Eureka Review: "One Small Step"

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Jack and Henry raced to stop parts of GD (and Eureka) from being melted this week, due to exposure from genetically altered bat guano, while we took "One Small Step" towards the Astraeus launch.

Pop quiz: If you lived in Eureka, how long would it take you connect an exorbitant amount of poop on your car in the morning with returning and finding it melting just a couple of hours later? My wife and I put it together in about 45 seconds. Okay, I put it together in about 45 seconds. She only needed 35.

Lab Problems

Given Jack's intelligence, I find it impossible he wouldn't instantly have thought of the crap he found on car as a possible suspect for it melting. Especially since it happened when Taggart was around.

Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to see Taggart back in Eureka, I've missed him as a regular and always enjoy seeing Matt Frewer’s quirky characterback in the mix. But given that the last time we saw Taggart the entire town was shrinking, shouldn’t he have been the first suspect?

Of course, having genetically altered bats whose poop created an acid gave us no end of potty humor (sampled in our
Eureka quotes section). If nothing else, hearing Jack yell “Holy crap, bat man!” made my inner-five-year-old giggle.

While I could ride along quietly with the idea of it taking the residents of Eureka (or should I say, Jack) a while to figure out that Taggart’s bats were involved with things melting, the plot I couldn’t get behind was the idea that Methane gas on Titan was corroding through Andy.

See, I remember from high school chemistry that Methane is not corrosive. Also, keep in mind they haven't mentioned a concern with Methane dissolving any of their gear previously. Maybe Jaime Paglia and his team were trying to tie the two plots together by having items being dissolved/melted on Earth as they raced to prevent Andy from being melted/dissolved on Titan. 

In reality, the biggest danger on Titan for machines is the cold. SARAH seemed to be the only one who figured it correctly when she mentioned that Andy's skin was not built for the temperatures on Titan. 

This does bring me to the redeeming quality of this episode: the adorable romance between Andy and SARAH. I enjoyed the delicately weaved story of one (or both) of them being on the verge of being destroyed and not getting to say goodbye to each other. It’s the stuff classic romance movies are made of; Andy and SARAH could have easily been Bogart and Hepburn.

Given that the first episode in July opened with Andy and SARAH about to tie the knot, but getting cold feet, it seemed appropriate to bring that full circle and have them both relay a message through Jack for the other one. 

Lastly, I’m about ready to throw in the towel on Jo and Zane. I can’t figure out which way they are heading. I thought they were becoming friends with benefits, then he was all mad about her dropping out so it looked like that indicated real emotions. Then, she says they are only friends and that is more than they were before. Huh? 

Zane, can you just propose already so she knows how you really feel? If you can’t see that look in her eye that says she would move Heaven and Earth for you, you’re not as smart as I thought you were. 

Next week is the big launch for the Astraeus, as Season 4.5 comes to an end, and yet another summer romance comes to a close: our love affair with Eureka. 


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OMG I can't believe I missed that one... I will get it added!


Re: quotes. . .You forgot Holly (to Parrish): 'First alternate is still an amazing achievement. It's like. . .you're almost a winner'


Hooray for Taggart! One can never have too much Taggart. I wasn't thrilled with the way Taggart and Jo's alternate past was smoothed over so quickly. There should have been a bit more drama involved. Then again, Taggart is not the type to dwell on something like that. Still... Endearing storyline surrounding SARAH and Andy. Were Andy's pajamas printed with little Space Invaders aliens? Is Dr. Parrish finally, totally out of the picture for the Astreus mission? It seems like it. Although I wouldn't bet my guano collection on it.


Horribly predictable. There've been more complicated episodes where they tried different things to fix the problem of the week with varying speed, this eason evening. Writers be ashamed.


I can't understand why this show is being cancelled. It seems that every time I find a show that I really like it gets cancelled. Can someone please explain this to me.


Jo and Zane need to get it together! They are both so afraid of committing. At least Zane had the courage to ask if she would wait for him. Of course she will! Why not just tell him that? Because of Taggart? Come on! In the other relationship story of the night (besides Jack and Allison, who I've just decided to believe will be together no matter what), S.A.R.A.H and Andy are adorable. I love how Jack was uncomfortable with Andy sleeping over, although it was mean what he said about them not being human. He turned that thinking around though, when faced with the possibility of losing Andy and Andy and S.A.R.A.H saying goodbye.


I love Eureka!! The best plot in this one was definetly Andy & SARAH!!! I actually got misty eyed!! lol :o) So sorry they cancelled this after next season!!! :o( Gonna miss them!!!

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