Criminal Minds Review: Ex Marks the Sad Spot

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Whoa. Poor Rossi.

I knew when Criminal Minds brought back one of his ex-wives she'd be delivering big news, but I didn't see this one coming. Poor (former) Mrs. Rossi, too. Again... whoa.

Isabella Hoffman on Criminal Minds

On "From Childhood's Hour," we learned a few things. First, Reid knows nothing about women's shoe shopping habits, women's closets, and presumably women in general. But, actually, we basically knew that already. Second, Garcia and Morgan have taken their flirtatious phone innuendos to a new level - one that involves sports car references and uncomfortable glances from Hotch.

And lastly, Rossi is being confronted with what I can only assume is one of the hardest decisions anyone would ever have to make about a loved one. And, despite the fact that I haven't always loved his character, I take it all back. My heart is breaking for him and for Caroline. I mean, what would you do in his shoes?

Still, it was nice to see him get excited about a woman again and - despite the fact that he's been married as many times as J. Lo - we still get the impression that he was probably a very sweet husband. It wasn't until his ex stared down at her wine glass right before she told him that I knew her news wasn't going to be uplifting. The ALS diagnosis was still brutal and surprising, though.

If this is what they do with Rossi's storyline, I can only imagine what's coming up for JJ or Reid. Also, we know that eventually Hotch gets a love interest this season as well, and I'm inclined to think that him having feelings about some one post-Haley will not be easy, either. Oh, the men of Criminal Minds...

I won't elaborate on that, though, lest I come across as pining away over any of them!

In other news, Morgan was reunited with his former co-star from his The Young and the Restless days, Heather Tom, who played one of the troubled moms this week. Not that plots about people being murdered are exactly upbeat, but the reality of children dealing with drug dependent, depressed parents or sexual abuse was a very heavy topic. Granted, nothing we've never seen before, but still gut-wrenching.

Did any one else notice that the profiling/Un-Sub part of this episode ended nearly 10 minutes early? And that even after the Rossi story it still ended a few minutes short - and lacking the scenes from next week that they had just teased? I would normally not complain about such things, but it felt so curtailed that I actually looked at the clock to see how short they cut it. I even hit rewind twice to make sure I hadn't somehow missed the previews. Hmph! No more skimping, please.

Elsewhere, JJ was in mommy mode, Garcia was especially vocal (and entertaining) and Reid was quick with the one-liners yet again. "Frankly I'm not too eager to see the perishable food version of this room," was a classic, dead-pan Reid moment. Even Prentiss, who many of you can't stand but I tend to like, was endearing this week when she told Rossi to take the leap with his ex. Her second chances reference wasn't subtle, but it was still warm and genuine.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen: I'm anxious to hear what the Criminal Minds faithful think of this week's Rossi plot twist, so bring on the discussion. If you think you know how he'll handle it, chime in. Have feelings about the use of the banged-up-parent-turned-target story line? Spill. There's nothing like a debate to carry us through until next Wednesday.


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to the people with the complaints of ALS, i think she meant not that the symptoms were beginning, but worsening. like, the symptoms that appear near death had begun. but i admit, i don't know much about ALS, so it's possible I am wrong.


I stopped watching this show awhile back. It was just getting too violent for me. And the relationship (if that's what you want to call it) between Garcia and Morgan was just too "cutesy" for me. Gag! Please. If you're going to be friends then act like it. If you're going to have a relationship, then get with it. But please quit the gagging conversation between them.


I watched with great interest the episodes where Rossi's ex-wife related to
him the fact that she was suffering from ALS. I felt that the writers missed
a real opportunity to educate the public about this terrible disease...the story & the effects of ALS were wound up in only 2 episodes, while, in fact the disease can take many months/years to become debilitating to the point where the patient might wish to sister suffered for two years after her diagnosis and spent the last couple of months planning her 'end of life' service, this project gave her much comfort!!! Her planning & instructions were followed completely and gave the attendants comfort also.




I think this season is lacking Prentiss. I mean now that she is back jj seems so be taking all of the attention when it comes to getting the job done. Also I think Morgan and Prentiss should hook up. They seem to have a little something going on. Reid if anybody should be getting a love interest. Is he going to die alone? Well they need to get him somebody to love before its to late, for godsake he's almost 40!


I wasn't exactly crazy about this week's unsub; not my favorite story of the season so far. I do like the lighter side of the team interactions this season and I feel really bad for Rossi and the decision he has to make. I love Prentiss, but I don't think she has been utilized in the field very well this season; the writers seem to want to beat into us that JJ is now a profiler. Garcia is so over the line and inappropriate, I cringe everytime she picks up the phone. This is still my favorite show and I continue to look forward to each new episode, and NO inter-team hook-ups...this is not a soap opera!


My only complaint about the episode was what appeared to be a lack of research into ALS. Caroline said she was now showing symptoms after being diagnosed a year ago. It doesn't work that way. There is no test for ALS, you to show symptoms first and are then diagnosed. And she made it sound like she was going to die within the year. Life expectancy is 2-5 years and much longer for some. The writers need to do some research as they take this character through the illness. As someone with a connection to ALS, I would like to see it handled properly.


I love Prentiss! shes beast! i think that we should be grateful for the character development that their giving us this year. It is after all the main reason i watch the show. Love the story lines keep 'em coming.


Ack! No shipping for Prentiss/Hotch ever ever for me. And no more emotional gunk for/from Morgan who has become maudlin to the max with his "I Understand" eyebrow quirks, ugh. Garcia went on too long with her sexy-car explanations too. What did I like, the plot was good, if brief and the "leap" this week was Reid deciding the unsub had murdered his own mother. The littlest hostage stole the show! His "I want my mommy" was brilliantly irritating and intense. Reid's naivete gets wearing sometimes. I think while he might not understand women's buying habits vis-a-vis shoes, I bet he knows all the statistics about women's buying habits and so would indeed "get it" about the mom's sacrifices. Hotch was suitably commander-in-charge of the team this week and Rossi's plight is interesting. Unlike a normal friend, husband or even ex-husband, he knows all about death and killing. Will he come through and help or see it as murder??? That's a good dilemma for plot points. Another poster said that Reid could have had a mention of his own childhood while seeing the kidnapped kid's room, I disagree. We know Reid's mom tried her best despite her severe mental illness, we have seen the mother-love several times, so both Reid and all the viewers already know without more dialogue. I want freshness from this season to make up for, IMO, the horrible previous season. So, some fresh meaty stuff for the characters is fine by me. Give Hotch a love interest to prove he's human and not going to pine his (very nice) manliness away forever. Give me shit-kicking, door breaking Morgan to save the day and and more humor whenever possible, even if it's gallows humor.


I will be extremly disapointed if Rossi helps her kill herself... I've always felt that he is one of the most rational people in the show and I've always liked him, if he does this my whole outlook on his character will twist... And this is from an extreme rational romantic who can see exactly why people would want that...
(If anything I just said doesn't make sense it is because I am not a writer in any form of the word, you should see my essays before I have everyperson I know edit it) and if I have just posted multipule times I'm sorry I can't figure out if it posted...

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Agent Morgan: Somebody's got a little extra pep in his step, that's all.
Agent Prentiss: Probably doubled up on his vitamins.
Morgan: Oh he doubled up on something...

Garcia: Mom didn't know her son was gone. She assumed that he was with the grandmother after she just left him there.
JJ: So she's not exactly on the short list for Mother of the Year.
Agent Prentiss: What about the father?
Garcia: He was convicted of embezzling from his work place two years ago, currently cooling his heels in state prison.
Dr. Reid: If it's a stranger abduction the first 24 hours are critical. This kid's already been missing twice that long.
Agent Hotchner: Which is why we shouldn't waste any more time. Let's go.