Glee Review: Secrets, Secrets, Are They Fun?

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Secrets spilled out on Glee this week faster than Sue could cross Dan Quayle off her booty call list.

With the show once again packing a number of storylines into a single hour - Santana's sexuality, Beiste's broken heart, Rachel's ballot box blunder, Puck turning into both a genius and the teacher's naked pet - which revelations had the most impact?

Let's review the Gleeful and the glum-filled aspects of "I Kissed a Girl," shall we?

All Girls on Glee

Gleeful. The songs. I LOVED Puck's stripped down, rock version of "I'm the Only One," couldn't buy into Finn's take on "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," but mostly just appreciated how well-integrated the covers were into the storylines. Comparing Sue to Dolly Parton's iconic Jolene? Can't say I saw that coming when the episode started, but it worked, didn't it?

Glum-filled. Puck really did become like "that Beautiful Mind guy" this week. He was a math expert. He saw into Quinn's soul. He knew exactly what to ask the doctor. But I'm not sure if the second part of his statement rang true. Without the crazy? Are you sure, you mohawked piece of cougar bait? Especially after you told Shelby off because she finally came to her senses and realized (far too late, of course) that the two of you had no business being together... and then ran right into Quinn's bed?

You would have jumped right into another round, too, if you had protection. You also voted for Ross Perot. Come on now, Puckerman.

Glum-filled. Why couldn't we see Santana's conversation with parents? Seemed like a mighty important plot point to just gloss over with one sentence.

Gleeful. The chat with her grandmother was as gut-wrenching as intended. I'd say it was over the top and unrealistic, but I wish that were true. As many unfortunate teens can probably attest to, it was likely far too accurate in some cases.

Glum-filled and Gleeful. The entire lesbian storyline is typical Glee, really. It means well, but it veers all over the place. Seriously, it's great that Finn's plan worked and all, but when your friend is feeling embarrassed and confused about how to handle the most important, most personal decision of her life... I'm not sure that forcing the issue down her throat is the proper way to handle it. Santana was 100% correct in calling Finn out for forcing her out of her "flannel closet" and his response that he doesn't want to see her dead was very sweet, but also quite the leap.

Moreover, where was Kurt in all of this? Trying to win an election, I know. But it would have been nice to see the student who could best relate to Santana offer her a few words of guidance.

Gleeful. Beiste just slays me. Who else could turn bench pressing a wildebeast into a romantic plea for affection? Or down about 47 pounds of chicken in one sitting, all while keeping a close eye on her class ring and fighting off comparisons to Brian Dennehy? He should be so lucky!

Gleeful. Rachel acted unselfishly! Sort of! Yes, she wanted Kurt to attend college with her in order to have a friend close by, but progress is progress. She certainly put herself on the line with that election-rigging and it led to an intriguing cliffhanger. Sectionals without Rachel Berry? That's like an iPhone 5 without its ability to vibrate!

Glum-filled. Please tell me that Burt Hummel winning his congressional seat won't result in less Burt Hummel going forward. That guy rules.

Overall, a strong, fun episode of Glee, replete with appropriate music; tremendous nicknames (Fetus face... Hamburgler...); too much teacher/student sex; but a conclusion that left me anxious for next Tuesday night. What did you think?


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I love Glee but season one was definitely the best. Glee is spending less time on actually singing and being in Glee club and a lot more time with other random stuff. I mean some ideas are good but a lot take up whole episodes and are not great ideas.


I miss when the show actually has believable characters that werent all over the place!!
where are all the animal sweaters Rachel?? Some might say this is her growing up and stop being annoying but for me she is giving up parts of herself for Finn, and thats something first season Rachel wouldnt do!! Where is she by the way?? Did Santana lock her in a closet or something like that??


I'm getting so BORED with all the negative comments below. SHEESH! If you don't like a show, WHY are you watching & spending time hating on it? Do something else that you enjoy. I liked the episode. I LOVED all the expressions on the kids' faces while Puck sang "Only One." They were hilarious. Coach Bieste is a sweetheart, and Sue's Black Book entries were priceless. And, I loved that Rachel is back to being altruistically selfish, screwing up her *and* Kurt's chances of getting into NYADA. GLEE may be a farce about high school. But, it's well-written farce IMO. This is the way teenagers act - they feel first, do crazy stuff next, and think last. And, yeah, Burt won! Shelby, bad move! Looking forward to next week!


I totally agree that the episode was all over the place (but frankly, it often seems that way to me), glossed over some things that would have been great, and that it tried way too hard to be PC. I too loved Beiste's Jolene and Puck's Only One. But I also LOVED Finn's interpretation of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Some people didn't like it because it was yearning and sad, and maybe we don't want to think about it, but I know how painful having fun can get to be -- even for straight girls. I had to listen to those 3 songs a couple more times before I hit erase. However, I am sick of I Kissed a Girl, absolutely nothing new there. That one was a lousy choice for this episode.


No way near enough finn and rachel this season, its boring to be honest so many brits are chuckin it in this season, the spark between finn and rachel is lush, personally i think the producers have KILLED this show loved loved loved it wen it first came out and its only on season 3, to much playing arnd wiv charaters, manipulating characters jus suit show and jus writing pure drival to make the time up!!!!! really dissapointed this season and all the hate rachel campaigne this season whats that about??? why couldnt you build characters and storys over a few years, like oc/dhw's/one tress hill the list goes on, instead producers have got to excited n gone mad when there the was reason to. SEASON 1 WAS AND STILL IS THE BEST SEASON and as your fading finn and rachel out and old feel to show im def done to be honest, rubbish, boring and ruined!!!!


I kind of have the impression that Murphy has it in for Lea Michelle this year (like maybe she was the one who refused to do a spinoff and so now he wants to destroy her character on the show in the hope of "I made you and I can break you" kind of nihilism). She used to be the star of the show and the reason many of us got excited about the show to begin with. This year she's one of the least used characters.


This episode was so politically correct it was silly.


Have to agree with @Piecar, @Adam if the episode was as great as you claim it is then it wouldn't need multiple viewings. What is supposed to become clearer after watching it 3 times exactly (I barely got through one viewing, the overwhelming urge to fast forward almost beat me)?


As a male, I have no issue with the idea of a guy shagging his hot teacher. This is an adolescent male fantasy for most fellas. I love when girls call it creepy....I'm surprised Bill, down there, is against it, but, like I said....MOST fellas. I had to skip Finn's song. I agree. Gross. I guess they didn't want to hire TWO Latinos, so they skipped the parents and went to La Abuela Brava. They're wrapping up the lesbian story line in record time compared to the gay story line. All in all, I didn't like it. A huge letdown after one of the best musical bits in the history of Glee last ep. Why does a reviewer have to watch a show 3 times, Adam? It's a subjective job, and should be about one's first impression. And I too am curious what you mean by 'inaccurate'.


Although this Santana storyline is interesting, it's basically a rehashed version of Curt's from last year. WE GET IT. Homosexual teenagers go through a rough time in high school. Tolerance is a very important lesson people have to learn, but we've already gone through the lesson, it's time for an original storyline. We had to go through more than a whole season of the Curt drama, doesn't mean we have to go through a whole season of this. P.S. Did anyone see Britney hug Mercedes in the background while Santana hugged Finn? Mercedes' look on her face was priceless.

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