The Secret Circle Round Table: "Beneath"

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A road trip on The Secret Circle resulted in one kiss and one dead body discovery on last Thursday's new installment.

With just a few days until this show's midseason finale, Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Carla Day and Eric Hochberger have gathered below to pick apart "Beneath" and respond to a few pressing questions surrounding the episode. Won't you join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The screaming match between Cassie and Faye. You steal boyfriends! You blame me for your problems! Solid, character-revealing stuff that added depth to these young women and to their relationship.

Carla: As I said in the review, I loved the entire scene at the lake. Above all else, I loved when Cassie walked down the pier with such determination and then put her hands in the water to reveal Henry.

Eric: Any scene without Jake!  Hah!  Man, that guy is painful to watch on screen and seriously bringing down the quality of the amazing actors around him.  But seriously, I'm with Carla.  There's only one choice this episode, and it was absolutely the intense moment of Cassie pulling up a dead gramps.

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Should Cassie date Jake?
Matt: I can't think of any reason not to right now, can you?

Carla: No! He is trying to kill her. She has had enough pain in her life. She definitely doesn't need to have a boyfriend who wants her dead. But if he changes loyalties, maybe. They have amazing chemistry together.

Eric: I have to admit, I'm getting a little frustrated with this budding relationship.  No, not just because of my hatred of Jake's inability to change facial expressions, but the fact that Cassie pretty much has a hunch this guy's a witch hunter.  She found a blade with the symbols!  Who cares if the robot is hot, there's no chemistry between a woman and machine.  No matter how much she thinks he wants to climb her family tree.

Is this really it for Diana and Adam?
Matt: As an official couple? Yes. As sex buddies? Probably not. There's too much of a physical attraction and too much familiarity here. Plus, the series apparently needs at least one girl to take off her shirt every episode.

Carla: For now. Diana has become Adam's rock. The one person he can count on in his life, but that's not enough to sustain a relationship. They needed to break up to give them both the opportunity to mature. Will they get back together? Maybe, but not anytime soon.

Eric: No way!  First, I'm pretty sure Diana is looking better and better each episode.  Yes, it may have been that shirtless scene this week.  Besides, it'll only be hotter for Adam the more she pushes him away.  Add that to the fact the show is turning Cassie into a robosexual and you got nowhere to go but Dadam.

This Thursday marks the midseason finale (previewed HERE). Make one bold prediction for the episode.
Matt: Jake does switch loyalties because he's fallen for Cassie... but Adam kills him anyway.

Carla: I'd say someone dies, but there has already been so much death in this show's short life. So, a bold prediction: no one dies!

Eric: Ugh, I couldn't help myself but watch the promo.  So clearly Cassie is getting kidnapped.  Like Matt, I think Jake is going to switch loyalties and come to Cassie's rescue.  But I think he's going to have to team up with the Circle to take the witch hunter(s) down.

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Se ne3o estou enganado, the sercet circle este1 passando nesse exato momento. c9 te3o difedcil ter a noe7e3o de que eles colocam o mais re1pido possedvel?! Exatamente uma, duas horas depois de sair nos estados unidos. Esse e9 um dos melhores sites e voceas ne3o tem pascieancia alguma lol.


i think cassie and jake look awsome together and also faye adam look good to


What, you guys are all idiots. Jake's acting is actually very powerful, he portrays the darkness and sadness behind his character, and only reveals some happiness when he is with Cassie. Also, when he was trying to tell Adam that he wanted to save her, the tragedy in his face broke my heart. I really hope he comes back, he added more flavor to the show. Adam is getting boring.


I don't think there is anything wrong with Jake's acting.
Love those cheek bones.


I don't like the memory loss storyline. Hopefully that doesn't last long.
I am liking this show. After Revenge, my new favorite of the season.


actually, i don't find anything interesting in Dadam!! they're boring, albeit when getting laid!! As for Jake, alas, i agree with Eric about Chris's facial expression. it's all the same!! no emotion!!
my fav scene: Cassie went straight to the pier and stuck her hands into the water, then Faye's gramp emerged! it was so intense!!


Not really caring for Jake in the picture. Miss Nick ... he was just growing on me and you took him away. Love Adam ... hope magic and CW put he and Cassie together but there is nothing more scary than a woman scorned so watch out for that ...


1. The catfight between Cassie and Faye. I'm a sucker for cat-fights and THIS one was good. I was expecting a cat fight even in TVD (elena-becca) but it wasnt much of a catfight now, was it? I especially love Cassie's comeback. I think even I'm tired of seeing Faye push everyone around. 2.Cake. Mmm. Yes. I love cakes. Can you tell ? 3. I like Adam and Diana. Way more chemistry than the supposed 'sparks' between Cassie and Adam. I *hope* they get back soon, but I doubt it will be anytime soon. 4. Jake switches loyalty. That's all THAT matters. I love Cake.


1. Faye and Cassie from "You can see her too?" "Who is she?" "She's me". Cassie/Faye screaming was god and Faye thrashing while Cassie finds Henry was good too.
2. I don't know.
3. As a couple yes. For other stuff, maybe not.
4. Cassie turns evil.


I lived this episode my favorite scene was when cassie walked down the peir and then she stuck her hands in the water then Faye's grandfathers body came up.i think that Cassie and jake should get together.i think that jake will switch sides in the next episode and help save Cassie after she gets kidnapped.i can't wait for the next episode it looks really good.

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