Castle Round Table: "Cuffed"

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Castle ended 2011 on a fun, kinky note, with its two leads being handcuffed together on the aptly-titled episode, "Cuffed."

What did Round Table panelists Courtney Morrison, Jim Garner, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando think of the installment? So glad you asked! Find out now...


What was your favorite scene?
Courtney: Definitely when Castle and Beckett were trying to get out of there... her backing up against him to help push leading her to warn him that he better not be enjoying it. His awesome response? "I'll let you know in a minute." I thoroughly enjoyed him calling her out about her heels too. How does she manage to run in them??

Jim: Castle and Beckett waking up next to each other and Castle mumbling to her not to get out of bed yet. It shows where his subconscious has gone.

Chandel: The opening moments in the episode when Beckett first woke up cuffed to Castle. I loved that it took her a moment to process her surroundings and that little smile that crept across her face, until she realized what was happening, that is!

Christine: I'm with Chandel on this one. I loved the small smile Kate wore as she woke up next to Castle. It was as though she was having a very pleasant dream. I just hope the show makes it a reality sometime soon.

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Best Ryan, Esposito, Lanie or Gates moment?
Courtney: I'd usually pick anything Espo since I have a major crush on him, but I'm going with Gates on this one. When she grabbed her gun to go get her detective and writer back, she was pretty bad ass.

Jim: Ryan and Lanie when Ryan charms her into attempting the fingerprint extraction. Now we see why the boy is engaged, what a charmer.

Chandel: I really liked how intense Gates was throughout the episode. She even referred to both Beckett and Castle as "her people" at one point. It was a subtle nod to her very incremental acceptance of Castle's presence.

Christine: Ryan grabbing a hold of Gates' wrist when he saw the postal bar code was a great intense moment. I also liked that he was the one who noticed it as they've been playing with the parallel ways of thinking between Ryan and Castle this season.

What was the creepiest, scariest, or most exciting moment?
Courtney: Creepiest by far goes to Old Cage Lady. At that point, I had no idea where the story was going and was officially creeped out at her sitting in that cage asking for help.

Jim: The naked old woman in a cage was very "Deliverance" creepy. I thought right then they were selling people not drugs.

Chandel: I think the moment that creeped me out the most was when Castle and Beckett stumbled upon that old lady in the cage. I don't know what I was expecting to happen, but it definitely shocked me.

Christine: I've got to go with the crowd on this one. Between her cries of "help me" and her weird smile as Beckett tried to open the cage, that old woman was seriously creepy.

So was it a mistake when Castle used the word "hitched" or a Freudian slip?
Courtney: Freudian slip, no doubt. The man is a best selling author, he knows his words and when to use them.

Jim: Complete Freudian slip! His back tracking was some great footwork.

Chandel: I think it a was a slip and a genuine one. But it was also very cute. And I don't think that Kate hated it either.

Christine: Yeah, I think his subconscious was talking even if his conscious panicked at the thought.

What did you think of the Tiger twist?
Courtney: Definitely far fetched, but this is something Castle does. If you want hardcore, serious drama you tune into a show like Law & Order. If you want light-hearted crime drama, you watch Castle. After all the build up of them being cuffed in this basement, I expected something different and scarier, but I have to admit, I honestly didn't care that much. It was more about the relationships than the case in this episode and it worked for me.

Jim: It was Greeaaaaaaat! What only Ryan can use that joke?

Chandel: I certainly wasn't expecting it. The episode did need a bit of a lighter aspect to it given the dungeon they found themselves in, and the addition of a gladiator to-the-death match wouldn't quite have been the appropriate way to go. So, for these reasons, the tiger was a welcomed and unexpected twist.

Christine: Loved it! It wasn't as far fetched to me as I used to work in animal welfare and although I'd never run into anyone trying to smuggle tigers, I have seen other dangerous wild animals being sold or kept as pets. Besides the tiger was simply gorgeous.


I can't beleive no one mentioned the part at the beginning when Castle and Beckett are going into the house and they have that conversation
Beckett(talking about espo and lainie): They both wanna be together but neither of them wants to admit to it.
Castle: Ugh. Why do people do that to themselves?
Beckett: Maybe they just don’t see it.
Castle: How could they not? It’s so obvious.
This is exactly what so many fans say about castle and Beckett! I scincerely hope I am not the only one who noticed that!


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Loved Castles facial expressions when Beckett was standing on his shoulders. Bet they had a ball when it was filmed!


1 - My favorite scene was definitely the last one. I actually clapped! I love that Kate is smiling as she questions Castle's choice of words, and then that killer suggestive look as she's walking away. He got the message, loud and clear! I'm ready for lots more of that!
2 - I got a kick out of Ryan and Esposito discussing the relationship test. It's funny that Espo is the 'expert' and yet he and Lanie can't get their act together, while Ryan, who seems to be the most stable of all, is worried.
3 - I'd have to agree with everyone else that the woman in the cage was the creepiest, but a close second would be when the freezer tipped over. I had no idea where they were.
4 - "Hitched" was definitely a Freudian slip! Loved it! Such clever writing.
5 - The tiger was one of the best twists ever! They did a wonderful job of convincing me that the issue was drugs, then human trafficking and then torture. I would have NEVER guessed wild animal trafficking. Again, awesome writing!


1. I think my favourite moment was the "argument" between Castle and Beckett about her dominance. I like that Castle isn't afraid to call her out on stuff. He's in love but he's not whipped. 2. I'm with Christine on this one. Gates was awesome on this episode, but the scene where Ryan grabbed her was pretty intense. 3. Definitely creepy old lady. Jim - seriously, I remember thinking at the end of the show, "how are they millionaire animal smugglers and they look like rejected cast members from Deliverance?" 4. Freudian slip. Castle's way too particular about words to make a simple mistake. 5. The tiger twist was awesome - completely unexpected and so over the top. It brought the lightheartedness back to the show.

Sue ann

When the tiger showed up, it made me think of the old story The Lady or the Tiger, which we debated for a full hour in my high school English class one year. Not entirely relevant, but in my mind .... Beautiful animal, indeed. I thought the creepiest thing was when they showed the chains and knives inside that freezer. I could not think of a harmless explanation for so many blood-stained torture and bondage items.


-I wanted that moment with Beckett's dreamy smile and Castle telling her to stay in bed a little longer to last the entire hour. -Ryan trying to mediate between Esposito and Lanie was great. These three were fun together. -The old woman was frightening. I had no idea where things were going from there. -Freudian slip but I wish he hadn't backtracked quite so strongly. -So much fun! They're such beautiful but deadly creatures and I didn't see that one coming.


1. I guess I'll go with Courtney's.
2. Old Cage Lady
3. Ryan grabbing Gates' wrist
4. Freudian slip
5. A bit much but not as bad as the bank hostage episode.

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