Revenge Review: The Next Victim

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Revenge just keeps getting better, as Emily set her sights on her next victim this week.

It looks like Uncle Bill sold out her dad - and we all know what happens when someone makes that mistake. He may have even outed David's affair with Victoria and then he testified against him in a terrorist case in order to save his own skin.

So the one thing we can "Trust" is that Uncle Bill is going down. I can't say I didn't enjoy that, being he's such an arrogant ass. Who has a giant Man of Steel/Superman picture in his office? He certainly thinks highly of himself. Unfortunately for him Emily, brought along her own kryptonite. 

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Of course, it doesn't take much. Bill's a gambler at heart and can't resist a sure thing. When he believes that the little birdie whispering in Emily's ear is Nolan Ross, well, that's just the bait he can't resist. He doesn't see the hook until it's so far in he can't get it out. Bill's company is ruined, his money is gone. Emily's work here is done.

I'm surprised that last week's victim, Lydia, keeps calling Conrad, but it appears she doesn't have many options. She's going to lose everything. If you're getting a divorce and you have a fidelity clause in your pre-nup, perhaps you shouldn't be sleeping around. 

Poor Declan. Getting his butt kicked by Charlotte's moronic boyfriend came as no surprise, although did he really need to bring three of his friends to beat up the kid? He's already twice his size. The one saving grace is that we know from the time jump that Declan eventually gets the girl.

I keep wondering how many unique skills Emily possesses. We didn't see how she did it but she must have broken into both Nolan's car and Bill's office. I can't wait to find out where she learned to do that.

Victoria and Emily are well-matched adversaries. Victoria's going to keep digging until she finds something and we get to see how well Emily has covered her tracks. I'm guessing pretty darn well because she eventually ends up engaged to Daniel.

It's hard to tell if Emily really cares for Daniel or if he's just another mark. Emily VanCamp hinted in this TV Fanatic interview that it's the former, I suppose we'll have to wait and see for sure. He seems like a decent guy despite his past and his family. Knowing where he ends up, I'm beginning to develop some sympathy for him.

The more I watch of Revenge, the more I want to see. So, batter up, Emily. Who's your next victim? Perhaps the trailer for "Betrayal" will give fans an idea. Watch now!


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part three in my little sereis about the CM Workshop (part one is here, and part two here), we worked on both seeing and using existing light, and also manipulating light


@Adele: The song is called Avenue by danish singer Agnes Obel


This is an awesome show! I love it! It's so addicting and Emily's character is fantastic! We should have a forum for revenge!


@ren: So, Emily bought some shares/stocks from Nolan's phone company. Well, A lot which kinda increase the price of the stocks. Uncle Bill saw this and did the same, buying all the stocks.
At the end, it's all a part of Emily's trick so Bill bought useless stocks and lost all his money and his company.


can someone please explain how emily was able to ruin bill? I know she bought a phone company or something.. I didn't really get that part, i'm kinda young so i get confused with the whole money thing. thx!!! :)


I can already tell that Revenge is going to be a great series. Emily has so many unseen talents that people dont know about, thats what I like about the show so far. I do have a question though.
The song that's being played in the background at the end of the episode "Trust" while Emily is talking... what's the name of the song?

Saad khan

best new show so far..


Well now we know Emily/Amanda went to the same skills school as --A from Pretty Little Liars... And well she est that good, I know how to do that and better... but I really like how they actually show how she does things.


This show is fantastic. The ratings fell off a bit from the first episode. But, ABC had better not cancel this show. Almost everyone who's seen it loves it, based on the responses of people on blogs. ABC has a real winner on their hands. And I'll be furious if I don't see what happens with Emily's plot for revenge. As well as her relationship with Jack and Sammy. However, the show needs to recast the Declan character ASAP. The actor who plays him is awful, and completely unbelievable in the role.


I LOVE THIS SHOW! I thought this is one of those gossip girl shows, but clearly it's in a league of its own. The pilot was way too good for me, that I watched it 3 times! Emily is such a great actress.

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