Revenge Review: Inside the Viper's Nest

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To survive inside the viper's nest, one must become a viper. In that vein, the venom flowed freely on Revenge, as "Suspicion" drove everyone to the brink of a whole new game.

There are no friends in the Hamptons, simply allies and enemies and even those can change sides at any time.

A Family Feud

Mr. X? That one was a little odd. So, after getting sprung from juvenile detention, Emily did some sort of apprenticeship in Japan to train for her revenge? I hope they elaborate on this at some point because right now, it's just a little weird. But I did love that she had him in her cell phone as X.

Ashley sees the bi-side. When Ashley walked in on Tyler and Nolan locking lips, I thought for sure she was done with him. To Tyler's credit, the guy's a decent con man. He had Ashley's head spinning with the thought that she wasn't playing the game hard enough. That she'd end up being stuck as Victoria's lap dog forever. With that in mind, she seemed perfectly willing to sell out Emily in order to get on Victoria's good side. Whether that means she'll sleep with Tyler again is anyone's guess.

Speaking of Tyler, did he really think a night in the sack was worth $20 million. That seemed pretty naive on his part. Why would he believe that Nolan would invest with him? He certainly can't be that good.  But thanks to Emily's prodding Tyler got exactly what he wanted, that is until Nolan pulls the rug out from under him. 

When this deal falls through I think we'll see just how dangerous Tyler can get.

Lydia remembers. Well, perhaps not everything but that will happen soon enough. Victoria all but locked the poor woman in her room. It reminded me of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. 

Luckily for Lydia, Conrad came to her rescue and whisked her away. Where? Somewhere safe was all he'd say. Lydia may have jumped from one viper's nest to another. 

What's your number? Victoria seemed to think that everyone had one although when it came down to it she got cheap. Declan asked for $100,000. Victoria countered with $25,000. That showed how much she thought of the younger Porter. 

I figured he was playing a game on Victoria and Charlotte's thrilled to not only get her boy toy but put one over on her mother at the same time. Something tells me the claws will come out when Victoria figures out she's been played.

Emily vs. Emily

Amanda becomes Amanda. I didn't see that one coming. Amanda has now taken over the life of the real Amanda Clarke. The life Emily gave up long ago in order to seek Revenge

Emily seemed willing to give up Jack to pursue her plans but will she be able to watch him fall for her counterpart?

The longer Emily continues down this path the more of herself she continues to lose. It's not that Amanda Clarke doesn't exist, now she exists as someone else. How long will Emily be able to sit back and watch or will the new Amanda be the next victim of Emily's wrath?

** Revenge takes a week off and returns with a new episode on December 7. Watch the official ABC promo for it NOW!


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it was ridiculous when jack looks at fake Amanda and "realizes" its her. Really? Didn't they have a better story line? Or is this guy the most idiot ever? He has been with real Amanda for a awhile and the fake one is there for a few days and he thinks its her? REALLY?????The story was good until this happened and I think pretty soon it's going to become so "unreal" that I'll have to quit this show. I thoght it was smart, but I'm starting to think not...


Sandy,lots of us have theorized that Charlotte is David Clarke's daughter.


Does anyone else believe that Grayson's daughter is Amanda/Emily's half sister?


".....will the new Amanda be the next victim of Emily's wrath?" I understand the show is called "Revenge" but Emily can't simply go after everyone who crosses her. Emily has to stay focused on her master plan. Faux-manda is safe as long as she doesn't interfere with Emily's plots.


Best show on tv, nothing else is even close. It keeps me on my toes, the walls are closing in on everyone and Amily is in the middle, still pullin the strings!!! I hope Daniel doesn't die. I hope Nolan beats out Tyler and the latter loses his life


This show is really great! I really love it! The cast the story everything!
Real "Emily" isn't so stupid as Fake "Emily" wants her to be! So she will make things very messy!
Nolan plays a stupid game! He doesn't has that sick side to kick someone who is suffocate! Tyler can and he will kick until he has no way out!
I am a little dissapointed by Victoria she was introduced as so much stronger and now she can't step up! She should've been shown as a much better Vilian! Now we are heading to the big mid-season finale were Daniel gets shot at their engagement party! My guess is that the shooter is Real Emily or Tyler or even Lydia!
A little more hanging to Emily, cause FEmily will take her out of the story soon so she want have many things to happy about! For Tyler we all see it coming for him! and he want stop kicking as I said earlier!

Anna maria

OMG this show is SOO good! it's definitely the best show on tv right now! I love it!


I love how this show always keep me at the edge of my seat! I was getting pretty much watching the same cops and hospitals. Finally a show with more depth and great personalities. I love the the whole Mr. X storyline and I hope we here more about how they teamed up and what else he taught her. It'd be great to see how he helps her deal with the fake Amanda. What I think is weird is I treat re-watched the pilot and I see Ashley and her being buddies not like how when Ashley walks away and rolls her eyes buddy buddy. So I'm anxious to see how that plays out.

Saad khan

Every time I finish watching Revenge I want to say the Best Fall show of the year. its so good.


This show just gets better and better. I knew Amanda would do that she's desperate to have a normal life plus Jack is desperate for a girl. The whole Japan thing was awesome, very Batman Begins - Daniel was right we are always learning something new about Emily. Still loving Nolan, that spy cam is priceless. I like Ashley but the only grudge she has against Emily is her wealth (side eye). I hope she realises Tyler is playing her. Speaking of Tyler, how creepy is that dude?? If the Grayson's weren't so wrapped up in their scheming and backstabbing they would notice what a dodgy creep Tyler really is. I wonder how Emily will deal with with the Amanda situation?

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