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These people are like the planeteers from Captain Planet. Melissa would probably be the kid with the 'heart' power. She never really stars in any episode, but one without her feels grimy. Hope they don't do the Bonnie on her is all I'm saying.

Charles makes a return to being the HBIC, but i don't feel good about it. After he killed nick i kinda want him to die...

Who's this dude acting as Adam? Didn't notice it in the first episodes but away from Cassie, the character is starting to flesh out really well. Good actor. The guy doing Adam and the girl doing Melissa really bring a nice professional feel to it. Hope they get decent stuff to do when TSC is done.

Faye... for all i liked her in the beginning, she's real starting to chafe now.

9 episodes in and it just sunk in that this series is going to be "Cassie World" same way that vamp D ended up "Elena and friends" but Cass is starting to grow on me a little.

Jake - kill him now...

Question - don't know if this is in the books or if i missed it, but since Cassie's family and Adam's family are written in the stars, how are the other 4 members of the circle fit up? It doesn't make sense for anything to be written in the stars unless there's a 1:1 boys:girls. Or is the written in the stars thing not witch or circle specific? Just random soulmate stuff? Adam's dad kinda gave me the impression that the circle pairs off itself. Or is all that just bullshit?


First off, I really loved this episode! It fleshed out more of the characters and it was dark and creepy. The show does really well with that. Also, loved that Charles is taking charge once more. It's much better than him following Dawn around like he had been before. Nick's death really gave him a spin and it was believable in how they developed his character that way. Charles is messing with Grandma Jane though, and I don't like that! Leave Grandma alone, sir.

Does anyone notice how different Charles can be in character when he has power compared to when he doesn't? It's truly incredible how his character plays out like that. He may not be a big bad now (we actually haven't seen Mr. Big Bad yet as far as Andrew Miller says), but I can see him as one later on.

I'm officially on board with Cassie and Jake. I know he's trying to kill them, but I think in the next episode this Thursday, he's going to have to make a choice as it seems he's really falling for her. He literally had to push himself away in last night's episode when they kissed for a second time.

Diana and Adam's relationship is SO real and their chemistry has really progressed. When they first had their sex scene in Episode 5 ("Slither") I felt no chemistry and it felt out of place. This time though, for one, it caught me by surprise, but secondly it really had a lot of chemistry. The break up between Adam and Diana was a very good decision. It really allows for them to grow and when / if they do get back together, it'll be not only believable, but fans and viewers will know how much they had to go through to get there once more.

Phoebe Tonking (Faye) was on her A-Game in this episode. Britt Robertson was right when she said this episode really showcased Phoebe's character. I felt like I got to know more about her, and although I've always liked her since the start, she grew onto me even more so than before. I also felt really sorry for her at the end. To know she shared such a strong relationship with her grandfather and that her own mother was the one that murdered him (and Faye doesn't know it yet) really makes me hate Dawn even more.

That leads me to another thing. I predict there will be a BIG blowout between the parents and the circle when all these secrets are revealed. Sure, Dawn and Charles are the only ones who actually know what they did, but this is television, and nothing is kept a secret forever.

Lastly, one thing I truly love about this show is how REAL everything is portrayed. The relationships, the characters, everything that goes on can be related to by real people who can say they've experienced the same situation or know how they feel. Some can actually say, "Yes, that has happened to me before!" You know? For a supernatural / fantasy show, it does an excellent job at keeping itself real. Nothing is ever overly exaggerated like how some other television shows make them out to be.

Alas, next week is the mid-season finale ("Balcoin") until the show returns on January 5th next year (Same day, same time) and it is looking to be GOOD. Who knows what sort of cliffhanger they're going to leave us with. To say the least, it will definitely be a must-see episode. Although, every episode is a must-see for me!


Loved this episode.i liked how Cassie could see young faye to.i also likes how Charles wouldn't give dawn the crystal which I think is good because I don't really trust her.o wonder if Jane will get her memory back.when Cassie put her hands in the water and then Faye's grandfathers body came up was kinda scary.i thought the thing with young faye leaving the boots and screaming was kinda creepy especially when Faye was the only one that could see her.i want jake to switch sides and help the circle fight the witch hunter instead of trying to kill everyone in the circle.i also hope that jake and Cassie get together soon and actually start dating.


I loved the episode. Cant stand Faye.


I like Cassie. I really do, and the one flaw is that it's both awesome and annoying that Cassie is the "perfect" one. She has the powers that she didn't realize she possessed, she has guys fawning over her that she at times seems oblivious too, she's a special girl. It's part of why I like her, but it's a bit annoying too that they seem to put so much into just her as a character when they could try to distribute around some of the "awesome stuff" so to speak. I could actually see why Faye would be so irritated with her, and the fact that Cassie doesn't ever seem flustered by that makes it all the more annoying at times. LOL

I loved how Diana and Adam handle their relatinship. It's more believable now then it ever was and it makes you truly feel for both sides. Diana is the only stable thing that Adam has and the thought of her being able to live her life w/o him when he kind of can't do the same is heartbreaking, but love that Diana knows that it's healthy for them both to be apart to know if it's really meant to be.

Charles is back to being a bit more badass and I like it. He did make some glaring errors though. And Jake is back to being confusing as a character.


Faye was so hot, wet and naked. Thank you, Pheobe Tonkin.

Charles was seriously creepy and maybe insane in this episode. Loved the scene between Charles and Dawn at the clubhouse--Dawn looked frightened when he put his hand on her shoulder, and she should be. Who knows what he'll do next, now that he has a crystal. Also, Gale Harold is incredibly hot when he's being all BAMF.

I'm glad Diana stuck by her decision that they are over. She deserves someone who is in love with her, and not just holding on to her because she's the only sane person in his life.

The scene where Faye loses it at the water, and then Cassie sees the little girl at the end of the pier was totally eerie. Loved it.


O MY GOD CAKE, I CAN'T EVEN .. They are on fire, literally.


1. Jake/Cassie's smooching and magic-sharing moment were perfect, so passionate and intense too.
2. She used her dark power to find Henry's body!
i really like this Cassie,she's more and more confident in using power, esp her dark power. with Jake, she does magic things way better, more controllable than with Adam. she felt relaxed when using it.more importantly, Jake and Cassie get better understanding now. that's so cool! would Jake tell the truth to Cassie or do what he was told "kill her" and Cassie keep exploring her dark power as well as her feelings for Jake?


It was a really dark episode, and I love it!
Faye being jealous of Cassie is really nice, shows some insecurity. But why would such a sexy and beautiful girl be insecure! but no one is perfect! Going after Cassie is cute but for now U can't hurt her! The girl is probably a sign from her Dad!
Charles and Dawn! they are really lost and there plans don't go the right way! First Nick is gone and now the are going cutthroat! But it makes them unpredictable! They are walking on a tiny little line between heroes and vilians!
The truth and Dare game, was well planned and put the cards down! Truth isn't there for playing!
Adam Ohhhh u sweet boy! I'm still angry Thomas is playing him, I miss the edge they are trying to pull of with him! Running after Dianna is already getting lame, hope he stops soon! The rage sex BOORING, the worst one done in TV history! But I see FAdam on the horizont!
Cassie! She is just a troubled girl who stands up for her when she needs! The lake scene was done perfectly and concluded the story just amazing!
Jake he is a sunny boy and he really grow to me! There are 2 solutions he can be turned good or die( either saving the others or like a killer)! I think he will move on cause he has a career in movies and this is just a short turn gig! Cause he needs to die so the circle gets out of balance.
PS. I really missed Melissa, and her truthful way of acting!


Charles screwed up: 1. Henry's ghost 2. He leaves Henry in the house. 3 He leaves Jane's scarf in the house. Poor Faye. Cassie didn't have her crystal in the boathouse last episode and we never saw a crystal this episode, so I'd guess she used dark magic to find Henry. I wonder who else Faye slept with. I didn't miss Melissa.

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