Castle Round Table: "Eye of the Beholder"

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Welcome to another edition of the Castle Round Table!

In the following Q&A, panelists Jim Garner, Chandel Charles, Courtney Morrison and Christine Orlando delve into "Eye of the Beholder," the latest installment of this TV Fanatic favorite. Join in below, readers...


What was your favorite scene?
Jim: Michael Dorn as Dr. Burke working with Beckett over her feelings for Castle while Castle talks to his mother. The seemless back and forth was very well done. It ending with Burke asking his patient if she was more afraid of Castle waiting for her, or not waiting for her, was the icing on the cake!

Chandel: My favorite scene was Beckett talking with her counselor. It was a very emotional moment for her and it played really well with the interjection of scenes of Martha and Rick talking about Serena. I felt really engaged in the back and forth going on there.

Courtney: Obviously the ending was great with Beckett and Castle heading off to get burgers. But Kate being annoyed and jealous with her snarky one-liners was awesome. I dont know Castle, maybe she’ll kiss it out of him. Priceless.

Christine: There were so many it's difficult to nail down, but I loved Kate's reaction to finding them kissing. She really yelled when she saw them. Then the argument she and Castle have afterwards about Serena and his mock chocking her was hysterical.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Do you think Martha was right to push Castle to play the field?
Jim: I don't think she was pushing him to play the field as much as get off his ass and do something. Serena was an ideal catalyst for Beckett to realize how much Castle means to her. Martha is no dummy, she was working as a Castle catalyst from the other side.

Chandel: I am not sure what her aim was. She knows how Castle feels about Kate, knows he has professed those feelings and it's obvious he's crazy about her. I am not sure why Martha thought it appropriate to push him elsewhere when it's clear his heart is with Kate. Then again, he didn't seem to reject Serena's advances, so maybe Martha was right to suggest he explore other options.

Courtney: Martha definitely knows that Beckett is right for her son, but she also understands that it is right... right now. You can’t wait on someone forever and I think she was correct to give him a nudge to say hey there are other people out there. I mean he is a famous writer, it’s not like he's a nobody.

Christine: As much as I didn't like it I understood it. She want to see her son happy and he's moping a bit because he can't be with the woman he loves. Martha's a very seize the moment, love the one your with type. She's simply giving the best advice she knows how to give.

Was Kate giving out mixed signals to Castle and Serena? And is she more afraid that Castle won't wait for her, or that he will?
Jim: There was nothing mixed about the possessive "he's mine" vibe that Serena picked up on. Honestly, I thought she was going to say that very thing to Burke when he asked "what is he suppose to be?" - and she is way more afraid that he won't wait.

Chandel: Yes. She was jealous in his pursuit of Serena, but trying to let Castle do what he thought was best when asked. I'm not sure what she's afraid of. It's clear he is going to help her solve her mother's murder, no matter how complicated that's gotten, and it seemed to me like Castle was telling Kate he was going to wait in the season opener. So I think she was just blindsided when he appeared so attracted to Serena, and she spent the entire episode trying to pay them both back for their attraction. In the end, they did go out for a hamburger. That feels like a good sign.

Courtney: She pushes him away because she’s not ready but she doesn’t push him far enough that he wont be there for her. I think she is more afraid that he will wait for her because that shows just how much she means to him.

Christine: I think there's still a part of her that, despite everything that's happened, still remembers his playboy, chest signing days. She doesn't know Meredith cheated on him and left him. I think that as beautiful and smart as Kate is, she thinks she's broken and that the moment she goes all in, she'll get the rug pulled out from under her like she did at the end of season two. It's something these two will have to talk about, eventually.

Is Esposito a Castle/Beckett shipper?
Jim: Oh yeah! This isn't the first time he has poked at the edges. The only person who's not a Shipper is that Gestapo Captain, and even then after Serena looked to have embarrassed  the department I think she is a closet shipper.

Chandel: That's a resounding YES. And I think he has been for a while, most notably since season two. Remember how he cornered Kate about Demming in the season two finale?

Courtney: Absolutely, how could he not be?! He is both of their friends and wants them to be happy, I don’t think he would mind if it was with each other!

Christine: Yes, but he's still a little protective of Beckett, hence his snarky lines to Castle about kissing Serena. Beckett's like his sister and he feels guilty for pushing her to make a move in season two and having it blow up on her. Thankfully he still seems willing to give these two a nudge when they need it.


Took me a bit to watch this... The promos were AWFUL. The best scene was the therapist..a close second was Esposito's non-comment m to Castle: When Castle says to him "She's with us now" Esposito just looks at him a moment, then turns directly to Beckett, "Anyway..." LMAO! In the therapist room, I couldn't help but think that the option KATE was thinking about was that even if he did wait for her he'd still end up hooking up with some other woman. Christine talks about this, and I do think this episode would have brought that up for her. The unspoken Beckett line "he's supposed to love with me" was telling. As Christine pointed out, Beckett thinks Castle cheated in his marriages. Her mixed messages I think were about not wanting to lose him as a friend if his feelings for her weren't real (again, I think she had to be wondering "how deep is your love" for me) and trying to be "fair" since she thinks she's not ready anyway. Yet, she was unable to completely hide her own feelings, or tell him to just after someone else. In a way I thought that was good, because it made Castle actually makes a choice. Beckett was surprised he DIDN'T choose Serena. I think Castle's comment of 'I can't afford it" was really about feeling it would cost him Beckett - and thus wasn't worth it. Beckett needed to see him do that, walk away from something easy and available. I think it helped quell her doubts - being that her next move was to ask him out for a burger. I didn't totally get Martha. She knows one of the reasons Castle isn't going after Beckett is because she knows Castle's dilemma around Beckett's mom's case. It made me think that Castle's playboy tendencies were encouraged by her. It was also REALLY interesting that she was the one who got him involved with Meredith...perhaps after Kira left him? (Apparently hoping he would follow...) It makes me think when it comes to Beckett perhaps Castle should steer clear of his mom's advice! LOL!


Took me a bit to watch this.
The best scene was the therapist..a close second was Esposito's non-comment m to Castle: When Castle says to him "She's with us now" Esposito just looks at him a moment, then turns directly to Beckett, "Anyway..." LMAO! about slipping Serena tongue. I loved his overall attitude towards Serena in the


Well, seemingly Kate only wants the ones she can't have, although she's dated before she's always been defensive. I mean it's a writers ploy to keep us watching, will they, won't they thing? Which I hate... But as Courtney? and Stana have pointed out the will get together just not yet.
So until that day :)
Real world these two would have moved on ages ago even if Kate's not calling Rick for 3 months was payback for the three months he spent in the Hampton's with no contact with her :P


Can someone please tell me what the first song playing in the opening scene is? (the one in the art gallery)


1. Kate's reaction to Castle kissing Serena. classic. Her being jealous was hilarious to see. 2. mom is always right. I love Martha, her advice was what anyone who cares about a person would say. She isn't disapproving of Castle's love for kate. She's just trying to make sure that he's not moping around while waiting for her. 3.Kate's the Queen of mixed signals. She doesn't want him with anyone else but she isn't ready to take the dive either. She's actually better with Serena then she was with his ex. I think she's afraid of both. She's afraid that he won't wait for her because she knows she isn't giving him much to work with right now. She's also afraid that he will wait for her and she will never be ready and subsequently destroy his chances of being happy in the longrun.Damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario. 4.Esposito ships Caskett hard!Lol! So does ryan though. I love that Esposito is like her protective older brother and he's like Castle's close friend. So his loyalties tend to be divided. I think initially he was more loyal and more protective of Kate, like when she put herself out there and Castle left with his ex. But now, it's fair game, because he nudges Kate and seemingly disapproved when she was giving Castle the cold shoulder. I love it.


-Loved their fight about him kissing Serena and him wanting to strangle her he's so frustrated. Nathan Fillion was great in that scene. -Ugh. Hated that Martha was pushing him to ask Serena out but I liked that he didn't jump at it. He really did seem more intrigued by her than smitten. -If I were Castle my head would be spinning. She's so jealous but tells him he can date Serena if that's what he wants. I love Kate and I know she's got things to work through but she can be really frustrating sometimes. -Esposito is great for calling them out on their feelings and their nonsense. He generally looks as though he'd like to smack some sense into them both.


My perspective from a 59 year old male, married for a second time for 25 years. I just started viewing Castle a month ago, and am really into it, that is I first saw the last few episodes of season 3...bought the whole season of 3 on dvd...watched it...started watching season 4...watched entire season 1 and am now working on season 2. Mixed up viewing, but I get the gist of the situation. Castle is in love with Beckett and she with him, but neither one is at the moment willing or able to take the next step or cross the line into intimacy. Castle is afraid of rejection or pushing Kate into doing something she is not ready to partake. He can't really feel too comfortable in his ability to start and sustain a relationship with the way his two marriages have turned out. However, seeing the relationship he has with his daughter and the way she is turning out, I have to believe his failed marriages can't be all of his fault. Still, I think it has to have an effect on his psychy in pursuing Kate. He finally is really in love and he does not want to fail in it. As for Kate, she finally has found her true love, one who will put her first in their life. It seems the guys she has had relationships with (Sorenson and Josh), have not placed her number one in their relationship. Being she really loves Castle, she tries to deny it because she knows how much it hurts to lose someone you love (her mother) and she does not want that to happen..either by her own failure to make the relationship work, or by Castle the "playboy" not being able to commit, or once the two get together and take it to the next level... it just doesn't work out. The other caveat to an intimate relationship is the upheaval it might cause to their current formerable crime-solving relationship. Just from my short,but concentrated viewing, I really am looking forward to them getting together. I think the writing to this point has been good and I think the writers as well as the actors can hold the show together once they have put them together. I also have observed they they have been slowly moving in that direction. I know it frustrates a lot of people including myself, by the comments I have been reading, but I think by this approach it lays the foundation for a very deep and lasting love that will be able to sustain itself over time. Too short a period of time of wooing, and the relationship becomes an exercise in passion alone. Don't get me wrong, it really bothered me to see Josh come into the picture at the most inopportune time...I really cursed him out ( the same for Sorenson), but I think as well as hope that this will make Rick and Kate's coming together more rewarding, passionate and sustaining for seasons to come.


i don't know what Beckett's was afraid of!! she's single now. Castle can't wait for her forever!! if she wants him, take a next step!! i can understand why Castle's mom set him up! she's worry about him!!


1 - While I loved several of the scenes, I think my favorite was when Kate and Castle were arguing outside the interrogation room and Castle wanted to strangle her. We seldom get to see Castle so worked up and Nathan has all the moves and facial expressions to make it hysterical.
2 - I can understand Martha thinking Castle needed a little more pizzaz in his life but I can't say it was RIGHT for her to suggest a setup. He has confided in her that he loves Kate so I thought it was inappropriate for her to suggest that. She might be thinking it, but should have kept it to herself.
3 - Kate's signals to Serena were clear but it was mixed with Castle. I think Castle could tell that Kate felt threatened by Serena but then she left him very confused when she seemed to open the door for him to pursue Serena. I think she's afraid he won't wait for her right now.
4 - Yes, Esposito is a shipper and he's sort of holding them both up to behaving properly in view of what he's sure they feel for each other. He's not afraid to call either of them out on doing something that would sabotage their relationship.


Yay Round Table... 1. I think the counselor/Beckett/Castle/Martha scene was really well executed. But my favourite scene has to be Esposito and Ryan digging on Castle. When the line "did she tell you to use tongue?" was said, I almost choked. Best zinger on the show in a long time LOL Oh: HONOURABLE MENTION - Elevator scene with Girl from Ipanema. Blues Brothers homage, John Landis staple. Love it! 2. I'm with Christine. Martha's disheartened to see her son go from being a social butterfly and NY's eligible bachelor to a lovesick man married to his job and to homicide scenes. It must be hard for her watching Castle just put his life on hold for a woman who isn't available. 3. Kate definitely sent Castle mixed signals. Poor Rick looked so confused when he asked Beckett if she wanted him to pursue Serena...
Kate definitely didn't play around with Serena - no mixed signals there! Serena knew from day one that she was on Kate's just took her a while to realize that territory was both the precinct AND Castle 4. Oh yes, Epsosito's been a shipper since season 2!! I don't think he's more protective of Beckett though. I think he watches how they treat each other closely. He takes shots Castle when he thinks Castle's done wrong LOL. But he was also clearly annoyed with Beckett for not calling Castle at all after she was shot, in the season premiere.

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