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At last! Even if Jerry Tyson did not make an appearance in "Kick the Ballistics," the 3XK case has returned and I could not be more excited. So sit down, grab a cup to toast Ryan and let’s get to it. Time to discuss the most recent installment of Castle.

Now into the fourth season, the 3XK case still remains my favorite topic on this series - and this episode was a set up for what is sure to be an amazing outing later this year.

Coffee at the Crime Scene

The Case. Once again, Castle proved why he is not only an asset to the precinct, but has a necessary one at that. Rick put on his game face, settled in with boxes of records and discovered the link between Tyson and the Lees. Even if Castle usually comes up with crazy theories, it feels so good when he has the right answers first.

Who else instantly felt creeped out when Mr. Lee was first shown? I for one, was having flashbacks to the old Dharma videos from Lost. Marvin Candle Mr. Lee definitely knows how to make an impression.

3XK. So we know that Jerry Tyson is out there, still making moves and basically being a huge scumbag. Would you trust the information Philip Lee was offering? Castle’s right, I wouldn’t believe it, either. When will he show up? Will he come back to New York or will there be another travel episode? It doesn’t matter because I'm sure the moment Tyson returns will make for one of the stand out episodes of the season. 

Kudos to Seamus Dever for an outstanding portrayal here. He delivered a performance worthy of being front and center and was very enjoyable in his role. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: the extra screen time given to Ryan and Esposito this season is so worth it. Hopefully sometime soon he will get his happy ending. What could be more fun than a Castle wedding?

Some other thoughts...

  • Castle asked Beckett if she has remembered anything from the shooting. Her response? No. His face? He clearly doesn’t believe her.
  • If I can find a way to get over Gates constantly being called “sir,” I might be able to admit she is growing on me. I actually enjoyed the scene of her scolding the four of them. Providing a backstory on the new Captain could definitely ease the waters on the fan hatred toward her.
  • So Alexis is joining more things in school to pump up her applications for when she re-applies to Stanford or an other school. Looks like she will be sticking around for some time.
  • Stana Katic has been beautiful since the beginning of the series, but this season, girl looks flawless. Keep it up.
Although the episode wasn’t the best yet, it was a perfect setup for what is sure to come later. The return of 3XK will be amazing and hopefully Castle will be the one to take him down. A solid case, a solid episode. Looks like season four is shaping up to be pretty stellar.
So what did you think, TV Fanatics? Was “Kick the Ballistics” what you expected or were you let down? Are you excited for the return of 3XK? What about Castle kissing another woman on next week's installment?!? Sound off below and don’t forget to check back later for the Castle Round Table. Until next time.


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The thing that bothers me about the captain is that it was implied that she was very good concerning department politics and that that was how she got this promotion ... and yet she seems so terrible at it. There are all kinds of personalities and levels of getting along with people, but everything I've ever heard or read (fiction and news stories) is how cops support each other, that if a cop is shot, the whole department will drop everything else to pursue a felon who dared attack a brother cop (and yet the captain told them to forget about whoever shot Beckett. And if a cop's gun is used in a shooting, the whole brotherhood would be intent on it -- not, take the day off ... And captains would not throw their subordinates under the bus for the sake of covering their own ass because every single other cop will make them pay. It's a standard cliche for captains to yell and scream at their detectives, to threaten to take their badge and all that ... but it always turns out the captain who yells and screams is also supporting the detective he/she heats up.


castle just seems to be getting stronger and stronger with each episode,and yes david i too noticed the 2 fingers.


Love everything about "Castle"! Cast and writers a winning team!!


I'm glad they are expanding the Alexis storyline. Great episode! And you know Castle doesn't believe Beckett when she says she doesn't remember a thing about the shooting. She never brings her "game face" when she's alone w/ Castle. Can't wait till next week!


Not much to add to the pretty thorough comments below. I applaud the stars (Fillion and Katic) for giving one of the lesser ensemble members the opportunity to carry the show. Dever (Ryan) did a magnificent acting job with emotions from rage/outrage to compassion at the end when he said goodbye to his new friend and then said the toast. It was a good writing stroke to have the young man be sensitive enough to come by the station and thank Ryan. That helped Ryan overcome his feeling he was not a good cop. Good writing. Kate was beautiful as ever but I hate that she lies so easily to Castle who is her best friend as far as we know. I think most of us would find it hard to lie to our best friends no matter what our personal hangup. Why couldn't she just say "I don't want to talk about it" or something like that. I guess I want to put this lovely woman on a pedestal, but this won't let me. But I'm sure the writers are using this to build a show down the road, so we'll have to be patient. It was good to see Castle make it through a complete episode without looking like a boob. Less "cuteness" and more professionalism will help the other detectives take him more seriously. The character is maturing this way. I agree with someone below that the writers are overdoing Castle getting clues from Martha and Alexis as they make remarks in causal conversation. Let Castle figure it out for himself. All in all this was an excellent episode and made up for the cryogenics stumble last week. Should be a great season.


I loved the episode. I also loved the Beckett and Ryan moments, do cute how they are a family. Everybody supported Ryan in his time of need,& with kate's PTSD coming out in episode 9 I think we will see more family moments and a caskett kiss. I also think they will get together near the end of s4. Hate the captain still, cant wait for next weeks!

Josie leeds

New Captain is one piss poor replacement for Montgomery. The writers have gone out of their way to create the antithesis of his relationship with his cops. Why? Who knows. Writers are a strange lot and constantly try to re-invent the wheel, usually with dire results--remember "Moonlighting"?. Gates' insistence on "Sir" is repulsive and completely out of line with reality. I, too, really wish these same writers would give Kate some substance and depth--Castle doesn't need to get ALL of the good writing.

Frank lee meidere

No comments on the episode that haven't already been said. It was strong, well-acted, and the return of the TK3 killer is welcome. However, as for the "sir," how many of you were STNG fans? Did it bother you to hear Crusher or Troi being called "sir" when they were in positions of command?


I'm still surprised at how contentious an issue Gates' "sir" is. I think it's quite funny - anything that absurd has to be intentional. The show Castle has always had a way of subverting or lampshading common tv tropes - I think this is just how they're dealing with the "scary woman in power" trope. As a woman, I'm not offended by it, I just think it's so over the top it's hilarious, I think it's meant to poke fun at the whole situation. On the captain's note, I find how she treats Castle to be perfectly logical. The man is not a cop! Everyone else is now used to him after three years and know how useful he can be, used to his charm and his likeability. BUT she's new on the scene and she's coming into a precinct that was run by someone everyone was loyal to. She's got to set her own boundaries, and as far as she's concerned, waiver or no waiver, a non-cop running around solving crimes can be a huge liability. Beckett treated Castle the same way when they started. I don't blame her here - she can't just go by reputation, she has a precinct to run. She's gotta see for herself. Besides, I think she's improving with each episode. I'm cutting her some slack. Excellent work on Dever's part. My favourite scene was at the whiteboard when he told Castle it was his fault because it was his gun. That was so very well acted. And Castle offering to take paperwork home? "I don't mind." Who are you and what have you done with Season 1's Rick Castle?! I love it. I also think it's great that he gets those reminders that he's really not a cop..sometimes we all forget. I just watched the entire series within a month, so I think the character growth and the relationship pacing is appropriate as the seasons go by. I LOVED that Castle doubted her "it's all a blank" story. That being said, they MUST hook up this season. No two ways about it. They're at that point. They're both aware beyond the shadow of a doubt about how they feel, Castle's been good to go for at least a year now, and Kate knows exactly what she needs to move on. No delays - let's shut Johanna Beckett's case down, take down whoever it is in Congress, and get these two in a secret relationship that they think no one knows about...


Lol Yeah loved how she shut the door with two fingers almost as if she was giving the Captain the up yours sign. Made me chuckle.
R/E good solid performance although a tad forced but all up not too shabby :) It's good when the make it not all about Caskette.
The captain is all about 3 words CYA (cover your ass) and I'm somewhat resentful of the way she treats Castle pretty much as if he was a bug or cockroach loose in the precinct. I'm hoping to see someone put her in her place soonish.
Kate has returned to old ways and somewhat predictable behavior of denying she remembers anything essentially she's just flat out lying to Rick. And he's not fooled, I'm kinda wondering how long will his tolerance last about this?
It's the same model of 1 step forward, 2 steps back that we've seen now it going backwards and next week it'll be all about Caskette and that damn kiss.
As character development goes with Caskette, not happy, I hate angst with a passion, if you consider each season is equal to 1 year these 2 have been doing this dance for 4 years!
Bones has been doing it for 7 years and would still be angsting on except that the lead actress got her self pregnant and they had to explain that one away. They weren't going to put B/B together until the very end of the series.
My suggestion for the soon to be filmed latter part of S4 force a confrontation between Caskette Re: what she heard, have Rick realize that Kate is seriously damaged goods and give up on her as a romantic partner, bring in an insanely hot younger babe as his GF and have Kate for once in her life fight for a man she wants.
Character development for Kate in the area of emotional things regarding Rick is simply to retreat into herself and deny all. There's got to be more to this character in this area.
More later, I need coffee..

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