Castle Review: Handcuffed, Hot and Heavy!

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Welcome back, Castle fans! Even if it is only for one week.

We were finally treated to a new episode tonight before our favorite detective show goes back on hiatus for the remainder of the year. Fortunately, the installment did not disappoint. “Cuffed” featured our leads attached at the hip and, even if it was a bit far fetched, it was pretty much amazing. So no more hesitation... time to talk Castle!

Handcuffed Together

Iron Gates. So we finally saw a glimpse of why people call the new captain “Iron Gates.” Girl got rough when it came to looking for her people, and I have to say, she was awesome. Even if she did assume Castle got Beckett into the situation... well, can you blame her?

She wanted to make sure her detectives detective and writer were okay. This was really the first time we saw her in the field and she was pretty tough. I vote she gets in on the action more often.

The Case. What case? There was so much going on with Castle and Beckett that it was difficult to focus on the case at hand, even if it was the reason they were cuffed together. There were a few things that seemed far-fetched and a little unrealistic, but with Castle, that’s alright. Was anyone else wondering how Crazy Old Cage Lady managed to stick both of them with the needle?

Anyway, can we take a second to discuss the creepy factor of the criminals? Cage Lady and her dirty sons were not only shady, but totally weird. Perfect casting.

So Espo said it best to Ryan: he was going on a relationship test being stuck in the car alone with Jenny on their drive to Florida. That was definitely the theme of the episode, locking Castle and Beckett up together for hours. They proved once again that they kill it as a team; they trust each other, work well together and make us laugh while we patiently wait for more Caskett moments.

Next time?! Beckett dropped a hint of hope on Castle and all of us shippers that “the next time they are cuffed together all night, let’s do it without the tiger.” Looks like our favorite emotionally damaged detective is ready to take some baby steps.

Some after thoughts...

  • Lanie: You need to get it together with Espo, like now. Who else is with me in starting to harbor a serious crush on Javi?
  • The container full of knives and chains? Was not expecting a tiger to come next.
  • Breeding tigers in Texas, who knew?

Overall, a perfect Castle episode. Funny, romantic, serious, far-fetched; everything we have come to expect from the series. It had to be good because it is all we have to hold us over until the new year. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy “Cuffed” or was it too off beat? Were you as creeped out by Cage Lady as me? Sound off in the comments section and check back later this week for the Official Castle Round Table. 

I want to wish all of you Castle fans a happy Holiday season and a healthy New Year. Now let’s count the days until a new episode. Ready? Go!


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Does anybody else think that they are making Beckett into Miss Permafrost this season rather than just using the tag for Capn Gates? I mean Castle taking the opportunity to stroke her back while searching and finding the needle stick puncture. Kate quickly shrugged him off - why? It is like the writers won't allow a bit of tenderness from Kate - yet that is what is missing THE TENDERNESS. I know they gave us crumbs in cops and robbers with Kate smiling and touching Castles lapel - but otherwise their seems to be a contrived distance between them. Beckett is sexy as - and I want to see the writers bring it on - and pronto lol!


Good. The tiger was unexpected.


Loved the episode and all the sexual tension between Castle and Beckett! And yeah, like others pointed out, it was probably her sons with some shooting darts from the back...
Old woman was too creepy!


@The Watcher: Beckett has a motorcycle, and therefore a helmet, but she bought it just out of high school, and therefore like many of activities Kate's 'fun' side (including, probably, her trip to where she learned Russian), it predates her mother's murder. Beckett back then was a risk-taker and from her asides we know she's known a lot about fun.
But that was then. Like she tells the shrink, after her mom's murder her life changed, making her this strong, principled and yet diminished version of who she is. I see Kate not only opening up to Castle, but coming back to herself.


Fantastic episode! Loved the tiger - that was totally unexpected! BUT - I wondered why they didn't just move the freezer to block the hole? That would have been easier than trying to tip that thing on it's edge! Plus, then they could have put all the chains back IN the thing, making it too heavy for the tiger to move. Interesting choice, but I suppose it made for more thrills... Everyone keeps mentioning the motorcycle helmet, but Beckett's been riding a bike since very early on in the show, I think. If memory serves, it was something she got into from one of her old boyfriends... ditched the boyfriend, kept the bike. Always cool, but kept pretty low-key in the series. Love the mention of Farscape, Rick, and couldn't agree more! I loved the opening sequence here where they were both waking up like they'd done that together a million times. Just more verification that they really ARE good together!


Cage Lady didn't needle them - she was the bait! Her sons likely did i.e. Beckett's back wound! LOVED this eppy! Shame ABC lax on promo publicity as rated lowest this season!!!!!!


Love love love this show


This episode was so good, too good in a way. It made me sad to think that it won’t be on the air again until 2012. I think it sets up a number of issues. For Beckett, the idea that she has, if she hasn’t really said so out loud, started to imagine her life post-wall, and that Castle’s in it. The motorcycle helmet was a subtle hint that she’s starting to live outside her prescribed zone already. The setup for Ryan’s wedding to Jenny. They will continue to explore Castle/Beckett issues by proxy through Lanie/Espo What’s the holdup then? I think the issues raised in the ‘Rise’ season premiere episode will start to reemerge over the course of the back 12 episodes (just in time for sweeps). This thing with each of them having secrets from the other- Kate: she heard him tell her he loves her, Castle: his knowledge that any further investigation Kate’s mother’s murder/her attempted murder will mean death sentence- this will ultimately mean each of them having to come clean and UPPING the already high level of trust they’re showing. I see tears, shouting, and also laughing. That’s when you’ll really see the teamwork payoff. For anyone who watched Farscape, when the romantic leads finally get together it can lead to some amazing television.


Loved the quick comments from Castle like "I didn't envision it being like this" when he was pulling off her shoe and also pulling up her shirt. He is darling and she is good in her role, but come on Kate...gain a little weight. You look like you have an eating disorder. The episode was full of surprises and was a little nail bitting when the tiger appeared. Who knew? I personally don't like the new chief. She acts like she is the only one that knows how to do anything. But the show is at the top of me and my husbands "Must Watch" show. And I mean show because there is rarely anything else on that is worth watching and includes Mon - Fri.


Loved it! Fun, scary, exciting, silly, well written. I adore these two together, and now that you can see that THEY CAN SEE that they are making their way to each other...... it gets better and better. And, ixnay on the one night stand idea; these two are for keeps, not just sex. Sweet smile on Kate's face as she wakes up with Rick...and his soft voice to her........ yup, she knows how she feels, and how he feels, about them. That was yummy. Esplainie are fun! And I'm glad to see the use the show makes of all its characters, love that they all get screen time to do more than laugh at Castle's jokes or support Beckett. Gives the show legs.
(Speaking of legs, I soo want to see them in the three-legged race at the police picnic!!) Lots of Casketty moments; one of my faves is there on top of the freezer, at the end, before the guys get there---they're holding hands. Not just joined by someone else, but holding hands cause they feel safer together, better together. Gates is opening up too, and I really liked her demanding that undercover cop get her the info from his superiors, no matter what, to save her people. Not "my detective", by the way, but "my people." I'll be re-watching this one a lot between now and the next ep!

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