Supernatural Round Table: "The Mentalists"

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Ghosts returned to Supernatural last Friday, as "The Mentalists" took viewers into a town full of psychics. How did our Round Table team of Carissa Pavlica, Kate Moon and Sean McKenna respond to the episode?

So glad you asked. Read through their discussion below and, as always, jump in with your own thoughts...


How creepy are ghosts? Have you missed dealing with these supernatural spirits?
Carissa: I love ghosts and these two were no exception. The way they move and are all of a sudden in front of you. It was a great break from the Leviathans.

Kate: I love the ghosts in Supernatural. For some reason they seem creepier than other demonic creatures since they were just normal humans at some point. I like seeing the ones from Dean and Sam's past dealings, so keep them coming, I say!

Sean: Ghosts can be super creepy and Supernatural knows how to amp up that factor. I’m really enjoying the brothers working cases and dealing with stuff that isn’t simply apocalypse related or end of the world stuff.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Funniest moment/scene/quote?
Carissa: All of Dean's dealings with the waiter in the restaurant. Jensen Ackles has such a wicked nose for pitch and timing of the simplest lines.

Kate: I have to go with the restaurant and the "affirmation waiter" as well. Dean's face when he got complimented on his "virility" was priceless and even Sam cracked a smile.

Sean: I have to agree that Dean does get some of the best lines. Whether it was multiple jokes about bones and boning or getting affirmated, I was laughing.

Are you glad that the brothers weren’t separated for multiple episodes?
Carissa: Yes. The last time they did that, I really missed their camaraderie. The shows are always better the more they interact. Without question.

Kate: Yes, I was afraid we would have split storylines for a while and I'm glad that's not the case. Dean and Sam making up so quickly didn't seem contrived either; they were able to pull it together to help others and that's what keeps them together after all.

Sean: I agree that splitting them apart is a been there done that scenario and having them together is the right route to take. After all that’s where the best moments come from: their interactions.

Was Dean right in telling Sam to quit being a bitch?
Carissa: Yes. Sam was sucking blood and going all demon for a while, but instead of just judging him, Dean tried to get him back. So Dean killed a demon. Get over it. They've both done their fair share of monstrous acts.

Kate: I'm a bit split. While Carissa has a great point that both brothers have done some pretty awful things (to each other and in general), I thought Dean would be more plagued by his guilt. But Dean's naturally not great at expressing his feelings so I took his outburst as an apology of sorts. You can't expect someone that gruff to be grovel-y.

Sean: It was a shocking statement for sure, but I understand what Dean was trying to say. Stuff happens and you can’t dwell on every single thing. That said, I still wish Dean hadn’t lied to his brother.

What did you think of the brothers making up at the end?
Carissa: Happy. They will continue to fight, as do all siblings and coworkers. But let's not keep them apart.

Kate: It didn't feel contrived. They're determined to do the right thing, and helping people is the right thing to do for them. And that's what keeps them bonded as brothers. 

Sean: I love that they made up. It wasn’t overly sappy or contrived like Kate said. I think since Sam had to kill that psychic, he was able to understand a little bit of what Dean was going through. It’s all about that gut feeling and the two were able to work it. Brothers to the end.


Totally agree. Dean's guilt about lying was a problem for him, but I totally get why he didn't tell Sam. It is reasonable to want to know if he's off the high-dive before shoving more crap at him. So telling Sam to stop being a bitch was Dean's way of saying I'm your brother, how about giving me a little of the understanding you give to others? And, apparently, Sam got the message. I was glad to see them reunited and I was glad to see Sam make the move at the end. After all, being that angry at the one person who has always been there and accepted you -- lies, faults and all -- for a week and a half over something that you would've (and have) done yourself under the same circumstances was a stretch even for Sam.


I agree with all of you re: Dean telling Sam to stop being a bitch(and most of the rest of what you say too). Dean apologized for lying and that was what his guilt was really all about, so I guess it's not surprising that once the secret was out in the open, he started regaining some of his strength. He feels he did the right thing in killing Amy, I happen to agree with him, but he didn't like lying to Sam and I think regretted it all along but once he'd done it, it was hard to say "oh by the way, I lied about not killing Amy". In Season 2, the only other time he's kept a major secret from Sam, though the circumstances were entirely different, it was the same thing. Keeping the secret was crushing him as much as the content of the secret itself, which is why he bounced back a bit after the secret was out. Dean absolutely hates to lie to people he cares about--he may not like to talk about his problems but when it comes to things that directly involve them in some way, he clearly finds it very difficult which is why I dare say he probably doesn't do it very much.


I agree with most points too. Just one thing. Answering the first question Kate said she prefers ghosts since they were human at some point. In season 3 Ruby told Dean she was once human, and she said that all demons were human at some point...just saying


I mostly agree with all points!For some reason, we act like these guys should act like us? They kill "boogeymen" for a living. They are nothing like us & can't even pretend for them to respond as we would in a situation. They draw guns first, talk later... Woowoo, Fake or Real, "The Mentalists" review /via

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