The Secret Circle Round Table: "Balcoin"

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The Secret Circle ended 2011 with an intriguing set up for 2012: there is a second offspring of John Blackwell in the coven? And both Cassie and this half-sibling possess dark magic?

That was the main takeaway from "Balcoin," an episode that left Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Carla Day and Eric Hochberger with plenty to analyze. Join them now as they do exactly that...

What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The disagreement between Dawn and Charles over the crystal and over Charles' seemingly screwed up spell on Jane. As I talk about in answer number-four, I'm a big fan of this generation and want to see more time spent with these two.

Carla: Sadly, none of the scenes jumped out at me. I guess I'll go with Jake standing stoically on the boat, looking out at the pier. 

Eric: I'll have to go with the easy, obvious choice. Pretty much the entire confrontation on the boat at the end. Right up until the cool shot of the group standing on the dock as we're left wondering: who else has black magic?!? Ooh, good segue...

Secret Circle RT

Which coven member is related to Cassie?
Matt: I know Faye seems too easy... but it's not like there are many options here. We know it's not Adam. I'm gonna stick with the mot obvious choice and assume they give us an explanation for why Faye has not been able to practice on her own.

Carla: The obvious guess is Faye due to her mother's apparent interest in Cassie's father. But she isn't able to do magic on her own and she has tried. Jake is the only other member of the circle that can do magic on his own, but that could be because he wasn't there for the binding ceremony. So... I'm going with Melissa. I have no reason to think it is her other than she has the least developed background. I'd love to see it be someone we haven't met yet.

Eric: I think the most obvious choice would be Jake due to the fact he's able to practice magic on his own. But, man, that'd be way too incestually gross. Even for the network that brought us Derena. It's not like this is Game of Thrones. Get it? Cause of Cersei and and Jaime? Anyways. Next best, far less gross choice? Faye, based on Dawn's thing for Mr. Blackwell.

Do you want to see Jake return?
Matt: Yes. We need a morally questionable member of the coven, along with another prong to the Diana/Adam/Cassie love triangle. Let's make it a rhombus, shall we? With one side possibly intent on killing all the others! I like it.

Carla: Definitely. I like Jake. I want to see more of him and Cassie together, either as friends or more. Jake is a complex character that is being pulled in two different directions and I want to see it play out.

Eric: Pretty sure we don't have a choice based on the 2012 promo. But, seriously, his character is finally growing on me. Albeit as slow as it takes his face to change expressions. Yeah, that slowly.

Give the first half of season one a grade.
Matt: I'll be a tad generous and give it a B+. There's potential here, no doubt, but I wanna see more of a focus on the elders and I actually think it hurts TSC that it airs immediately after The Vampire Diaries. It's simply impossible not to compare the shows and impossible not to feel like this one is a watered down version of the incredible action in Mystic Falls.

Carla: B. I like the show and plan on continuing to watch it, but the mystery and relationships are lacking depth. When it comes back, I'd like to see less superficial relationship stuff and more exploration of the mythology. In particular, I want to know about the families that make up the circle.

Eric: B-. I think it took too long for the series to give us a real arc to invest in. I loved Charles and the elders, but their storyline seems much on the backburner as we really concern ourselves with the witch hunters and dark magic. Unfortunately, that stuff just came in towards the end as a tease... right before they left us on hiatus.


I feel Adam is a descendant of the Blackwell Bloodline, a distant relative of Cassie(third/forth cousin), that Blackwell also had a daughter who was bound and cursed with a precautionary curse by Cassie's mother's family two generations before or a counter curse by adam's great grandmother. That is why Cassie's mother's book of shadows have binding spells and other information about transferring powers. If these two families cross paths the binding can be broken with a magical blood sacrifice or vengeful wrath that is meant to hurt the circle.


I am a Jake/Cassie shipper. But there is no point getting behind this couple as "adam and Cassie are destined for each other" even though they had no chemistry. Good episode, the kicker would be if Adam was Cassie's half brother. Since Adams Father loved someone else no reason why his mother didn't either!


i think the other son of Blackwell is Nick....:)

Strawberry fields

Who the hell is related to Cassie? We've had all kinds of hints that it's Faye (which would make it to easy and obvious) except for the fact that she doesn't seem to have any great power now. I think it's safe to assume Adam is not Cassie's brother, but other than that everything is possible, including Nick. I'm just hoping it won't be Jake. First of all, it would be gross and awkward after all the cute scenes they've had together. And second of all, Cake kind of grew on me, I really don't want them to end so stupidly. All this leads me to ask the same question for the millionth time: who was in the previous Circle? I can't believe it was all men and only one woman (Cassie's mom). The other Blackwell child means there had to be another woman, right? Everything else would upset the balance of the Circle... right? Do I want Jake to return? Yes. As much as I question his abilities as an actor, the character is becoming more interesting every week. And we need him. Some male power in the mix. Favourite scene - final shot, everybody on the dock watching Jake being shipped away. I also liked the scene where Cassie was getting ready for the party and Jake was watching her from his room. I would KILL for that little red dress... My grade: B. I will definitely keep watching.


1. Faye and Adam's scenes. It was a different chemistry being explored by mixing up the main group. Adam usually ends up sharing the scene with Diana or Cassie. So it was nice seeing some variety there and they are actually quite awesome onscreen together because of how different they are.
2. Faye seems too obvious, though it probably is her. I know they wouldn't make it Adam because of this semi ship thing they reference to. Jake shouldn't count, but I wouldn't rule Nick out. I'd like it to be Diana...that would make it interesting and complicated if Charles isn't really her dad.
3. Yeah Jake's pretty much official. I don't know how I feel about it as my feelings for him tend to change by the second.
4. B. It actually exceeded expectations for freshman shows in my book and it has a few things to work on but it's pretty solid.


But Jake is so, so, so HOT! I was a bit mad why he didn't got off that boat.. I want him and Cassie to become closer, more closer then they are, but I hope they will step the show up, because right now it's a - okey..


I feel the show is missing something and compared to TVD it kind of yeah.. You know.


Favorite scene: when Charles tells Dawn he is going to keep the crystal. I want to see more of Charles being evil and scary. Gale Harold is great playing the bad guy, and I want to see more of him. I agree with Matt: more about the parents generation, especially Charles! Which coven member is related to Cassie? It would be great if it was Melissa since we've had so little about her, but they've given us some foreshadowing that it is Faye: that Cassie was able to see the ghost of little-girl-Faye, and that Jane said Dawn had a thing for John Blackwell. Do I want to see Jake return? mphf. I feel like he kind of has to come back when the witch hunters come back, but I don't really care about him. I wasn't interested in a Cassie + Jake relationship, and while Zylka has a great body, we never see it, and I find his face kind of expressionless, which seems like a bad thing for an actor. Grade this season so far: B+ I like almost all the characters, and while I think they spend too much time with the "longing looks" in their romantic set ups, I like most of the stories they've done.


Hello everyone, these are my answers for the questions, and i´m sorry if i have mistakes, but i´m from Argentina and english is not actually my language... 1) my favorite scene was that where Adam talk to Jake telling him that HE will distract the witch hunters and Adam will save Cassie...
Beside that, my other favorite scene was the dance Cassie-Jake and their conversation...
2) i think Faye and i will explain my opinion:
When this bomb was released on the episode, i start to consider options, so i think on her because in this way the writers could explain the conection between little Faye and Cassie when they found Henry´s body thanks to that memories... then when Jane said Faye`s mom was inlove or something of Blackwell... plus, it could be a good option to explain Faye´s behaivor and the terrible she is all the time... and of course in the future for the writers (for the people who read the books) that will be a good reason for explain why Faye is helping Blackwell...
Of course that was something i imagin because of the clues i found on the older episodes that suggest this could be... besides Jake is now interested in Cassie and he is occuping Nick´s place on the story line with Cassie... is not so difficult consider him because he was doing magic by his own, but maybe this is because he found his crystal or something.. we don´t know that...
3) abssolutly yes... Jake is necessary for the circle and like i said before, he is occuping Nick´s place on the story line with Cassie... plus we don´t know nothing about him, his past, why he really is a witch hunter.. nothing, and there are so meny things we can learn about him...
4) I personally consider this a good show that got me from the very begining, and even when i think that need some quantity of Vampire Diaries to get better, i think deserve at least a B


2nd Balcoin, I think the 2 obvious choices would be Jake or Faye. I think the most interesting and shocking brother/sister would be Diana. I think it may be Faye, because her mum was into Blackwell, probably had an affair behind Chamberlain's back. I think if it were Jake, it'd be kinda sick. I mean it's not like Gossip Girl where Dan and Serena weren't even blood related. Jake would be her half-brother. Also Diana's mom hasn't really been mentioned.

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