope she ends being a Caskett shipper like the rest of us. Either way, there is no replacement for the severely missed Roy Montgomery.

More Screen Time for Bromances! There was definitely a spike in screen time for Ryan and Esposito. Let’s hope this continues throughout the season, shall we? If anyone deserves it, it is these two. Plus, how can you not love the bromance between these two and Castle? Anyone else love when Ryan mentioned that Castle would have loved the case?

Return of Beckett

The Real Case: After the finale, I could not figure out how they could make Beckett’s mother's case any better. For me, there was no getting better than finding out about Montgomery’s involvement. Here is hoping that season four provides the same twists that keep this case the backbone of the series.

Side Notes…

  • Castle and Beckett’s exchanges in the hospital = pure chemistry.
  • She broke up with Josh!!
  • Beckett remembers everything. Who is with me in saying that I cannot wait for the conversation between her and Castle about those three little words?
  • Who is the man that Montgomery sent the files to and called Castle?
Castle in the Hospital

Things I Am Hoping for This Season:

  • The return of 3XK.
  • Castle having a romance with anyone besides his ex-wife.
  • Alexis having a significant role... or no role at all.
  • A Lanie/Esposito engagement
  • So. we are going to try something new this season. Each week, I will pick the best quote and the character who stole a scene from the episode. Join me in the comments and let the rest of us TV Fanatics who you think is the Quote King/Queen and Scene Stealer.

Best Quote:

Castle: “You’re damn right I’m angry. I watched you die in that ambulance, you know that? Do you know what that’s like? To watch the life drain out of someone you care about?

Scene Stealer:

Kate Beckett: Freezing up while facing off with this week’s killer. Stana Katic played this flawlessly.

Ryan and Esposito

Season premiere down... only new episodes to go! Sound off and let us know what you thought of the first episode of season four, starting with this question Anyone else instantly hate Gates?


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After the great ending to year three, I was a bit disappointed with the opening to year four.


Blackamethyst- love love love to your comment. You just put everything I have been thinking into words!


It wasn't very dramatic but it was good introduction for the season. Now we know Beckett has a problem with Castle's confession and that will infect their relationship but also her confession about what she's like tells us she does want to move forward. I'm guessing we will be getting clues about who's the mysterious guy. I really, really hope they'll work more on Alexis character and that they'll give more space to Ryan and Esposito. Maybe even give us sneak peak in their lives. It would be cool to find out more about them in this season!


As someone mentioned, the new captain comes mainly from a position in IAD and they are known for being strict about the rules and procedure, because that is what most of their cases are about: Disregard of rules and procedure.
I still don't understand why everybody (except Ryan and Esposito) treated Castle as if it was his DNA on the sniper rifle...


This Sucks so much!!! Im in Australia and i don't get to see season for premier until the 25th of September!!! This Sunday!!! And even then I've got to see it online because I've got school the next day! But it sounds brilliant and I cant wait! Is their new captain really that bad??? I mean, every comment i've seen so far has been pretty negative.


Who is this Guy who called Castle & said we need tv
talk?! Then Castle acts like nothing happened.Otherwise great opening show. My favorite on TV. Hope the romance blossoms for many more seasons.


I hope they make Gates more than a stereotype (or kill her off!)--she's too one-dimensional to take seriously. Ryan and Esposito: you go, guys! Loved them nagging Beckett about not being in touch with Castle, and talking in unison. They are a great pair. Alexis: waayy too heavy handed with the nagging, she seemed more pissy that he was not home for dinner than worried. Surprised me, usually she's got a great light touch. Beckett... I didn't like the lying to Castle, especially since she was just busting his chops for not committing to her just before she got shot; felt like the writers missed that scene in the S3 finale where she and Castle fought over what they were to each other. But I did like her allowing Castle's emotional support help her though being gunshy; really nicely done.
I hope she cuts her hair; that big lank hunk of it pulled back makes her look rather dowdy, which I never thought I'd think about such a beautiful creature as Stana. Castle...... it was shocking, then good, to see him secure enough with Beckett to be mad at her! And tell her so! Nice to see him not just a puppydog, but also starting to fight for his place in her life. We need more of them being willing to go to the mat for that, and for each other. What I don't want to see is Castle romancing anyone but Beckett, and the same in reverse. Marlowe may be scared to have them together, but I agree with Stana, there could be great funny/awesome/intelligent challenges for them ahead as a couple in love.


I just hate gates ... i just wish she is with kate's killer and eliminated as soon as next episodes....Gates is just a disgrace to this show....I loved captain mont...he will surely be missed a loooot... he was a father figure to all the caste...I just wish somehow they get him back from the dead...


Great show every week you want to see beckett and castle connect


Sue Ann OMG you're right. It's him! Beckett remembering everything wasn't a suprise for me. Her eyes said she did, when she told Castle she didn't remember. Caskett shipper? that sounds like a job in the funeral business. Beckle anyone?

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Castle Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm not going to lose her again.


I know I'm not going to be able to have the kind of relationship I want until the wall comes down. I cant do that until this is put to rest.