The Mentalist Review: Psychotic Soulmates

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The Mentalist is back for season four and "Scarlett Ribbons" starts off with Jane in prison, Lisbon nursing a gunshot wound and Grace with really great hair.

Poor Patrick. The police find no gun or cell phone on Red John. Is he losing his mind? Even he has to wonder, as his colleagues are definitely questioning his mental status. To their credit, they don't give up on him. Of course, there's a bit of self-preservation in that. Bertram is looking to hang the entire team out to dry. If Jane was justified in shooting this man, proving it may save them all.

A Visit from Lisbon

I'm surprised Lisbon seems so undisturbed that Patrick shot and killed a man, even if it is Red John. She's always seemed so set on convincing him to bring the serial killer to justice, not exact his own. Perhaps it's that there's nothing she can do about it now or maybe it's that she's determined to save her friend from a life in a prison cell, but I somehow expected more of a judgmental attitude from her.

And only Patrick Jane can find a high stakes poker game in prison on a whim. Although I have to wonder why he needed it. If he has a home in Malibu and a couple of million dollars worth of specialty cars, can't he come up with the bail on his own? My only explanation is that this was more expedient and simply more fun.

As for the rest of the team, Grace keeps telling everyone she's fine. She's obviously not. As Cho says, "Two days ago you shot and killed your fiance. You can't be fine."  She's hanging on by a thread and old flame Rigsby doesn't seem to know how to help her or he may be scared to get too close. Hard to tell if this will bring these two back together or drive them further apart. Either way, I expected more from him.

On a side note, Lisbon now drives a Volt which I find refreshing given that every other character on TV is driving a Prius. It's nice to see some diversity in green transportation. I just hope she wasn't taking too many of those amazing pain killers while she was driving.

Timothy Carter's wife is just creepy from moment one. Who lets their husband's murderer stay for tea?  But the woman being held captive in the basement was still a complete surprise.

I think the jury finding Jane not guilty is highly plausible. Given Jane's story and the fact that Carter had kidnapped and held a woman captive in his basement, I'd probably let him go, too.

This whole ordeal appears to have brought Jane and Lisbon closer together and that's always a plus. I love that the Red John story can still continue. I've seen some shows start to lose their way as they hit season four. I'm happy to say that so far, The Mentalist seems to be as entertaining as ever.

** For a look at what's ahead, view this trailer for next week's The Mentalist now!


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I always wondered how a jury can say someone is not guilty even if all evidence say it is so.


I just started watching the show last month,but really love the show.I think that waiting for five seasons to catch Red John is a bit much.Catch him move on to another antagonist already.


I thought last season's finale was the best finale of any show last season. I was really looking forward to the opener. THEY BLEW IT!!!!! I was so disappointed with the end of the opener and keeping the Red John story alive. I'M DONE WITH THE MENTALIST!!!!! My hope now is that Red John kills the entire team and leaves Patrick alive to live with the guilt because somehow his actions cause their death. Actually enjoyed Prime Suspect on NBC.


Just to respond to a couple of posts that have expressed wonder that Jane would have a valuable classic car collection that would allow him to enter the jail poker game, HE WAS LYING!!! He's a con man & just wanted to get into the game that he knew he could win. Come on people, think about it!...


Patrick Jane grew up in a household of con artists. He was part of his family's criminal enterprise until his father went too far. But did he change? Not necessarily. Apparently, he still maintained his con as a psychic. This was evident on his appearance on the tv show where he profiled Red John. Apparently, he has no close personal relationships (out of grief? Possibly.) I would not call his relationship with Lisbon close as he frequently lies to her and angers her and nothing happens between the two beyond some banter.In working for CBI, he often breaks the law, manipulates people for his own ends, and comes across to many as somewhat charming. Recently, he killed someone, whom he thought was Red John. His only expressed remorse is that he felt regret for misleading the jury. He has committed murder and gotten away with it. He has not appeared to feel any real guilt and is ready to go on with his work with CBI. In this week's episode, it appears that his major concern will be to get back with the team he worked with as he has been reassigned. What does this say about Patrick Jane? He fits the criteria for being a psychopath. His moral compass is all screwed up (to take a line form The Shooter) and other than his work for CBI, which he finds entertaining and amusing, and his obsession with Red John for revenge, his life is rather empty and devoid of meaning. And we like the guy? Why?


*ditto* RJ was always an agonizing part of the show. Bringing him back is bad all the way around.


I'm new to this site. Looks like the place to complain about the season opener, so I registered. If I've been paying attention, Jane sleeps in the room above their office or on the sofa in the control room. He doesn't even have an apartment much less Malibu home. The Citroen was around in the 1960's when I lived in Southern California. Are they a vintage collectible? Anyway, after reading all of your intelligent, well thought out reviews
of the series, there isn't much for me to add. Like many of you I was ready to just quit watching. Boy was I upset about the new season opener. Now I am thinking that while Jane was in jail he also did a lot of thinking. The conclusion he came to is that is was not RJ he shot, but someone RJ sent in his place. The judicial system has on record that the Red John serial murderer is dead. If Patrick and his team find the real dude they will have to kill him, too. Then they better come up with a real good story, or hide the body in a zillion pieces with no trail and no report to file. I apologize if someone already made this observation.


this is the most ridicules review i have ever read. you find it refreshing they drive a volt when everyone drives a prius??? what planet are you on? what does that have to do with anything.
this show was so weak it was laughable. So when do criminal case get to trial in 4 days?? Lisbon still had her arm in a sling. An they let him go based upon his closing arguments? omg! i'm suprised he didn't get the electric chair!
somebody smack the writers. they need to get to work.


@ Sue Ann, I disagree with you when you say it would have been better for RJ that Jane was free, or to kill him. I believe that their "relationship" grew along the seasons: in the first Rj tried to kill Jane; in the second saved him, telling him in a subtle way they were connected; in the third he just tried to "honor their connection" making him suffer by killing his collegues or, at least, by sending him in jail. About all the critics on the way the RJ arc has been developed, I must say I'm not displeased. It was clear that this arc couldn't stop just with the death of this man: there were too much unsolved questions and religious implications to deal with. So I believe there were just two alternative ways to start the fourth season:
1) this was actually RJ, but his followers, a sort of evil cult, threaten Jane to seek vengeance for the death of their leader; 2) this wasn't RJ. I think the writers chose the easiest way to continue, and actually the better way for those who are critics with the fact that the RJ acr is still unsolved: now Jane has a motive to keep on working with the Cbi, RJ is still alive, and porbably the show will leave this arc on a side for a while, because everybody thinks that Rj is dead.


WAA WAAA they said it was RJ and it isnt waa waaa I feel used. OH, give me a break. Thing with this show it, anyone who has watched it from the start should know all is not as it seems with Red John. HECK, Bruno Heller himself refused to say whether or not it was RJ over the summer - the question was always there! IF you chose to subscribe to one answer or the other then that was YOUR choice! All I said all summer was 'maybe it was, maybe it wasn't' because I knew it could go either way, and have faith in the writers that it will be the right choice in the long run. Anyway to be perfectly honest all you fans, especially you using the term 'jumped the shark' (a mythical term up there with 'moonlighting curse' in that it is overused, particularly by those who can't back up their arguments, and no body is sure whether it actually exists) can just go away and either A) Not watch the Red John episodes or B) Not watch full stop. You're not needed tbh, only a small percentage of TM's fanbase is vocal online and even within that small percentage the majority of fans either loved the premiere, or didn't but have faith in where the writers may take us - you know like not judging the direction before we even see how it pans out?

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I'm happy to stay in jail for now. It'll give me a little time to think about things.