Covert Affairs Review: River of Dreams

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After a couple of exciting episodes to start Covert Affairs' winter run, "A Girl Like You" was a much more dialed back, dialogue-heavy chapter.

I very much still enjoyed the hour, though, thanks in large part to another guest appearance by Oded Fehr as Eyal Lavine. When Covert Affairs is at its best, it combines the sweet understated moments with a good amount of action-packed car chases/fights.

Annie in Shock

I'm talking about understated moments like Eyal waxing on about letting the river take him on his journey, Jai recovering from his bonehead mistake of crossing Joan, or Auggie's admission that he wants to settle down with Parker.

The latter of those came as somewhat of a surprise to me. As I mentioned in my review of last week's "Uberlin," I don't foresee Auggie having a significant relationship on Covert Affairs. Parker having to leave for the Peace Corps in four months plays right into that theory.

Were you expecting Auggie to go all serious on us with this, though? Taking all the proper forms to Joan so that he could make it official? I wasn't. I'm not hating on it. I'm just wondering if maybe Parker doesn't feel the same way. Maybe there's more to this story that we're not getting.

And while the hard-hitting action was up to par with some of the best Covert Affairs of the past, Eyal gave it his best effort. Between his one-man wrecking crew on the dudes who tried to shoot him up in the alley (killing the asset in progress), and his hotel room beat down of three dudes after escaping from Annie's handcuffs, Eyal was impressing everyone who was watching.

I'm not sure which was more exciting, however, Eyal's fight scenes, or his sexy time with Annie in the hotel. I know there was many a fan hoping to see these two getting close there for a bit, but I was more excited to see Annie use her feminine wiles to get what she wanted.  he fact that her plan ended up putting Eyal in harm's way is beside the point.

While it didn't add up to as much excitement as "The Wake-Up Bomb," and wasn't quite as interesting as "Uberlin," Cover Affairs had just the right mix to keep me intrigued this week. On to the final three episodes of 2011!

What did you all think of "A Girl Like You?" Was it nice to see Oded Fehr back on the screen? And do you think we'll see him back again?


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More Eyal & Annie plse, more fliting & bedroom stuff, they are just fabulous together. They are the best actors on the show. Eyal is the James Bond of Covert Affairs. Hope the creators & writing know they are on a good tie story re a A & E retlationship, hope they don't try & write them as star crossed lovers. (that old tied stuff).


Loved this episode! Annie and Eyal are great together and loved the song.


This episode was AMAZING! Annie and Eyal are SO hot together, they really need to bring him back to spice things up a bit. They need to have a secret relationship - something kept from the CIA. Everyone has secrets, so Annie having a secret relationship with Eyal would be interesting AND hot! Hell, if I were in Annie's shoes, I'd have a hard time resisting Eyal. And if I had to choose my job over him, because of the whole "not dating foreigners" thing, I'd choose him. ;) PLEASE bring Eyal back again!!! He's so awesome!!! :D


I agree with the review.


Yeah, Joan. Penn State is so much more than football. She showed her support for PSU.


does anyone know what's the name of the song from the scene with annie and eyal in the hotel room?


Eyal was a dream as per usual. I love when he stops in for an episode and his chemistry with Annie was amazing. Outside of Eyal and Auggie I never really feel the chemistry romantically or otherwise that Annie has with any of the other guys. I loved the episode. Auggie threw me.


I have to say that was def one of the best episodes of the season!!Eyal is such a fun and hot character.An I cant say enough about his sizzling chemistry with annie.Those two light up the screen!!I hope we see him again and I hope him and annie get together!!!!!


Joan went to Penn State. If you remember from the first episode back in this half, you can see Joan's degree from Penn State.


I'm 60 yrs old, and I think Oded Fehr is one of the most sexiest men alive. I loved him in the Mummy and I love that he is a character of interest on Covert Affairs. Auggie is also very sexy and a love interest for him is great too.

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