Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Love, Loss and Legacy"

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Welcome to our weekly Grey's Anatomy Round Table discussion!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down last night's episode, "Love, Loss and Legacy," in detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have gathered for a Round Table Q&A to further discuss the many goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West:


What was your favorite scene/quote from the episode?

Courtney: Favorite quote had to be Sloan once again defending Lexie... ”Don’t count out Lexie Grey until you meet her. She’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s perfect.” So are you McSteamy, so are you.

Sean: I’m all about those small moments like the simple look between Meredith and Cristina. It says something of their lasting friendship and ability to say everything while saying nothing at all. Those two are such a team.

Christina: I loved the itsy bitsy spider + MerDer + Zola scene. I might've shed a tear.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

Debbie Allen guest starred as Jackson’s mother. Would you mind seeing more of the genius that is Catherine Avery?

Courtney: I thought Momma Avery brought some fun to the hospital and wouldn’t mind seeing her show up again. Maybe a run in with her baby boy’s girlfriend... could be a lot of fun. Plus she makes for a good sparring partner for Sloan.

Sean: Yes! Her presence is a strong one and rather fun to watch. She says what she thinks and her scenes were a positive addition to the episode. Plus, if she ever gets to meet Lexie? Oh, that will be something to see.

Christina: Most definitely! She obviously made a huge impact at SGMW, and I'd love to see her interact with her son's "smart, beautiful and perfect" girlfriend.

Bailey’s Big Decision - Ben or Eli?

Courtney: I’m going with Ben. He waited for her, he even went Off the Map (see what I did there! Ha, I had to). Even though Bailey wasn’t ready for a relationship with him, she still thought about it. That’s more than she can say for Eli. Ben is right, it definitely has something to do with him.

Sean: Don’t let him walk away! Pick Eli! Oh, okay, I’m a little biased because I liked Daniel Sunjata in Rescue Me. That said, I see sparks with Bailey and Ben. Now, when will those two get together?

Christina: Ben! Although Bailey didn't want to admit that her break up with Eli had anything to do with Ben's return, we know what's up. It can only be a matter of time 'til the B&B are back in business. 

Bailey on the Couch

Will Meredith and Derek get Zola back? Do you want them to?

Courtney: I love my Meredith Grey dark and twisty, but between a miscarriage, the loss of her adopted baby, and trouble with her marriage, I’m not sure she could take it. I’d be good with the two of them getting their girl back, as long as it doesn’t take over their characters. Keep the story somewhat in the background like they do with Sophia.

Sean: I’m not sure, but I like to think that in the world of Grey’s Anatomy, everything will work out right for those two. I think Zola will have a huge impact on their relationship future either way. Hopefully the experience brings them together rather than pulls them further apart.

Christina: I completely agree with Courtney. MerDer totally need and deserve baby Zola. Plus, I want to start using the term McFamily.

Who’s the most underused character of Season 8 so far?

Courtney: Callie for sure. She used to have all these great friendships with Mark and Cristina and even Teddy. Now when you see her, its for a few minutes and it is usually with Arizona. I’d be good with even seeing her do one of her rough and tough surgeries.

Sean: I agree about Callie, but I also feel Lexie has barely been in any episodes. She appears for a moment or is mentioned, but really she just isn’t there. And she’s dating Jackson! Why all in the shadows, sister Grey?

Christina: Callie has certainly been the most underused. Last season it was all about Calzona. That really seems like a decade ago though.


I agree that Debbie A. was great in this episode. I'm not interested in Bailey's love life so I FF through it. I really wish for Derek and Meredith to adopt Zola. But it's going to be tough. And Callie is definitely the most underused character so far. I can't believe that even Teddy, Jackson and April have more screentime then her. And those characters barely have fans support. I hope for good medical cases for Callie, scenes with other docs and for her to be shown as a caring mother.


@Jamie....I think Jackson was adopted as a baby. There was a mention of it when he first arrived on the scene. There were rumors when he first appeared that he could have been Ellis and Richards love child.


@Jamie I think that Catherine married Harper Avery's son, which would be the reason Jackson is bi-racial (just a thought). It was never made perfectly clear.


* clothes, not furniture.


@ Dr.CerrenoMD - did you really just use the word "colored"? oh wow! a whole television show full of African American's playing MD's, the shows creator is African American - and were still colored? well damn. To answer your question..."I just wanna know how his Grandfather is white and the mother and the son are coloured. " It's probably because Harper Avery married a BLACK women - and made Catherine Avery - who probably turned around and married a BLACK man - and made Jackson Avery. Please refer to people of color as "Black or African American" it's BEYOND rude to refer to us as "Colored". And I'm not trying to bit your head off - just saving you from a world of hurt - cause the next black person may not be too receiving of being called a "colored".


Fave scene, the painful elevator scene with MerDer and janet. No words were needed to show how painful Zola's not being with MerDer is. Jackson's mom was Ok as a visitor, no way she'd move to Seattle for her career. This is a ruse to raise our interest in Avery and inject a bit of doubt as to how successfully he's replaced Mark in Lexie's heart. I was surprised to see how quickly Eli was dropped as Bailey's love interest. Is he gonna make a comeback,not sure. I'm wondering if Shonda feels bad about Off the Map failing, hence Ben's return? I'd rather see MerDer get pregnant, but I do want them to have a family. As long as we don't see their only scenes talking about Zola all the time. IMO Zola will be living with them by 8.10 at the very latest. We saw so much of MerDer being underused recently. With such a big cast it is a bit like who's turn is it to step up with a SL. I like the original cast having a higher profile in their SL's


Best Scene: Christina and Zola. I thought it was cute and funny. She mite not want babies, but she was great with her. I chose this scene because it also sets up for the drama that will ensue between Owen and her in a few eps. Loved Mama Avery, best scenes ever. I just wanna know how his Grandfather is white and the mother and the son are coloured. I'm not being Racist, I am just curious. I think Katherine will be a good shoulder for Richard if and when Adele passes. They didn't have chemistry per se, but something could develop. Debby Allen is a good actress! I will get a Team Ben T-Shirt. I like Jason George as an actor more than Daniel Sunjata. Probably because I picture him as the Fashion designer type more than a nurse and love interest for Bailey and he was clearly written to be a fling and give our moral compass some fun.
I wish she would loosen up and let Mer on her service. They better be getting Zola back asap... I like that Mer was patient with Derek at the start of the ep when she was folding the furniture.
I think Derek will be less of an ass when she comes back into their lives. No one is being underused so far, why is there always something that people have to complain about? Last season there was so much Calzona or Callisloana that people were threatening to abort GA and this year its like Where's Callie? OMG is she alive? Seriously? The season hasn't started people, give Shonda and co a chance to create story lines and get things going. Callie is in a happy place, the last thing I want is drama for her.
Chyler Liegh needed extra time with her family, Shonda gave it to her, she will be back full force. No doubt.


Favorite scene was Mer leaning on Der in the elevator and singing to Zola. My McDreamy is very slowly getting back to his old self. I want them to have a baby so badly. Don't care if it is Zola, another kid or a McBaby that she gets pregnant with. Second was Cristina with Zola. Owen not getting how she could be so loving with a baby. Alex endeared himself to me again. Bailey and Ben!! Bring Lexie back. I am definately team Mark and Lexie! More bromance with Derek and Mark not Derek and Owen. Too much April again!! Maybe she and Jackson can hook up and get fellowships in another town and take Teddy with them.


Mark giving that epic Speech/Quote to Mrs. Avery once again showed that Mark Sloan is in love with Lexie grey. also showed he loves her unconditionally. Lexie seriously needs to open her eyes and dump Jackson once and for all. Chyler is on leave but her rep said she is back for next weeks episode. love that even Mrs. Avery See's that mark is in love with Lexie, yet even with his mother telling him Jackson still doesn't want to see it. Why is he still with Lexie knowing deep down she's never going to love him back.


I don't know about anyone else but Henry had me killing myself laughing about the fish marinade. So did Teddy when she had that awkward moment talking to Bailey about Ben's butt. I LOVE Teddy and Henry.

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