90210 Sneak Preview: The Fallout

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See, kids, this is why a trip to Las Vegas is a bad idea.

A week after the 90210 gang took its antics to Sin City, many will experience a fallout on next Tuesday night's "A Thousand Words." No one more than Teddy, who watches in horror in the following promo while his wedding is somehow leaked to the local news.

Elsewhere: Dina Meyer guest stars as a woman who wants to help with Liam's modeling career, while Annie will do anything (or anyone?) to help Dixon with his drug problem. Ivy and Raj will also take a very hard look at their future as a couple.

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I just want annie & liam back together


@Spindae Here, Here about Silver!


Disappointed by Annie! Like the only way to make money is to be a whore! XD Okay it's the easiest but come on she has some shame left!
For this Teddy story why attack the marriage let them be happy! Silver should've step up at the moment! But noooooo! Hope Marissa goes home and finish this painful story! Silver needs a new goal seperate from the gang and be amazing like in season 1(little season 2) and hopefully goes jealous about Addixon!


Trust Silver to ruin everything. It always does! But considering Brandy's character went out and did all this, I'm really surprised. Politicians!
As for Annie, that's right girl. Do what you do best and keep hookin'.


90210 Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Please tell me you're wearing sunscreen. We don't want wrinkles on that million dollar face of yours.

Sheila [to Liam]

Oh my God, can I just tell you how nice it is not to have anything on my schedule for a change!