Castle Review: A Kiss for Kaye

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Well, well. Look who has a jealous side!

The latest installment of Castle, "Eye of the Beholder,” featured our favorite detectives trying to solve a murder... while at odds over guest star Kristin Lehman. There was also a kiss, Beckett opening up to her therapist and Martha trying to set up her son. So let’s waste no more time and get to it the rundown!

Serena Kaye... So the anticipated guest stint from Lehman stirred up quite the emotions at the precinct. I don’t know about you, but I loved watching Kate face off with another woman. Even though it never really turned into anything, Beckett held her ground and made it clear who she was. That is why she’s my girl. 

Kristin Lehman on Castle

Although I didn’t necessarily enjoy the appearance of Lehman, I did appreciate what she brought along with her. Kate admitted to her therapist that Serena’s situation with Castle was difficult on her and her envy was not well hidden. The best quote of episode?

“What are you really scared of? That he won’t wait for you or that he will?"

Loved it!

Another talented lady stopped by the set as a guest star, none other than Nan Flannigan Jessica Tuck. Even as the villain, Tuck kills it. I would watch her on any show, as as long as she heads back towards Bon Temps for the summer.

Who’s Falco?? This may have been one of the most realistic cases we have yet to see on this series. Twists and turns brought out the assistant, the wife, and the infamous Falco working together. I genuinely enjoyed it all. The writers really took the time to build up the layers, instead of twists that seemed irrelevant. Kudos to the staff.

Beckett, Why Do You Do This To Yourself? Kate admitted to her therapist that she is scared and that Castle having other relationships is difficult on her. The writers have been teasing the relationship to us for quite some time and have warned us that this is not something they plan on doing until the middle of next season. Even though I have the patience of a two-year old, I'm willing to wait if we can see the baby steps that took place tonight. Kate said she can’t be with anyone yet; she’s not ready. But at least she's taking the steps to get there, meaning the journey will be just as sweet.

It’s always fun when Beckett isn’t super serious. Loved that she casually dropped the fact to Castle that she modeled nude for an art class. These two make the best faces. Period. 

Extra Thought Each week I check out the comments you loyal viewers leave on the reviews. In the past couple episodes, I have found myself reading about Nathan Fillion’s weight gain. I couldn’t really see it, sometimes he looked bigger but you never know with clothing, lighting, etc. But tonight I noticed it. What is going on here??

Serena said it right, she can’t steal something that already belongs to someone else. Castle and Beckett are the end game, we know that.

Overall, a pretty great episode. Since Gates' appearance, she has become less annoying each week. This installment? Not annoying at all. I found myself almost hoping she would have more interactions with the other characters.

TV Fanatics, what did you think? Were you as pissed as Beckett at the appearance of Serena Kaye or is this someone you wouldn’t mind seeing again? Not a whole lot of screen time for Ryan and Esposito - what’s up with that? Sound off below, checking back for the Castle Round Table and enjoy the promo for next week's supernatural-based episode NOW.


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i love this ep!! Beckett finally express her jealousness of Castle's moment with another lady!! she's confused and angry with her shrink!! it's clearly that Castle was attracted to Kristin a little bit!! that's why he kissed her at the hotel!! we need more envious Beckett/Castle!!


The boys in the elevator scene killed me...


I for one was happy when finally seeing the kissing scene. They had previewed the kiss as if Rick was losing patience with Kate and had started to fall for the lady in the red dress. Instead we learned that he was just trying to protect Kate and Esposito. The part I loved the best was that instead of taking advantage of her being distracted and leaving, Kate made no attempt to do so and showed obvious distress at what she had just witnessed! And her reference to the kiss throughout the rest of the episode was obvious jealously -- YES! It even drove her to vent to her psychiatrist who let her know that her attempt to hide the fact that this was about her feelings for Castle was futile. I think we may be making baby steps in the right direction although I would appreciate some concrete evidence that they both know and acknowlege feelings for each other. I love the show and all of the main characters -- I'm even beginning to believe that Gates will eventually loosen up and become one of the gang -- yes, SIR, I do LOL! Next week's show looks like the kind that works really well for Kate and Rick and should allow for some humor. I love the way they are discovering that they have shared interests (the comic books for instance) which can't hurt a relationship. Well, so far I am not ready to show any discontent with Castle and I still get excited about Monday nights. Just please writers do NOT bring in any new love interests for either of them -- that is overplayed and at this point extremely annoying.


I love Castle! The jealousy regarding the kiss was hilarious! Not only did Castle get it from Beckett but also from Ryan & Esposito. It's funny that Martha is trying to fix Castle up with a student from her class. He should have simply said no thanks, I'm waiting for Beckett. The writers have said a romantic relationship probably won't happen for another season. So in the meantime I will enjoy Nathan Fillion, who looks great no matter what others are complaining about, until that day comes. I can't wait for next weeks episode! I ain't afraid of no ghost!


Just love this show and don't analyze it to closely just enjoy it


I think I'm projecting what I would do here but in actual fact I'd have got Rick to confront the whole "I love you" issue. There was a Ep in S1 where Kate shoved Rick back against the wall, maybe S1-1? Which made me do a double take and think that there is a heck of a lot of potential for these two so I jumped online and strongly suggested to the producers of Castle that they find an expert in the subtle art of body language and flirting and really teach them how to maintain sexual tension in a subtle manner because to my eye all they are doing is sharing looks which in only about 30% of true flirting. I could go deeper into it but space is limited and I wanted to comment about other things on here.
RE farscape being a very romantic program have to disagree there was a point where Aeryn and John in s3-1 confessed their love and Areyn made the classic angst statement "I love you but we mustn't act on it", at that point I thought WTF!! and stopped watching farscape because I knew that they were going to bounce these 2 around until the very end. Later I obtained the whole Farscape uncut boxed set when I was bedridden for 3 months and fanficed the entire series just out of boredom. RIP Areyn she stayed dead in S2 and I put John together with a sexy disruptor on the Royal Planet. I bought her back in s4 rebuilding her from a hair follicle. John also executed Scorpious after realizing that killing him resolved 99.9% of his wormhole problems.. But I digress.
Similar to the series Chuck I made C/S not even like each other emphasis on Chucks deep resentment at being forced into the lifestyle by Bryce only the producers listened to some of my suggestions later on about Chucks behavior.
My point being if the writers of Castle are going to ramp up the angst incorrectly and IMO they haven't tapped into the entire sexual play (flirting) between 2 people attracted to each other and continue to under develop the characters which is happening a bit now it's going to become boring.
There are still a lot of good things about Castle and I almost always get a good laugh and i can relax with the show but the 2 main characters need to address their sexual attraction and learn how to flirt especially Rick needs to take some direct action. Don't know if anyone noticed that Rick really needs to be pushed to confront Kate cite examples end of S3 confrontation and the whole shooting thing. He seems to have to have serious incidents before he even opens up. Kate needs to be not such a closed book as it's hurting her character.
Anyways I better end this before I get banned :)


I enjoyed the episode. i had to cover my mouth a few times from loud laughter. But i was NOT a fan of Kristin Lehman, she just didn't float mt boat. This episode was good but not my favorite. I'm very excited for the next episode! It has an x file feel to it... well at least i thought so from the preview, well maybe not really. but it will be great!


Why is Nathan's weight such an issue? I can understand if it was so noticeable to the point of being worrisome (like McGee in NCIS) but it isn't. What difference does it make? As a White Collar and Leverage fan, this episode was fun to watch. I loved the entire premise of the stolen art piece etc. It was fun seeing a jealous Kate and her coming to terms with her feelings, and subsequently Castle's awareness of her comingto terms with her feelings but not pressing matters either way. They both are in this inbetween stage that they understand but others (i.e Esposito and Martha) are curious about. The Elevator scene was fun and a classic. I too find myself completely accepting "Sir". It's nice having a boss who has the intimidation thing done and rocks the whole "being sent to the principal's office" when she calls anyone in. I'd love to see something involving Lainey more.

Frank lee meidere

October 18th, 2011 12:22 PM
Did anyone notice the 3 second elevator scene homage to John Landis with the "Girl from Ipanema" playing in the background as the SWAT team rode up the hotel elevator?
Yes. In fact, I just posted your question and my comment a moment ago in which I said I was sure it was an homage, but couldn't remember what movie it was from. And just as I hit enter, I saw you'd mentioned John Landis. Fortunately, something screwed up, so it didn't actually post. So what movie is it? It's bugging me! Is it that one where they shoot the dog? (Damn, my mind is gone senile on me -- I can't think of the title).


The episode was a tad confusing. And their relationship is something that is quite common in everyday life. all the baby steps, and the friendships, it is not a Hollywood pictured relationship that we are served nowadays.

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