Revenge Round Table: "Trust"

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You can only trust yourself. That was the message Emily relayed to viewers this week on another intriguing episode of Revenge.

How did her plot to destroy another enemy compare to last week's? How much chemistry is there between her and Jack? Do you like Nolan Ross? Our Revenge Round Table team of Christine Orlando, Leigh Raines and Dan Forcella tackle these issues below...


Emily's revenge on Bill: More or less impressive than last week?
Christine: More impressive. I loved her takedown of "Uncle Bill" partly because he was so arrogant and also because he was a personal friend of her dad's who then turned on him. And for some reason that giant Superman picture over his desk really bugged me.

Leigh: More impressive for sure. In fact, I'd say about $2 billion more impressive. Lydia was just about exposing a cheater, child's play compared to the takedown of an entire company.

Dan: I’m with you both on how awesome this was, but I might give the edge to the Lydia revenge if only because it was Emily’s first action. Now she’s in a groove and it probably came a bit easier to her.

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Better Porter: Declan or Jack?
Christine: I don't feel a connection to Jack yet. He seems like a good guy but his character simply hasn't clicked for me. I do want to know how he ended up with Amanda's dog, though. However, Declan's poor boy/rich girl storyline is growing on me. I'm waiting to see how he eventually wins over Charlotte.

Leigh: Tough call. As I mentioned before, I like Connor Paolo in Declan's role, but I think I'm going with Jack on this one. Jack's story hasn't unfolded yet and that intrigues me. He's the strong, silent, sexy type. Plus he's got that dog. Who can resist the man with the dog?

Dan: Isn’t it a given that guys on television named Jack are awesome? (Bauer, Shephard, Donaghy) I don’t see that trend changing on Revenge, as Jack Porter has definitely given me reason to want to find out more about him.

Nolan Ross: Fun, quirky helper? Or irritating annoyance?
Christine: Quirky helper.  I like Nolan. He's the outsider who wants to fit in but I don't think he'll bend too much to do so. I don't think Emily trusts anyone but I'm hoping to see her work with Nolan more in the future.

Leigh: Even though Nolan gives me the heebee jeebies, I would say quirky helper. Emily needs an ally, even if she doesn't think so. Nolan was instrumental in the takedown of Bill. He also saved the house for Emily. She can't be everywhere at once.

Dan: Yeah, it might be difficult for her, but she needs to let someone in. Whether that is Nolan or somebody else, she can’t do this alone, as this week’s episode proved.  The show would basically be over if Nolan hadn’t stepped in to buy the beach house.

Knowing Daniel's fate and that Declan gets the girl 12 weeks from now, does it make their journeys less interesting?
Christine: No, I find them more interesting. I'm very curious about the journey. Does Emily start to care about Daniel? Or is this just one big ploy on her part? And does she have anything to do with him being shot? Will Daniel live or die? I'm hooked.

Leigh: Definitely more interesting. Now I want to know what happens, in the middle, that much more. At some point, the switch was flipped and that's usually the most exciting moment to see!

Dan: I agree... to a point. At the same time, though, I wonder what this show would have been like if it started with “Five months ago” and Daniel’s shooting came as a huge surprise. It might have been more exciting.

How much chemistry was there between Emily and Jack on the porch, on a scale of 1 to Fire?
Christine: I might be in the minority but I'm not feeling it. I feel more chemistry between her and Daniel. Emily keeps her real emotions buried. She obviously feels a connection with Jack but I don't think she's willing to be distracted from her goal. I'd rate their current chemistry as a 4 and we'll see where it leads.

Leigh: I'm still sweating from that scene. Daniel Grayson is hot, but these two together are en FUEGO. I feel like Jack had a sense it was Amanda in a soul mate kind of way. It takes a lot of chemistry to make a short scene, with that few lines, so emotional.

Dan: I’m with Leigh on this one. I really wanted to jump through my TV and scream at them to make out already.


I'm predisposed to like Jack because he was Kyle Valenti on Roswell :)


I love Nolan!!! I think his character is not as annoying as others do. He is cute and sweet and needs friends is all. I'll take you Nolan! :)


Emily's revenge on Bill: More or less impressive than last week?
We are speaking of bringing a whole company down and causing a wide-world television's news. Last time I check, Lydia's spiral downward didn't even make the local papers. Better Porter: Declan or Jack?
So far, it's Declan. I'm a sucker for Connor Paolo, thanks to Gossip Girl, but I think Jack's been too underdeveloped. Give him something to do and maybe he will grow on me. Nolan Ross: Fun, quirky helper? Or irritating annoyance?
He's not fun, yet he's not that irritating. He just kinda seems there to help Emily. But it's great to watch that someone got Emily's back. Knowing Daniel's fate and that Declan gets the girl 12 weeks from now, does it make their journeys less interesting?
Nah. Daniel turned out to be such a sweetheart. Will Emily really play a part of the shooting? And no comment to Declan's story. It's awkward. How much chemistry was there between Emily and Jack on the porch, on a scale of 1 to Fire?
More like Ice. Are the writers really trying to make them a couple? Because I don't feel any chemistry at ALL.


Bill deserved that!i guess it's someone else who shot Daniel on the beach! love seeing more Emily/Jack chemistry scene!!

Sally kate ford

agreed with Christine about everything!!!!


Just decided to try out this show online, and I watched both episodes back to back. Man am I hooked. Loving it. And you know how sometimes you watch a show and you see plot holes and get annoyed and wonder why the writers did something? Not so in this show so far. Everything is clear cut; everything makes sense; there is no loophole. I can't wait for the next episode. This show has put every new one I have begun to watch, a notch down, cause it's now at the top of my list.


I'm not convinced it's Daniel who gets shot on the beach. We never see his face. Sure, it might be him, but I'm betting it's someone else.


Loving this show. Being a romantic I definitely felt a chemistry between Emily and Jack, after all he named his boat Amanda.


1. Both Take Downs were great... I loved the ingenuity behind each one, so its a tie for me at the moment.. lets see what happens next... 2.Jack Porter: I am intrigued by how he can go from being the nice boy next door to killer. 3. Nolan is the wild card for Emily, she needs to keep him close but also beware that he can bring her down. 4. It makes the journey enjoyable to know what happens and enjoy how it gets there. 5. I think that they bought have good chemistry, but Emily is trying to suppress amanda and amanda like jack. Emily just wants revenge, don't think that will be on the cards.


and nothing about devilish Madeleine Stowe :) ? She's my fav character, she's perfect for her character :)

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