The Mentalist Review: Who Can Make Kimball Cho Smile?

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There were plenty of things to like in tonight's The Mentalist, but there was one thing that made me sit up and take notice: Kimball Cho smiled.

"Pink Tops" started off with the death of an undercover cop. I was surprised to find out she was an officer. Was she glued into that dress? And no offense to Jane's undergarment expertise, but I've never seen a sports bra pushed up quite that high.

When they pulled the condoms from Yolie's clothes, I began to wonder if she was having an affair. Using the condoms to waterproof drug samples while undercover made a lot of sense, but if Yolie was carrying those items home, wouldn't she have mentioned that explanation to her husband?

I enjoyed the small scene in the beginning where Jane mentioned the amount of rest Lisbon has gotten, or hasn't from the sound of it. It was a nice reminder that there's a universe we don't always get to see. One where these partners work late hours and know one another's sleep patterns.

Jane Has Questions

Loved it when Lisbon knew more about the Perry boys than the undercover detective. A lot of the male authority figures seem to underestimate petite Agent Lisbon. It's always fun to see her kick a little ass.

The show did a great job with the details when it came to the kids of the grieving family. Jane's always a magnet for kids. It made sense that he'd be the one to notice the young boy hiding in the cardboard robot. Then I got all nostalgic when Grace used the computer in the kids' room. Their old iMac made me smile. I used to have on of those.

Did you see how fast Jane took off when Lisbon brought up Red John? Did that mean they still hadn't discussed the big bloody smiley face left on the wall last week? I would have thought that conversation would have happened right away. Jane already believed that Red John was still alive. Now that there's proof, why was he so reluctant to talk about it with Lisbon?

But the best scenes of the night were between Cho and Summer. Why does the one person to get under Kimball Cho's skin have to be a hooker? Damn. Not much hope of a love interest there.

How great would it have been if Cho had actually done the pinky swear with her?!? I think I would have fallen off my chair. From the look on his face, it appeared he almost thought about it.

So, did Cho really need Summer as a confidential informant or did he want the excuse to talk to this unique woman who somehow sees through his iron face exterior?  I wonder how many people know the real Kimball Cho. I can only hope we get to see more.


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Love The Mentalist. Please keep this series going even after Red John is caught. There is so much more the cast can be doing. Red John was a good plot line, but it's not the whole show. There are so many other cases they can solve and it's the interaction between the characters that makes it so enjoyable. Thanks


Loved! Loved!! Cho / summer moment. It made cho a more interesting character to watch. I feel d writers should bring back summer. Loved the early morning in bed sence with cho/summer. And loved d fact that his a little bit of a jealous and protective lover. The writers should Bring them back!!!


Summer (Actress Samaire Armstrong) is a great love interest for Cho. Wow, what a woman... and the elevator scene tonight in "At First Blush" was FANTASTIC!!! Wow, the writers NAILED it and so did both actors. NAILED IT!! Amazing scene! Watched it like 6 times! Cho, you lucky sonofagun! ;) I wish that was me! ;))


I love love love the Cho and Summer budding relationship. He liked her from the first moment and I love that. She is so cute with him. That smile was dreamy and the highlight of the season. Writers please keep this relationship going.


I keep getting this nagging thought that Jane is actually Red John. It's probably stupid and it likely doesn't make sense, when you look at the episodes, and the panicked look on his face when he suspects Red John is about to (or has already done) something nasty. But... a split personality would do it. And those ominous red faces on the wall, with the eyes that seem to be shaped like his......


I liked the Cho-Summer moments but Summer looked too trashy. As a street-walker, she looked believable but when her hang-out turned out to be an upscale hotel? The hotel would not let her hang out there dressed as she was and guys wouldn't be seen dead talking to her in the bar. Of course, the episode also shows us Jane getting away with stealing drugs from the police property office, so some suspension of belief is assumed, but costuming Summer straight out of Pretty Woman just threw the scenes in the hotel off-kilter. I had a feeling that Cho's back injury was going to be touched on at some point. Having Summer notice it right away when apparently no-one else does was an interesting way to approach it. I was afraid that it would surface as some cliched "Cho-gets-addicted-to-painkillers" story so this was refreshing. I'm also surprised that the re-appearance of Red John didn't come up until the last few minutes, especially since Jane managed to walk away from a murder trial by convincing the jurors that Red John was dead. There would have to be some consequences for him stemming from that. But nit-picking aside: great episode and one of the better ones of this season.


Who was the actress paying Summer in the last episode (Pink Top) of The Mentalist


I totally loved the Cho/Summer moments. I think as someone who used to be in a gang, and is now a cop, he can kind of relate to her. I do think him paying her as an informant is to keep her from seeking out the wrong kind of work. But I absolutely loved that she could read through him, and noticed he had back problems when no one else has really mentioned it. I'm really hoping we see more moments with these two. I really like Samaire Armstrong and I think her and Tim Kang had really great chemistry.


Blinking Red Light was a hard one to follow so this episode was a bit more on the funny side. What I am noticing though is that Jane is getting bolder and perhaps showing more his darker side even when joking. In Red Light, when he pats the young girl's father on the shoulder, he was showing emotion which he usually refrains from, but he felt a tie to this man watching his daughter dancing. In this episode, he only shows concern for the children and has no reason to make the husband feel better, he just needs to solve the crime in his fashion. I think Lisbon carried this one, and Cho did smile which was nice, I've seen Tim with his daughter and he does smile so fondly with her. The thing with the bra also was lame, that gal had fake knockers that would hold up without one.


Yolanda and that dress! Cho made a friend! Summer making Cho half-smile was cute. Lisbon saying she liked Summer was funny. Cho and Summer have great chemistry. Rigsby getting Summer all the chips and Cho calling him on it :She was hungry", that was funny. Jane said he was Five 0 :] I liked it when Lisbon showed up the cop with her knowledge about the Perry Boys. I liked it when Jane is telling about the things he learned lying on the coach, first he tells about the couch. I loved it when Jane bolted at the end.

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