Hawaii Five-0 Review: A Fist for Fryer

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Ma’ema’e: Clean

All our questions about Kono were answered this week as we finally learned if she was "Ma'ema'e" or had truly fallen from grace.

For all of us who weren't fans of the "Evil Kono" storyline, it was a pleasure to watch it conclude via a nice and tidy resolution, which included a well-earned punch in the mouth for Captain Fryer. 

Fryer vs. McGarrett

Additionally, as promised, I want to give a special nod to TV Fanatic reader Symph2001 who called that Kono was working undercover for Fryer. Well spotted, Symph2001!

From all the discussion in the last few episodes, I wasn’t surprised when Fryer walked in to the interrogation room to get Kono. However, I was surprised that Steve hadn’t bothered to check on Kono in weeks. Only Chin Ho had really been trying to reach out to her. Steve, it’s a bit of the pot calling the kettle black when you play all high and mighty to Fryer and you had not even checked in on Kono once.

I’m also very happy that the Frank Delano story was ended with Kono’s undercover event. I’ve made it no secret of how disappointed I’ve been in the amount of Haoles that have been cast in prominent recurring roles. Here’s hoping that the next big bad guy is closer to Wo Fat than Delano.

Elsewhere, how cool was the slow-motion walk of the Five-0 team, now complete with Kono? Having five men for the Five-0 unit seems poetically correct doesn’t it?

I know I’m in the minority as a Lori fan, but look at how quickly she's fitting in. You can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy Chin Ho teasing her about being like Steve. If you didn’t think this was true, consider her shooting Dwight a minute later. Mind changed yet?

They have even started to show a little tarnished side of Lori, as we finally got to see something that she’s not very good at: being patient.

I’m just hoping that fans can be a little better at it themselves and wait a little bit before screaming for her to be gone; I want to see how she and Kono work together. I suspect we might have the making for the Hawaiian Cagney and Lacy here.

Conversely, was anyone else a bit confused by the advertised visit of Tania Raymonde? It turned out to be incredibly underwhelming. She only had one scene. Given how CBS had released details over a month ago of her guest staring role, was I alone in expecting to see more of her?

Finally... SkyDrive? Really?!?

While I’m willing to accept that Lori could take a picture with her phone of a fingerprint with enough detail to make a comparison, there is no way a police department is going to use a publicly accessible file site for sensitive police files. Mr. Kurtzman, I'm willing to support product placement. I would just prefer it to not pull us out of the wonderful stories you have written.  


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Melani. I totally disagree that Scott steals the show. I had never seen Alex in anything before HFO and only seen Scott in the Oceans films (and forgotten him in them anyway). Alex grabbed me immediately in his portrayal of Steve McGarrett and it is for him I tune in each and every week. If you think Scott 'steals' the show why hasn't he got as many fans and the like as Alex? Alex brings many many viewers. And I love Scott in this by the way and love his job as Danny, they are great together. I just hate how some bitter Scott fans are taking their frustration at Danny having supposedly less screen time by slating Alex. If you go and read the Amazon reviews you'll see that nearly all the one star reviews say they can't watch the show because of Danny's character. He is a full on loud mouth character. Some love him some hate him. Steve is a deeper character who is stoic and that is not that easy to play. So lets have less Alex bashing Caan fans eh? We're all supposed to be fans of the show. And actually Danny isn't having loads less screen time. They are just splitting the team in different ways. I agree on the Lori character though. I can't get on with her. But I am getting sick of the whining of some Scott fans. It's getting so old. Did any of you ever think that Scott might be doing other things so can't film as much or that there will be some Scott centric episodes to come? I remember this last year, we had all the whining too about Scott getting less time right before two massively Scott centric eps.


I love the show, but the Lori Weston character needs to go. That scene in the hotel was excruciatingly painful. The acting is wretched - no emotions or facial expressions or vocal inflections. Why did she keep clearing her throat and cocking her head? It was sick and stalkerish, the way she kept asking about Steve. Loved Chin's reaction. Horrible, horrible scene and waste of time in the ep. Lori is not working and is taking up time better used on Danny, Chin or Kono; characters we actually care about. She is not a female McG - please writers stop trying to club us over the head with that. You have not shown in any way shape or form that she is anything like Steve. Being impatient waiting in a hotel room - that is like 90% of the population. Guess most people are like McGarrett by that logic. Thank goodness Kono is back, she is more like a female Steve and has proved it. I hope they reunite the team and get rid of Lori. Send her back to be the Public Safety Liaison, where she was supposed to be to begin with. Between the flat, wooden acting and pointlessness of the character, she brings nothing to the team, the show is better off going back to what made it successful - the chemistry of the team of Steve, Danny, Chin and Kono.


Whoa re a previous comment - Scott way better actor than O'Loughlin? Let's not confuse character with actor. The Danny character is an easier play (ask any actor) than the more brooding, stoic-while-not-stoic, repressed emotion character that is McGarrett. Danny is, perhaps too often, all easy over-reaction with some soft moments re his personal life and/or when he's not over-reacting. Without O'Loughlin, you wouldn't have Hawaii 5-0. Period.
Agree fully, however, re Lori character/Lauren actress. Bad, totally.


Really? I always thought they were going for the Danno-Kono angle!


I really don't care about "reality" on a show. I watch movies and tv to escape reality to be honest. My biggest complaint and it really irritates me is Lori Weston playing such a huge role and taking it away from Danny. Scott Caan to be steals the show way over Alex O'Loughlin. If you are going to cut roles, cut his, not Scott's. She's terrible. We all agree. Don't know how she got the part. Maybe she did "audition" in a sleazy way-don't care JUST GET HER OFF THE SHOW.


Lori sucks. The scenes are forced and brings the whole level of the show down. Unfortunately if she is in 12 episodes I'm afraid the show will lose viewers, especially with her taking over scenes from Danny. Love the very last slow motion scene but she should not have been in it. I thought that was in poor taste.


I agree with the others, Lori does not fit into this show at all. She has no chemistry with any of the other actors and it looked ridiculous with her leading Danny and Steve into a crime scene explaining all the details like she was the leader of the group. Danny gets more and more pushed out of the spotlight, and Lori's scene with Chin about Steve was also ridiculous. I like the original cast and if Kono wants out, that's okay too. Steve, Danny and Chin can carry the show with occasional guests. But Lori does nothing for this show, and whoever cast her in the role must have owed her a favor!!


I loved almost all of this episode, but had one major concern with Steve. He's shown no concern or regard for Kono, not even enquiring as to what she was doing these days, yet acts like he was tricked by IA. It seems like the writers don't communicate with each other or pay attention to what happened in previous scripts. It almost seems like HF-0 should have a single writer, although that wouldn't work. As the showrunner, Peter Lenkov should be keeping a tighter rein on his show. He has too many other projects in the works and is not giving this show enough of his time, IMO. He and the other producers seem totally unconcerned about the implausibilities and ongoing errors in the show.
I did enjoy the slo-mo shot of the team at the end, but Lori Weston was included. Seven more episodes with her is not a happy thought.
Next weeks episode looks like fun and HOT !!!


I don't like Lori she doesn't fit at all she needs to go !!! and that Kono was undercover I love and it was awesome she's freaken tough and hardcore , oh and working for Fryer was shocker too and when Steve punched the crap out of him saying " don't miss with my team" love it!! ..and I want Kono and Steve together.


I'm glad they concluded Kono's ordeal with the dark side. Her scene with Delano and the other bad cop was her best acting ..it gave me chills. As for the addition to lori's character we are learning more about her. I doubted her as a regular but  I think it's going to work. the scene with Chin was kinda awkward but there is room for chemistry between the two.. I agree with the writers take on the slow motion exit of the five characters.. The writers way of saying that this the core of the show.. Bringing well known actors (haoles according to Jim) such as Peter Fonda and Patty Duke opens the arena for other well known actors approaching or if not already in their twilight years to join this great show!
Living in Hawaii the show is  good for our economy bringing a whole new generation to our ALOHA community .. To the writers... keep us our toes . Thanks for what seems to be great season.

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Chin Ho: Sounds like she's leaving her husband
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