Castle Round Table: "Rise"

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Beckett remembers... everything.

This revelation, along with a brand new captain, has given Chandel Charles, Carissa Pavlica, Courtney Morrison and Christine Orlando plenty to discuss in relation to Monday's Castle season premiere. So let's get right to it, shall we? As always, reader feedback is encouraged on the following Round Table topics...


What was your favorite scene?
Chandel: Castle coming to see Beckett in the hospital. It was a bit bittersweet given that she claimed she didn't remember the "I love you," but the way he looked at her when he saw her, the flower shop joke, it all hinted at the innocent playfulness that's always made Castle and Beckett's relationship so special. Which means that a corresponding favorite moment for me was Kate's appearance and the book signing and the resulting conversation on the swings.

Carissa: When Castle used his pull in high places to get back into the precinct. That they even pretended to kick him out was ridiculous.

Courtney: Castle’s book signing! He seemed so lost signing away his books until Kate showed up. “You can make it out to Kate.” Me = heart melting.

Christine: How can I choose just one? The opening sequence was so dramatic and Lanie was wonderful. Watching Castle's face fall when Beckett said she didn't remember was heartbreaking. I also loved that Castle was angry with her for her three month absence and told her so instead of sulking in silence.

Castle RT - depreciated -

What surprised you the most and was there anything they didn't cover that you wished they had?
Chandel: How doggedly Beckett was ready to continue pursuing her mother's murder. Now it's not just about her mother, it's about Kate getting shot and has become even more personal. I also think it's really interesting that she chose to continue seeing a therapist. It certainly adds a new element in that she is almost asking for help to work through everything rather than being stubborn enough to think that her emotions can be worked through on her own. We've seen how well that's gone.

Carissa: I wish I could say something surprised me, but it didn't. As Castle goes, it was pretty predictable. They rarely come up with something like they did in the finale.

Courtney: I have to agree, not much surprised me at all. If I had to pick, it would be a tie between Josh having more than one line or that Kate pretended to forget the shooting in the first place.

Christine: What surprised me was that for as many secrets as they kept, they were still more open than they normally would be, like Castle calling Kate on her emotional free fall and her admitting that her walls need to come down. But I do wish we had seen Becket break up with Josh. That would have been satisfying.

What did you think of the new Captain and the new dynamic at the 12th precinct?
Chandel: I think there are going to be a lot of secrets permeating the daily goings on of the precinct. It's going to cause a lot of tension as Castle, Beckett, Esposito and Ryan continue to walk on egg shells. It certainly adds a new element to the show. I also think it's interesting that she prefers to be referred to as "sir." How disconcerting.

Carissa: Hate the new Captain. I'm so sick of new leaders always coming into situations that are prickly and nasty. Why didn't they choose a different way to go and bring in someone that would actually fit in and be liked?

Courtney: Like everyone, my first instinct is to hate her. I mean, let’s be serious, there is no replacing Roy Montgomery. But on the other hand, I’m a little intrigued. This gives a challenge to the detectives and although she seems on the outside now, I’m pretty sure she will end up being a friend by seasons end.

Christine: I know I'm in the minority but I liked her.  She's going to shake things up and I think everyone having a common foe will only strengthen the bond between Castle, Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito.

Any guesses on whose secret comes out first (Castle's information about the conspiracy, Beckett remembers his "I love you) and what the consequences will be?
Chandel: I would prefer not to speculate given that both of them have begun lying to one another straight out of the gate. I think they are both going to come to blows about something, maybe even another secret entirely, that's going to cause another agonizing tension between them. I would just like things to get back to a new normal for a while before we find the two in heartbreaking conflict again. 

Carissa: I think Beckett will acknowledge his love, and then he'll reveal what he knows about the conspiracy and any love will be lost because he, again, held information from her.

Courtney: I’m hoping that Beckett’s secret comes first just because I want it addressed now!

Christine: I'm hoping Kate's comes out first because she's willing to move forward. Castle will be more willing to forgive her for the lie if she's willing to explore their relationship. She's going to feel completely betrayed when she finds out what he's hiding from her. I'm secretly hoping that Alexis will be so fed up with seeing her Dad heartbroken that she'll step up at that point and tell Kate what all of this has done to her Dad. That could be a stellar moment between Kate and Alexis.

Do you think Castle and Beckett should finally start a romantic relationship this season?
Chandel: No, I think Kate needs to get her bearings back first. Castle and Beckett were in a really tense place during the premiere, so I think they need some time to get back to the way they were--if they ever will. With an "I love you" hanging out there, their relationship has already jumped to another level from where it was in season three. I think they need to find one another in this new space, become completely comfortable with the new level of emotional intimacy, and then pursue the relationship from there. If that means they need till season six, I'll still be on board with that, as long as they achieve it organically.

Carissa: Yes. They remain quirky and at odds enough that their relationship would remain contradictory and fresh. That's all they need. Not to let it get all lovey dovey and romantic and mushy. Be true to the characters and it would work out beautifully.

Courtney: I’m not sure that they should get in a full fledged relationship this season, but there must be advances. I could settle for a crazy one night stand turning into some sneaking around together or I would even be ok with a real first date.

Christine: Please yes. Maybe I shouldn't compare because I feel Castle is the better show but I feel as though Bones jumped the shark after season 4. That stalling the relationship between the main characters for too long simply leads to boring stories.  My fear is that if they delay their romance much longer it will begin to erode their chemistry.  I'd love to see them start dating mid-season. Maybe even hide it from the precinct for a while as they figure things out. It could be romantic and fun and still have moments of drama and best of all, it would be something we haven't seen before.


I went yesterday and bought the 3rd Season CD's. I have all 3 now.
I'm a little worried about Beckett also. She is a beautiful person and I don't want anything to happen to her.


I don't like the new captain - she needs to be in boot camp!
I love all the cast of Castle.
I would have like to see Beckett and Josh break up - I didn't like him, he was to assuming and cocky.
I want Beckett and Castle become a part of his family (his daughter and mother).
I like Beckett's dad - he protrays a loving caring father.
Cannot wait to see who Castle's dad is!


I've been a fan of CASTLE since the very 1st episode, and maybe that's why I'm noticing a very very VERY shocking thing happening to the actress, Kate Beckett, on the show this season!!!!! Has anyone else noticed she's looking VERY anorexic? The 1st season she looked healthy, last season she looked a bit thinner, and THIS season! Her cheeks are sunken in, her arms were bones in her turtleneck top she had on in the first scene, and when she turned sideways for another scene, she was ALL bones!!! I am not sure I can watch the show anymore. :( It seriously made me ill, and my hubby even noticed how fragile she is looking physically! I will be writing the show & mentioning it to them. It's time these networks clamp down as hard they do on skinny actresses as they do on overweight ones. She is seriously in a bodily decline!


My favorite scene has to be a tie between the swings and close the end when Castle told Beckett "will figure it out, that wall inside won't be in there forever" I can't say much of anything surprised me. I wish that there had Castle had hugged Beckett when she broke down I don't really like the new captain. She comes off as kind of a b* sometimes and I hate the way she wants everyone to call her sir. I don't know who's secret will come out first im hoping Castle's secret does since his is possibly the bigger secret, that being said I hate that they are lying to one another they are supposed to be getting closer and big lies like this will only tear them apart I'm afraid. I don't think Castle and Beckett should date at least not anytime soon. They both have major issues (AND LIES) that they need to work through.


-I thought Knockout was the best episode of the series but this may have topped it. The opening scene was so intense and they made Kate look like she was on death's door. Loved it. -I did have a question...why wasn't Josh at the funeral? He couldn't manage one morning off of work to be there for his girlfriend? I did wish for a hug during the apartment scene but I think they were both so fragile that if they had the walls would have come tumbling down and neither are ready just yet. -I've always liked the actress (24,DS9) so I didn't hate Gates and an annoyed Beckett, irritated Castle, flustered Ryan, and determined Esposito are so much fun to watch. -Let Kate come clean first because she wants to try dating. I love it when these two are honest with one another. -YES, YES, YES! Can the writer's be bribed? I too watched Bones and got really bored after season 4. They kind of blew it with that ship in my opinion. Castle IS the better show so I have a lot of hope they'll get it right.


I thought the show was a dud. Very disappointed in it. Seemed like everything was off the mark. Script was all over the place. Make-up made everyone look OLD. On top of everything, they introduce an unpleasant new character. They almost lost me and I love this show! Please go back to the old banter and flirting, but figure out how to keep Castle & Kate in a dynamic relationship. This season premier felt like a death knell. Finish with Kate's Mom's story line & find something new & interesting.


My favourite scenes were the ones with Alexis. Her standing up for as well as standing up to her father shows real growth in that character. Always love their father/daughter moments and hopefully there will be plenty more of those (be it more lighthearted funny moments)in this season. Only the first episode, but I am hooked all over again...


-The whole episode was so good how can you choose just one? But the book signing and the swingset scene may have surpassed the rest. I can't get enough of Kate and Rick having honest conversations where they actually say what they're thinking and feeling. -I was surprised Castle didn't hug her when she started to fall apart in her apartment. Damn. I really wanted to see a hug. -It's not so much that I like Gates but I like her effect on the team. Ryan being so paranoid is cute and it even looks like Esposito has stepped up his game. Plus Kate can no longer pretend she doesn't want Castle there because Gates would use it as an excuse to get rid of him. -I'd love to see Kate get to the point where she's honest with him. I'd be glued to the screen. -YES! The delays can't last forever. They are closer than they've ever been but that only makes me want to see the real thing all the more.




1. Hard to choose a favorite scene when the entire episode was made of awesome. I'll say Castle and Josh nearly coming to blows and Alexis nearly jumping in on it.That girl loves her father.
2.Can't say anything surprised me but I'll say Castle pointblanking Kate.He's a sweet guy, but I also love when he's ballsy enough to be blunt.He wont take crap,even from her.
3.I'm dying to see both secrets unravel sooner then later.
4.I kinda, sorta like what Gates offers. necessary tension and structure.
5. Caskett is progressing enough where I dont feel disappointed that they arent technically together. You see the growth..they see it too, but Im not entirely bored with the inbetween stage...yet.

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