Glee Episode Preview: Sam and Sectionals!

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Are you ready for Sectionals, Gleeks?

On next Tuesday's "Hold on to Sixteen," New Directions will square off against The Trouble Tones and other groups for the honor of moving on to Nationals. But will the former team recruit a new/former member in order to increase its chances of advancement?

Yes, Chord Overstreet returns on the episode as Sam Evans. What has he been up to over the past few months? Watch this preview to find out:

And catch up on our coverage of this week's installment, "I Kissed a Girl," via our:

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OMG they can't compete at sectionals! this entire storyline is driving me insane.


Neither should be even competing at sectionals, the new writers haven't been told both clubs have too few members (even before Rachel was suspended).


I assume its a mistake when you say "honor of moving on to Nationals". Shouldn't they be hitting Regionals after this, Nationals waaaay later...IF they get through Sectionals that is (which I have my doubts about) :/


If the Trouble Tones lose, are their members allowed to join New Directions for further competition? (or vice versa)

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