Castle Round Table: "Rise"

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Beckett remembers... everything.

This revelation, along with a brand new captain, has given Chandel Charles, Carissa Pavlica, Courtney Morrison and Christine Orlando plenty to discuss in relation to Monday's Castle season premiere. So let's get right to it, shall we? As always, reader feedback is encouraged on the following Round Table topics...


What was your favorite scene?
Chandel: Castle coming to see Beckett in the hospital. It was a bit bittersweet given that she claimed she didn't remember the "I love you," but the way he looked at her when he saw her, the flower shop joke, it all hinted at the innocent playfulness that's always made Castle and Beckett's relationship so special. Which means that a corresponding favorite moment for me was Kate's appearance and the book signing and the resulting conversation on the swings.

Carissa: When Castle used his pull in high places to get back into the precinct. That they even pretended to kick him out was ridiculous.

Courtney: Castle’s book signing! He seemed so lost signing away his books until Kate showed up. “You can make it out to Kate.” Me = heart melting.

Christine: How can I choose just one? The opening sequence was so dramatic and Lanie was wonderful. Watching Castle's face fall when Beckett said she didn't remember was heartbreaking. I also loved that Castle was angry with her for her three month absence and told her so instead of sulking in silence.

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What surprised you the most and was there anything they didn't cover that you wished they had?
Chandel: How doggedly Beckett was ready to continue pursuing her mother's murder. Now it's not just about her mother, it's about Kate getting shot and has become even more personal. I also think it's really interesting that she chose to continue seeing a therapist. It certainly adds a new element in that she is almost asking for help to work through everything rather than being stubborn enough to think that her emotions can be worked through on her own. We've seen how well that's gone.

Carissa: I wish I could say something surprised me, but it didn't. As Castle goes, it was pretty predictable. They rarely come up with something like they did in the finale.

Courtney: I have to agree, not much surprised me at all. If I had to pick, it would be a tie between Josh having more than one line or that Kate pretended to forget the shooting in the first place.

Christine: What surprised me was that for as many secrets as they kept, they were still more open than they normally would be, like Castle calling Kate on her emotional free fall and her admitting that her walls need to come down. But I do wish we had seen Becket break up with Josh. That would have been satisfying.

What did you think of the new Captain and the new dynamic at the 12th precinct?
Chandel: I think there are going to be a lot of secrets permeating the daily goings on of the precinct. It's going to cause a lot of tension as Castle, Beckett, Esposito and Ryan continue to walk on egg shells. It certainly adds a new element to the show. I also think it's interesting that she prefers to be referred to as "sir." How disconcerting.

Carissa: Hate the new Captain. I'm so sick of new leaders always coming into situations that are prickly and nasty. Why didn't they choose a different way to go and bring in someone that would actually fit in and be liked?

Courtney: Like everyone, my first instinct is to hate her. I mean, let’s be serious, there is no replacing Roy Montgomery. But on the other hand, I’m a little intrigued. This gives a challenge to the detectives and although she seems on the outside now, I’m pretty sure she will end up being a friend by seasons end.

Christine: I know I'm in the minority but I liked her.  She's going to shake things up and I think everyone having a common foe will only strengthen the bond between Castle, Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito.

Any guesses on whose secret comes out first (Castle's information about the conspiracy, Beckett remembers his "I love you) and what the consequences will be?
Chandel: I would prefer not to speculate given that both of them have begun lying to one another straight out of the gate. I think they are both going to come to blows about something, maybe even another secret entirely, that's going to cause another agonizing tension between them. I would just like things to get back to a new normal for a while before we find the two in heartbreaking conflict again. 

Carissa: I think Beckett will acknowledge his love, and then he'll reveal what he knows about the conspiracy and any love will be lost because he, again, held information from her.

Courtney: I’m hoping that Beckett’s secret comes first just because I want it addressed now!

Christine: I'm hoping Kate's comes out first because she's willing to move forward. Castle will be more willing to forgive her for the lie if she's willing to explore their relationship. She's going to feel completely betrayed when she finds out what he's hiding from her. I'm secretly hoping that Alexis will be so fed up with seeing her Dad heartbroken that she'll step up at that point and tell Kate what all of this has done to her Dad. That could be a stellar moment between Kate and Alexis.

Do you think Castle and Beckett should finally start a romantic relationship this season?
Chandel: No, I think Kate needs to get her bearings back first. Castle and Beckett were in a really tense place during the premiere, so I think they need some time to get back to the way they were--if they ever will. With an "I love you" hanging out there, their relationship has already jumped to another level from where it was in season three. I think they need to find one another in this new space, become completely comfortable with the new level of emotional intimacy, and then pursue the relationship from there. If that means they need till season six, I'll still be on board with that, as long as they achieve it organically.

Carissa: Yes. They remain quirky and at odds enough that their relationship would remain contradictory and fresh. That's all they need. Not to let it get all lovey dovey and romantic and mushy. Be true to the characters and it would work out beautifully.

Courtney: I’m not sure that they should get in a full fledged relationship this season, but there must be advances. I could settle for a crazy one night stand turning into some sneaking around together or I would even be ok with a real first date.

Christine: Please yes. Maybe I shouldn't compare because I feel Castle is the better show but I feel as though Bones jumped the shark after season 4. That stalling the relationship between the main characters for too long simply leads to boring stories.  My fear is that if they delay their romance much longer it will begin to erode their chemistry.  I'd love to see them start dating mid-season. Maybe even hide it from the precinct for a while as they figure things out. It could be romantic and fun and still have moments of drama and best of all, it would be something we haven't seen before.


Rick Castle told Kate a "big fat" lie while standing at the foot of her hospital bed. Momentarily dazed near Kate, Rick tells Kate why he is staring at her, saying that "he didn't think he would see her again." Not true! Rick stares at Kate because he is overwhelmed with his love for her. Apparently he and Alexis have a running dialogue about Rick's "tell" which indicates he is lying or bluffing at poker; his nose twitches. The camera certainly zeroes in on Rick's nose twitch as he speaks his lie. With the many close ups of Rick available, I have never seen this. Rick was going to own his words of love, until Kate tells him she doesn't remember anything and some things are best not remembered. It is heart breaking to see Rick's sad, humbled, down-cast eyes, his swallowing, his hesitancy, his dejection and the rejection. Seeing him cut off, adrift, is painful to watch. What a testament to the great acting from the two leads, Stana and Nathan. One scene stands out for me, and it is the crux of "Rise." With the echoes of "Knockout" 3x24, still in my mind, I think of the last time Rick tried to tell Kate to walk away, that she wasn't fine, and then...their breakup. Now,in "Rise," once again, Rick's emotions, his hope, his love play upon his face, along with the trepidation that Kate will not listen. He must convince her to redirect herself and save herself from the edge of destruction, and from whose who would kill, knowing that shelving her mother's case, even for a while, denies their love a chance to thrive. Thus Rick's eyes search her face; his voice, hushed, and sometimes breaking, tells of his love, of his desperation to make her understand. She is so fragile and stressed, he fears to hurt her further. With hope and awareness, Rick asks her "to give it time; they will figure it out together...just not today." Everything in Rick's world hinges on her acceptance. Perhaps it is her secret knowledge of the depth of his love that grants her the peace, the honesty to listen to him and acquiesce. Responding to her fear that she will not know who she is if she doesn't find an answer immediately, Rick gives her an incredible gift with his words: "You are who you always were." And so in tune with her, Rick states what she needs to hear. Kate still "honors the victims" with compassion and solace as she has always done. She can get her bearings "by not letting them rob her of her life." Indeed what powerful writing, dialogue and acting. Considering the other emotionally-charged exchanges in this episode, I find this one the most draining, gut- wrenching, loving,and important of them all. Rick has her very survival riding on her accepting his guidance and not blasting him out of the water as our Kate has done before. Far more than any words, Kate's acceptance of Rick's advice speaks volumes to her trust in him, her need for him and for healing. This time she listens. Finally, in "Knockout" Kate and Rick's blowout centered on the word "enough." What do you do when your everything is not enough. And when Kate tells Rick, "It is not enough," I realized that nothing he did was enough and perhaps Kate was not enough. Amazingly, the word comes to play in "Rise." When Rick asks Kate for her thoughts on the day, she says,"It's not enough. But it is enough for now." It is a start. Smiling, Rick reminds Kate that the "walls inside won't be there forever." But there is turmoil written on Rick's face after Kate leaves. For right or wrong reasons, Rick is playing all sides against the middle, and fearing the outcome, the loss. But he will bear the pain and the fall-out because he can not bear to "lose her again." At home Alexis, the voice of his conscience, asks her dad two crucial questions: "Does she make you happy?"
"Yes, she does." Rick replies.
"Is it enough?" Alexis asks.
"It is enough for now." "Rise" shines with renewed hope, with reconciliation and with redemption.


I think that Rise was phenomenal as far the premieres go. It touched upon all the important aspects of Caskett relationship. For the last 2 season premieres, it was always Castle who had to do the chasing up to get back in to the precinct and play detective. This was really the first time, we saw Kate seek Castle out and make him come back. It also showed how Castle was more openly pissed that Kate had not contacted him for 3 months. (Remember last time round it was Kate who was angry but she was more subtle in questioning him). The relationship/bond between the two has grown stronger. Whether Beckett realizes it or not, she has never before lost control over her emotions in front of Castle but this time she does. She is at her vulnerable best. Stana Katic is not just beautiful but a fantastic actress and so is Nathan Fillion. These guys say so much with their eyes and their expressions. I am just crazy about the show and the characters have such depth. They have both evolved so much - Castle has become more mature and responsible and Kate has shown that she too, has a fun / wild side to her. They both have rubbed off each other. I am hoping for at least a kiss between the two. I do hope they get together this season. I would really like to see an episode where Kate helps Castle out emotionally and is basically "there for him". It happened just once before in the Final Nail. I am so happy that the show has started again. The wait was a long and arduous one. Read more:


"I'm secretly hoping that Alexis will be so fed up with seeing her Dad heartbroken that she'll step up at that point and tell Kate what all of this has done to her Dad. That could be a stellar moment between Kate and Alexis." YES!!! Oh how perfect that would be. Hmmm...I hope that Beckett's secret comes out first, because that would just be less complicated. I also think that if Castle is able to make some headway in her mom's case, she'll be more forgiving of him keeping it from her. He's trying to protect her life, and she's already come so close to being killed over this that MAYBE she'll understand. Or I can dream. I still think that this needs to be resolved and they need to be in a relationship of SOME sort by the end of this season. It would be hilarious if they were in a secret relationship...especially if we bring Ryan and Esposito into the mix, I can just imagine those two figuring it out and making them hella uncomfortable.


DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT pull a BONER aka BONES where they made em wait for 6 seasons, then Bones got knocked up without even a decent LOVE scene.
Stana is so good at acting she's made the character predictable it's pretty easy to see how it's going to go for S4.
New Captain hmmm give it a couple ep's before I make any judgements. :)
Castle is the one show I can come home to, sit down and totally relax while watching it. And I can't say that about any other show on TV so don't' MESS IT UP!!! I seriously hate love triangles and angst, people in my life don't have it and I don't expect my fav TV show to continue on with it.
oh and at the very end of the cartoon Ep where they watched the other couple kissing in the lift and she gave him the "I want you bad look" I thought he should have touched her when he said goodbye, not a sexual touch just a bump of their shoulders or a stroke on the back of her arm.
I heard that they made Kate up to look thin by over sized clothes and makeup etc dunno but I heard they were trying to make her look vulnerable as if she was getting over being shot in the chest. BTW where was the scar on her chest while doing the yoga bit?
That's me done for now ;)


I agree with Kactus-Kat, Stana is to thin. When you loose weight,it always shows first in your face, and Stanas upper body is thinner too. Wish her hair stylist would curl Stana's hair, I think that would make her look healthy and pretty. Also when Castle came over Becketts apartment uninvited and Beckett, was in her Yoga tights,there was no scar on her chest from the shooting. When motor cycle boy doctor performed emergency surgery on her it looked like he made an enormous incision. Maybe when you loose weight you heal faster!


YES!! Something needs to happen between Castle and Beckett this season. Three whole years (going on 4) of UST is plenty! People can only hang on so long without seeing some resolution, even if it's only a date or whatever. I trust the writers though. They are AMAZING! I have no doubt this season is going to be so awesome. :)


Brilliant scene setting for a deeper more meaningful Caskett relationship which is what Satle is about - it is a love story at its core. The superficial banter was becoming tiring and increasingly frustrating as both struggled to covey their true feelings. At least now, the potential is there for a maturing of their relationship, with some of the lighter more funnier moments thrown in. This is the sort of intensity that will attract Emmy nominations - BEST PREMIERE EVER!!!


-The swingset scene was definitely the favorite. Loved that Castle said how hurt he was and how Kate tried to describe why she can't move forward just yet. Then how she prods Castle into coming back...even though he's still angry. -Kind of wish we'd seen Josh's last stand but we've never really seen much of him. I really wanted Castle to hug Kate at her apartment but maybe they were both still too raw for that. -I didn't mind Gates. As long as her interference pulls Castle and Beckett closer together, I'm good. -I don't care which one comes out first as long as we get to a point where they are honest with one another. -The MUST get together this season. I don't think I can wait much longer. If they don't things can start to get dull and repetitive. I can't wait to see some Rick and Kate romance.


Gosh, is it just me that really can't see Beckett and Castle as a couple? Beckett if we look at Josh and Demming seems to be attracted to tall slim serious type guys. I'm sure it must be just me, but I thought the genuine feelings of Josh and Demming for Kate were so tender and loving. I prefer that to Castle's easily running to other women. It won't be long before his ILY Kate will seem so vain when he chases after the Kristen Lehman character as the Art insurance officer! Kate's relationships even though Castle accused of them being meaningless, were FAR more meaningful than Castles one nighters or fickle dalliances with any woman within his sight range. Maybe she didn't deeply love them, but Kate did really care for them! Can the same be said for Castle and his female trysts? Leopards/spots anyone? Castle has many endearing things going for him, especially his love for his Mom and daughter, nice to see, but I see Kate and him more as brother/sister type thing. Just my opinion though, so sorry if I offend anybody, I am not trying too! I quite like Captain Gates! Yes she enforces the rules, but she is just doing her job. Loved loved loved Montgomery, but he did the job in a different way that's all. Somebody asked why Josh wasn't at the funeral, maybe he was, maybe he was the sniper - now wouldn't that be a turn up for the books? I mean maybe he was doing more in his often trips away than Kate realised. How did he suddenly come in to her life - that question begs an answer doesn't it? To me Josh didn't seem too disturbed or emotional when he saw Kate after they removed the oxygen mask. His giving Castle a hard time and blaming him for Kate's shooting was to deflect his own blame perhaps. Hahaha - the mind boggles. Looking forward to this season, and hope Beckett gets all the loving she deserves!


Nice to see this is back! What sort of surprised me was the way they handled the envelope. There was a lot of speculation that Montgomery mailed the envelope to Castle, which would have been a much bigger secret to keep. I like that there's this new tangible figure involved with the conspiracy, and that Castle doesn't really KNOW anything. He doesn't know who killed Beckett's mom, or shot at her. He doesn't know who the information being held would effect. All he knows is that if Beckett keeps digging "they" will have her killed. It's still a secret he's keeping, but not as bad as him having the actual information on the conspiracy itself. Also, and this was a small thing, the fact that they explained WHY Beckett was shot was helpful. Montgomery said he'd ensured her safety, yet the shooting happened. The guy explained that he'd gotten the package late. If he'd gotten it on time, they would have left Beckett alone - and Beckett would have thought everyone involved was killed that night at the hanger. It seems like a small detail, but I really appreciate that the writers take time for details that really keep the story together. A lot of shows will do big splashy moves and then never give a plausible reason why they had to occur. I've read a few comments about wanting to see the breakup between Beckett and Josh, but I didn't think it was nessecary. I mean, we saw so little of the relationship to begin with. He was always just a hunky buffer anyway. All that really mattered to me was that he was no longer a factor. Her telling Castle about why she broke up with Josh was far more important. I felt the way she explained how she'd really "liked" him was part of the aftermath of the fight she and Castle had before Montgomery's death. It felt like she was conceding to everything Castle had said to her that night. Yes, she hides in relationships with men she doesn't love. Yes, she doesn't know who she is exactly. The whole think about the walls inside her, that entire monologue all basically refers back to the stuff Castle threw at her that night. She may not have spoken to him, but clearly he's been on her mind. I like the Captain in the sense that I think the friction is a good shake up. Beckett is used to being able to do pretty much what she wants, and now she can't. Being that she's still very on edge I think being forced to strictly follow the rules could actually be good for her. Also, it gives Castle and Beckett something to bond over. I'm hoping they don't just make her a mean, spiteful boss. As annoying as she was, Gates was basically right about everything she said. The competitive thing was interesting also. Beckett has never shown any ambition beyond being where she is, I assume because it was always about her mom's murder. I'm wondering how that will play out. Gates might soften a bit when she realizes Beckett doesn't want her job! As for the relationship thing...Bones was mentioned. Season six was mentioned. I'm going go way back to the X-files. No matter how great the chemistry is between the actors, I don't think keeping two people apart for more than five seasons works. For an audience it just stretches crediblity too far. Especially since basically every season creates more intimacy and history. If nothing moves forward in that time it takes away the importance of those moments because they never change anything. After a while it becomes The Peter and Wolf syndrome, and the whole relationship depiction seems stupid and contrived. Likewise, if you then go and break that chain of history and intimacy with a major reset, you can't build on it anymore. You have to start over, and your audience has lost the investment put into the original story - and are usually just angry and fed up. I think the problem is that there's this idea that once characters get involved everything's supposed to go smoothly. They admit their love, fall into bed, and then make goo-goo eyes at each other for the rest of the seasons. Relationships usually don't work out like that. You are more often than not working through issues while IN the relationship. Throwing Castle and Beckett into more romantic parings at this point just dilutes everything they've gone through - and makes Castle's declaration of love seem less deep. What I would really like to see is them start moving forward even though things aren't perfect. Beckett clearly wants to be able to try with Castle. With everything she's gone through, it seems to be one of things she knows for sure is that it's Castle she wants to bring those walls down for. She's sure as heck not trying to get better for Josh! It doesn't mean it's going to happen quickly or smoothly, they've got tons of complications. However, they love each other, and want each other. I think seeing more physical examples of that aspect starting to break through this season would be good.

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