The Secret Circle Midseason Finale Promo: A Shift in Power

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A literal storm hit The Secret Circle last night, as driving rain forced the coven into an overnight adventure that led to the discovery of Faye's grandfather's body. What did you think of "Beneath?"

Glancing ahead to next Thursday - the final episode of 2011 - a very different storm will be brewing, one that involves a shift in power between Dawn and Charles and the question of whether Jake will go through with killing Cassie and company.

Also, look for Melissa's cousin to arrive in town and make an impression on Diana. Much to Adam's chagrin. Watch the official preview for "Balcoin" now and prepare to bid goodbye to The Secret Circle for a few weeks:

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I Love Jake.. he's soooo much better than adam. i want jake and casey to get together :)


yeah faye and adam would be better than jake and cassie.. yeah why not hook them up..couple of episode wont hurt right? i love that idea fadam lonely kiss...


I think maybe Faye and Adam hook up at some point? Lol. That would be Highlarious!!!!!!!!!!


cant waaaaaaait, start to love secret circle!!! Moje Jake and Faye please!!!


Cannot wait for this episode! Wowee! Hate that it's the last ep before the holidays. Wish they would just do all the episodes one time... sigh

Kiki berkey

I love the Secret Circle. I can't wait to see what happens. I don't like Jake. I'd rather have Nick back. I can't wait for Jake to leave. I like a potential of Adam/Faye over Jake/Cassie. I want more of the show to be balanced and not about Cassie most of the time. Although I like her and Adam together just not right now. It's too early for them to get together. Plus Britt Robertson said the writers are going to stretch Adam and Cassie getting together long enough were it doesn't piss people off. She said when they do get together it will be worth it for the fans. Faye is just so multi dimensional. She's awesome. I love Adam. I would like for him to toughen up more. Either way I love this show. It keeps getting better.


Cassie and Jake've read from the same page in recent eps!! hope it would make Jake to get his good side back!!


this will be a strong episode! Can't wait to see the cliffhanger Kevin have up their sleeve! Maybe Casey will get kidnapped!
I'm hoping for some FAdam bounding and maybe a strange lonely kiss!

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