Criminal Minds Review: Ex Marks the Sad Spot

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Whoa. Poor Rossi.

I knew when Criminal Minds brought back one of his ex-wives she'd be delivering big news, but I didn't see this one coming. Poor (former) Mrs. Rossi, too. Again... whoa.

Isabella Hoffman on Criminal Minds

On "From Childhood's Hour," we learned a few things. First, Reid knows nothing about women's shoe shopping habits, women's closets, and presumably women in general. But, actually, we basically knew that already. Second, Garcia and Morgan have taken their flirtatious phone innuendos to a new level - one that involves sports car references and uncomfortable glances from Hotch.

And lastly, Rossi is being confronted with what I can only assume is one of the hardest decisions anyone would ever have to make about a loved one. And, despite the fact that I haven't always loved his character, I take it all back. My heart is breaking for him and for Caroline. I mean, what would you do in his shoes?

Still, it was nice to see him get excited about a woman again and - despite the fact that he's been married as many times as J. Lo - we still get the impression that he was probably a very sweet husband. It wasn't until his ex stared down at her wine glass right before she told him that I knew her news wasn't going to be uplifting. The ALS diagnosis was still brutal and surprising, though.

If this is what they do with Rossi's storyline, I can only imagine what's coming up for JJ or Reid. Also, we know that eventually Hotch gets a love interest this season as well, and I'm inclined to think that him having feelings about some one post-Haley will not be easy, either. Oh, the men of Criminal Minds...

I won't elaborate on that, though, lest I come across as pining away over any of them!

In other news, Morgan was reunited with his former co-star from his The Young and the Restless days, Heather Tom, who played one of the troubled moms this week. Not that plots about people being murdered are exactly upbeat, but the reality of children dealing with drug dependent, depressed parents or sexual abuse was a very heavy topic. Granted, nothing we've never seen before, but still gut-wrenching.

Did any one else notice that the profiling/Un-Sub part of this episode ended nearly 10 minutes early? And that even after the Rossi story it still ended a few minutes short - and lacking the scenes from next week that they had just teased? I would normally not complain about such things, but it felt so curtailed that I actually looked at the clock to see how short they cut it. I even hit rewind twice to make sure I hadn't somehow missed the previews. Hmph! No more skimping, please.

Elsewhere, JJ was in mommy mode, Garcia was especially vocal (and entertaining) and Reid was quick with the one-liners yet again. "Frankly I'm not too eager to see the perishable food version of this room," was a classic, dead-pan Reid moment. Even Prentiss, who many of you can't stand but I tend to like, was endearing this week when she told Rossi to take the leap with his ex. Her second chances reference wasn't subtle, but it was still warm and genuine.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen: I'm anxious to hear what the Criminal Minds faithful think of this week's Rossi plot twist, so bring on the discussion. If you think you know how he'll handle it, chime in. Have feelings about the use of the banged-up-parent-turned-target story line? Spill. There's nothing like a debate to carry us through until next Wednesday.


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The only thin I missed in this episode was a line or two about Reid identifying with the 9-year-old boy. When he was in the house, you could see that he understood the room really well. The episode was about Rossi, but I really felt that there was a missed opportunity with a single line from Reid about the little boy's situation.


I checked my local listings. The reason there was no preview is because there is no new episode next week. It's a repeat.


Ok did I miss something when did JJ come back or did she not leave?


It is nice to know that our comments are read and suggestions are taken. If my comments last week were the reason the "men of Criminal Minds" were not elaborated on, then good. I prefer reviews that have at least the semblance of maturity. Thank you.


I am a complete Hotch/Prentiss shipper too. I love Emily. Her addition to the show really improved it for me. I read somewhere that the writers/producers couldn't see Hotch getting involved with someone he worked with, so I kinda expect them to go the way of Benson/Stabler from SVU. I guess we'll see. :)


I am not gay nor a racist but it seem like people only want the show to be about Morgan because he a buff African american


I agree that Morgan needs more personal stuff. Outside of Profiler,Profiled anything that remotely came close to being "personal" somehow wasn't. He at times tends to remain a mystery as a character. I love him though. He's one of my faves. Regarding Prentiss. As someone who never cared for her (and has been and still is indifferent in regards to her and JJ) I'll say this. I call them as I see them, and avoid being biased. It appears as if they are going out of their way to give her something to do. Almost all of her scenes since the premiere come off as forced. Which speaks to how misused she was previously with the exception of the Doyle storyline. The scene with Rossi just seemed like something kind of unnecessary, she could have been substituted in with just about any other character (mainly Hotch) but they used her because they realized they haven't been. That being said. Her concern for Rossi was genuine and true to her character. While I've often been annoyed by how she inserts herself in other peoples stuff but doesn't extend the same courtesy (i.e the scene where she confronted Reid about his drug addiction...she was still a stranger to him and it grated my nerves) I didn't see anything inherently wrong about her and Rossi. They tend to have that sort of relationship (i.e Demonology).I find her agitating for many reasons, but even though i'm not always crazy about it, she appears to butt into people's business and pry because she is genuinely concerned. I seen that scene that way. I still maintain that it was forced and unnecessary but it wasn't OOC or anything worthy of my getting pissed about or disliking her character for. I enjoyed the rest of the episode. I like those times when you can't help but feel a bit conflicted about the unsub, when you end up understanding why they are the way that they are. It was warped and twisted but interesting to watch. I loved the 9yr old kid in particular and his maturity. I Love Morgan. I love Garcia. I love their little phonecalls and flirting and given the fact that for a season they weren't really flirting much, I appreciate that it's back and bigger then ever. I was annoyed with how they skimped on the episode and the previews! I appreciated the Rossi storyline, and the fact that we got to see his "mansion" again.( Twice in one season so far...we still haven't seen Morgan's, Reid's, or JJ's). Felt horrible for him and his wife but I suspected something along those lines was coming. It's a tough position that she put him in, but it is one of those grey areas that can't be truly seen as right or wrong no matter what anyone says. I know someone mentioned taking a life...but he's an FBI agent, he's probably killed a few people, he was a Marine, he probably kiilled a few people then...In his case and many cases you can't rest solely on "It's taking a life" when we all know he's done that as part of his job anyways.


@sandy you are not alone. Hotch/Prentiss FTW. Seriously though. I have been shipping them for quite awhile now. I would LOVE for them to happen. Especially since Hotch is so straight laced. It would be fun to see Emily loosen him up a bit. But not too much! Otherwise we'd miss the Hotch we know and love.


I'm only going to comment on the twist-ending for Rossi, because I think it's being treated as a throw-away and the significance of it is being completely missed: his former wife came to him to ask him to help kill her. And we the audience (not to mention Rossi) are supposed to let our sympathy for her situation excuse the taking of a human life?! The sorrowful situation of a chronic illness that is ultimately fatal is one that should arouse our compassion. But compassion is not synonymous with taking another life. Persons who are dying need our love and understanding, not an expedited death. Caroline will doubtless face physical hardships that would be embarrassing in a "normal" circumstance, e.g., loss of continence or inability to feed herself. What a tender opportunity for Rossi to affirm that his love for her (and her own human dignity) does not depend on what she is or isn't capable of doing! She is worthy of his love and care simply for who she is, not her capacities or achievements or sense of usefulness. Already, her illness brought her to someone she has been somewhat estranged from. As Rossi cares for her, could he not also help her to reconcile with other family members or friends? As he tends to her needs, talks to her, and listens to her, would he not also be tending to the needs of her heart and mind, assisting her to find interior peace before she dies? Would this be easy? No, of course not! But are we to assume that asking him to take the life of someone he loves is supposed to be?!? The UnSub they tracked this episode was someone who thought it was better to end suffering by killing those who were depressed and troubled! She wants to turn Rossi into that?? As someone who tended to my father as he slowly succumbed to pancreatic cancer, I cannot imagine that he would ask such a horrific thing of me (or the rest of my family). Nor did I love him less because he could no longer walk or feed himself. I was at least grateful that I could show my love for him in the way he cared for me when I was helpless as an infant. I truly hope Criminal Minds is not getting on the cheap bandwagon of so-called "death with dignity." Pain and suffering do not undermine our dignity. Abandoning the suffering one we love to death does.


okay...i love prentiss...i really love them all actually.. am i the only one who would be interested in seeing hotch and prentiss??? i've kind of been interested in that for a long time! even before haley passed and they were separated and you didn't know where that was going. they (prentiss and hotch) seemed to have an understanding, especially when she was going to leave the team because she was being pressured to betray them and refused and hotch figured that out. also, last week she was really the only one to figure out he was worried about jack. i don't know, i'm curious.

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Agent Morgan: Somebody's got a little extra pep in his step, that's all.
Agent Prentiss: Probably doubled up on his vitamins.
Morgan: Oh he doubled up on something...

Garcia: Mom didn't know her son was gone. She assumed that he was with the grandmother after she just left him there.
JJ: So she's not exactly on the short list for Mother of the Year.
Agent Prentiss: What about the father?
Garcia: He was convicted of embezzling from his work place two years ago, currently cooling his heels in state prison.
Dr. Reid: If it's a stranger abduction the first 24 hours are critical. This kid's already been missing twice that long.
Agent Hotchner: Which is why we shouldn't waste any more time. Let's go.