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Rachel got suspended this week for trying to fix the election for Kurt. She owned up to her immoral move and Brittany won the office in the end.

Burt also defeated Sue for Congress, while Beiste got up the courage to tell Cooter she was in love with him. She was forced to confront him after catching Cooter on a date with Sue. Turns out, he's been one of her go-to booty calls.

Elsewhere, Santana came out of the closet to her grandmother, who reacted terribly: she tossed her granddaughter out of the house.

Finally, Puck slept with Shelby (!!!!) and admitted the secret to Quinn after doing his best to calm her down and make it clear that her having another baby is a bad, bad idea.

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All these t-shirts are great, but where's the wrapping paper? When I saw the first link, I saw all these t-shirt desings on a red, Christmasy background and thought Yes! They also have wrapping paper! How about it? Wrapping paper doesn't have to be sold on a tube. You could fold it and put it in a big, sturdy envelope and mail it to us that way.My Dad loves to collect wrapping paper, and as poor as I am (about $10 grand/year), I'd still buy some LOLcat and LOLdog wrapping paper.Please give it some thought. The more paper we buy and bury after we use it, the more carbon we sequester, the more the landfill microbes make natural gas we can pipe away, and the fewer acres of trees the paper companies will sell to Real Estate Investment Trusts (They've already sold 10 million acres!). Just don't burn the paper in the barrel in the back of the farm yard.


YOU SUCK 4 RUINING IT 4 ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >p




hell yezz!



Glee Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

I haven't been this worried about a vote since Lambert versus Allen.


The truth is, I think you're awesome. And when you hide part of who you are, you hide your awesomeness with it.

Finn [to Santana]