Hawaii Five-O Review: "Kame'e"

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Kame’e: The Hero.

Steve and his team worked to stop an assassin who was targeting Navy SEALs this week, making Steve and the Five-O team "Kame'e."

Who else is excited that Lt. Commander Joe White is moving to the islands, where he could potentially be a regular (or at least significantly recurring) character on Hawaii Five-O? I have made it no secret that I really enjoy Terry O'Quinn’s portrayal of White and this week's revelation just added to my budding man-crush!

Shot of Kono

I didn’t realize what a hot head Steve could be until Joe White was added to the mix as the sage wisdom-imbued father figure. After watching Steve go after Drayton in the cooler, I actually wondered if Lt. Governor Denning was right in his assessment that Five-0 had been over-stepping more than they should have.

Was Steve this big of hot head last season and I just not see it? Or do they need a grumpier McGarrett to make Joe White work as the calming influence?

Elsewhere, I was also very happy with Lori Weston this week. First, the writers turned down the “sultry sex-kitten” look/feel about 50%. She is still attractive, but she didn’t seem out of place.

Second, the skills she showed off made her one part Jenna Kaye, one pary Kono and 100% awesome as she went “Steve like” toe-to-toe with Danny in the car about marriage.

Speaking of Kono, she is either sliding to the dark-side faster than you can say “Anakin Skywalker” or, as one TV Fanatic suggested last week, she has gone undercover for Captain Frye.  Either way, I hate the story arc with a passion.

To start with, it’s not connecting to Five-0 other than having Kono as the key officer. Past that, Grace Parks can’t do “wounded and brooding." She just looks bored and Billy Baldwin as Frank Delano is yet another Haole cast in a roll of an important character. 

Wait, the dirty cop turned mobster is named Delano?? In Hawaii??? Really? Really?!?  First we had “Captain Frye” and now “Frank Delano.” What’s next, is a Corleone going to show up?

Did they buy this story arc from a script set in Chicago/New York or did one of the writers work on Detroit 187 last year?

I really hope that Alex Kurtzman and his team finish up this whole “Good Wahine” storyline and get Kono back to the Five-0 where she should be kicking ass and taking unconscious names. 

What did you think of Baldwin's portrayal of Delano? Is there more to him other than he looks rugged and dashing with only half of his face being lighted from a naked light bulb?


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The burning question I have is:
who was the bikini girl at the start of the show when they found
the corpse in the tent? I can't find her name anywhere.


I liked it. I don't care about Kono's storyline. I can understand her not wanting to be a cop temporarily but not becoming a super-criminal. She's probably working undercover. Less haole main characters please! Lori's fine/good. They don't care about plausibility/accuracy regarding military security/travel between the islands but the pararescue was cool. Danny had less screentime but still had good lines. I liked the Danny/Lori convo in the car. In time, Lori will feel like a natural part of the series. Joe already meshes well.


Changed channeles half way thru. It was slow and boring. Last season was so much better.


I LOVE Terry O'Quinn, but the unfortunate side effect of his presence is less interaction with Danny and Steve, which makes the show for me. Don't care much for the Kono storyline right now but it might end up being cool. I must be among the minority who liked Jenna, because I miss her :( Or maybe just that her presence moved the mythology along; not a big standalone fan.


I though last night's ep was a little slow believe it or not which is saying a lot for this show! I'm not sure about the new chick yet will give it more time. I did read that she was brought in as a new love interest for Steve becuase Catherine (Michelle Borth) is unavailable this season. Bummed about that because I loved the positive female military role that Catherine provided. He definitely seems to have "noticed" Lori that's for sure. I'm afraid someone on here has the wrong Baldwin brother that was Billy Baldwin not his brother Stephen last night. As far as military protocol, it is TV so we should come them some slack. Besides you couldn't find a worse show for that than NCIS which is why I refuse to watch it.


From a Mokuleia rental to the Dillingham Airfield via a potholed Farrington with plenty of time to park, taxi, take-off, climb, catch-up to then jump out from above before the the doped seal gets pushed out?? How about reworking the 4th episode into something similar to "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", use cartoon characters interacting with live actors (could really make the scripts flow). I'll keep watching, but luckily I can just catch it online.


I'll repeat what I said in other comments about last night's show....the military/Navy Seals thing is heroic, and appreciated, BUT get a REAL military advisor on this set!!!! Pointing to an enlisted Seaman's picture and saying "this Lieutenant (an officer)" is a BIG movie mistake.....and do they think NCIS is a just a fictional crime show?? A civilian task force may work WITH NCIS, but never alone to solve the scenarios in this episode! And no atter that Steve is a LCDR (as is Terry), their clearance would have to have been really top secret to be allowed into MTac.....so, I give this episode a F-!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED!


No secret that I don't like Lori. Still waiting to see why she's here - no tension with the team, no reporting to the Gov, no holding back the team. She's essentially doing Jenna's job, except she's prettier, knows more, and is more kickass. So, even more irritating than Jenna was. At least Jenna was awkward, so you could laugh at that. The car conversation with her and Danno? Intrusive, she was profiling him which is what I suppose she does, but like with the SEAL's wife, there was no hint of sympathy. Usually the car is used for humor or heartfelt emotions. This was neither and it felt forced, like a filler scene because they had nothing better to show. Keep her while Kono is busy (which is a great storyline) but take her off when Kono is back, kicking the guys for not even asking if she is still alive. What happened to ohana? Steve and Danno could have at least wondered how Kono is doing.

Mrs cleaver

Hang in there people! I thought last nites episode was kinda lame & boring. Steve diving in right at the exact "Mighty Mouse" (good call whomever said that).Kono running wild down Bad Street (she's SO undercover it's laughable that Chin hasn't figured that out yet). Stephen Baldwin as the "straight from central casting" bad ass.
But I remind myself that they need these episodes to set plot stuff up. Finally I got a laugh outta Danno teasing Steve about the new girl (I agree with Jonathan, she could be WAY hotter, that's the best they could do?) and his Strawberry Fields work. Surprised Danno isn't jealous of Steve hanging with Joe so much though. Maybe that will come, I'm going to be patient.
Looking forward to next week cause I glimpsed Steve in a bathing suit in the previews. YAY!


I am disappointed so far this season. The finale last season was awesome! I agree, adding to many ingredients to the soup. Don't miss Jenna. Do miss the sister and definitely Catherine. Wish Lori would leave. She comes off She comes off sarcastic and bitchy. Sure doesn't fit with the team. As for Kono, I think she's working undercover. She'll be back!

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