Covert Affairs Preview: The Return Of...

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Covert Affairs gave fans a look into Arthur's past on last Tuesday's "Uberlin." It was a strong episode actually filmed in location on Germany.

What can viewers expect this week? The return of Oded Fehr as Eyal Lavin, who is visiting Washington, D.C. and posing as a CIA agent. To what end? That's what Annie wants to find out. Look for this beauty to tail this former acquaintance during the episode "A Girl Like You."

Check out the official USA preview for the installment now:


Super-excited Eyal's back! He and Annie are amazing together! Eyal either needs to be made a regular on the show or he needs his own spinoff - he's too awesome of a character to only be on a handful of times. :D


eyal's been a teacher to student,annie. so awkward. plus,not every guy's going to fall in love with annie. his loyalty is with mossad/israel. would be concerned that he'll try to turn annie into an asset and use her to gain access into the cia. isn't that what he did to that parisian woman who worked at the syrian embassy? i like eyal...just don't trust him with annie,who's lonely & vunerable now.


Oh yay!!I luv Eyal and annie together!!Such hot chem!!!!

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