Truth, Dare, Danger: The Secret Circle to Play Dangerous Game

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Members of The Secret Circle will take off on a road trip tonight, in search of Cassie's grandmother. But the real twists and turns won't take place on any highway.

Look for a major storm to delay the endeavor, leading to a game that can be dangerous for even the most innocent of high school kids to play: Truth or Dare.

Describing the competition as "insidious" in a new chat with TV Line, executive producer Andrew Miller warns viewers that the game "goes to a very bad place," largely due to the presence of alcohol, an unstable Faye and the following twosome appearing to advance to first base:

Taking a Dare

Check out an extended promo now for "Beneath" and, as always, return to TV Fanatic soon after it airs for a thorough review:

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Uncle jackass

I prefer Jake over Adam for his advances to Cassie. Adam's scenes with Cassie seemed way too forced. Anyways, can't wait for the episode...


I. Like. Cake. The couple, and the delicacy of course.


I'm starting to like jake more now even though he is a bad guy but he seems like he can be a very important character.i can't wait to watch this episode to night it looks really good.


I love that the dark magic is corupting Cassie! But they've shouldn't made her to strong! My guess is that she will go rouge in the next 2 episodes, but Jane will comeback with Dianna's Granny and sent her to rehab! Bianca Lawson will probably play some major part too!
Jake is really growing to me! I read here some bad reports! But I see him becoming a major part in this story! And I like it!

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This time, the crystal stays with me. This time, I do what I want. You don't stop me. Within reason, of course


The closer I get to her, the closer I get to knowing how to kill her.


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